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 Witcher: The Possessed

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PostSubject: Witcher: The Possessed   Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:58 am

-Character Template-


Name: Witcher
Secret identity: Marcus Vander
Race:Possessed Human
Age:26 in the year 1648 and 26 in the current
Day Job: No
Character alignment: Good

-Likes and Dislikes-
Likes: The old days
Love: The witch who betrayed him
Dislikes: mistreating women
Hate: Violence, Demons, Greed
Fear: Going back.....
Passion: Stopping the world's evil before someone else ends up like him


Hight: 6'0"
Weight: 170 lbs

-Important Info-

Personality: Due to his past he is a quiet man, he is no stranger to death but he has managed to preserve a little of his soul. He cared deeply for someone once attached and will die to keep them safe. He tends to come off as an asshole since he avoids most people but in reality he is afraid of coming close to people after what happened last time. He just wants to protect those that he can for as long as he can. He was once a happy man, in love with a woman and loved by the people of his town. He was open and always held a smile but now he is closed in on himself and his mouth is set in a line. Once upon a time he used to crack jokes but now he has no humor left in him.
Background: Was the apprentice of a witch hunter, his apprenticeship started at the age of sixteen. His first year was full of hunting and killing witches and their servants to protect the people of the village. One the second day of his second year in his apprenticeship he came across a girl his own age. She was deemed a witch by his master and by the people who had hired them to stop her but he saw no evil in her, he was captivated by her. She looked innocent and as his master was readying the stake to burn her upon he stole away with her. He had no idea he was under the affects of her spell, he only cared to keep this beautiful creature alive. He had to part ways with her though to return to his master and they embraced one another a final time, her kissing under his collar bone.

He returned to his master, lying saying that he had killed her, returning with a finger of a woman that he had dug up, claiming it to be hers. His master accepted it without a doubt. Time went on and they kept killing witches, he kept on learning the trade. Until the time of his twenty first birthday when his apprenticeship ended. His master named him his best student and said he would be the protector of the townspeople for many a year.

He only protected them for three, the witch returned to the village for it was safe now. His master had died of old age and no one remembered what she looked like. He saw her in the town square and approached her, she acted as if she were to hug him but at the last second her hand stabbed through his flesh where she had kissed him many years before. He fell to the ground, her standing over him saying an incantation to summon Ragnarok, the demon of end times. He knew his life was forfeit since he was the sacrifice and he was aware what this spell did but he also knew he could kill her before she finished casting it killing himself as well, and he did. He stood slowly and stabbed a knife through her bosom while she chanted, unaware of him. Fire erupted around them both, brimstone raining down form the sky, destroying the town but not the world. The spell had been stopped and the world was safe. Everything went red then white as he past into the void.

Seconds and years became one, him being pulled into the abyss, the spell had ended right when Ragnarok broke through and it was angered at having to leave empty handed so it took him with it. The demon merged with his soul trying to steal it and they battled for all of time and for mere milliseconds before the battle was over. He had won and had earned his freedom from the abyss, bringing the demon along with him but caged. Having its power but being in control of if. He fell back into reality in the year 2013, right in the middle of a new york library. Unknown to him though he had absorbed a demon of chaos, allowing him to break the rules of reality and escape the Abyss.

-Powers -


Demon Skin: Having the powers of Ragnarok he has stolen his durability, substituting it in place of his own. His durability is comparable to superman's own when superman is exposed to pure sunlight.

Shapeshift: He can turn into the beast that he conquered at anytime but this allows the demon to attempt to steal control of Marcus's soul. He can also turn into the listed animals: Hawk, wolf, snake, raccoon, and toad.

Merged form: In battle he can take this shape (part of shapeshifting)

Ragnarok form:

Illusion From: Takes the form of the enemy's greatest fears to immobilize them

Magic user: The name speaks for itself, he can cast an array of magic spells, anywhere from Wicca spells to the darkest of black magic.

Chaos Magic: When his mind breaks, which is daily since he has existed out of time making him incredibly sane and insane, he can perform feats under heard of of any magic user. Cities turning into forests, the ground and the sky can trade places, create life from the thin air, defy physics with ease. He is the magical Deadpool.

Super strength: He has the power of Ragnarok stored in his small body, compacting it. The demon could rip through mountains at will and level cities if unleashed and now this brute force is Marcus's for good. 250 tons.

Super speed: He only has this due to the immense amount of power in his small frame. Max speed of 500 mph.

Element control: Being half demon now he can control the element of fire and brimstone with ease.

Interplanetary: The rules of the current plane do not apply to him unless he wishes them too since he is only half from this plane.

WitchHunter: Witches are powerful and can really fuck him up but he gets boosts when fighting them to his strength and his magic


Hexes: Human spell casters can drain his enhanced abilities to make him able to be harmed.

Other Demons: They can pierce him as easily as he can pierce a human, but he can do the same to them.

Magic: He is weak to magic but he can use strong magic himself, he can make magic users weak to their own style of fighting.

He is not immortal

-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): None

Equipment(s): None

[left]-Roleplay Sample-
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PostSubject: Re: Witcher: The Possessed   Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:10 pm

Approved. Go Get NAKED.
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PostSubject: Re: Witcher: The Possessed   Wed May 08, 2013 11:57 am

Approved at a 2-6


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PostSubject: Re: Witcher: The Possessed   Sun May 11, 2014 7:26 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Witcher: The Possessed   

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Witcher: The Possessed
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