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 He works in the darkness, to serve the light. (One-shot.)

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PostSubject: He works in the darkness, to serve the light. (One-shot.)   Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:46 am

"Its cold in here.. Can you go tell the boss to turn on the heat, or something?"

"I'm not going in there. You can be the dead-man to walk in Hammerhead's office and ask for the heat to be turned on!"

The two men moved up and down the hallway of the abandoned building, holding M16s. In the darkness a man sat on a rail, legs bent and knees pointing left and right, his hands resting in between his legs two inches away from his groin. He squinted behind the mask, his white glowing goggles helping him see through the dark so he could scowl in disgust at the two men holding the guns.

Guns. He hated the word, one of the things that had killed his Uncle Ben. He put his head down and then shook his head. Hitting himself in the head for going off track, off of the question. Hammerhead was here, but why? Now he remembered, after thinking for about 10 seconds. Last time he had taken down that big headed piece of garbage, he was sputtering something about becoming the biggest crime lord in Detroit.

He shook his head and slowly moved his right hand up, resting his middle finger and ring finger on his palm, and the index and pinky faced forward while the thumb bent a bit. He bent the hand back and from his wrist came some kind of white substance, hitting the wall across the room. It was a web.

He yanked forth and showed his body to the light for about 2 in the half seconds and slammed onto a metal rail. The shorter of the men turned and pointed his gun, flash light shining through the air, killing the shadows off, missing Spiderman. "Who's there?!" The small man said, walking around.

The taller and stronger man looked around also, holding his gun. A chilling laughter erupted through the building. "I said.. WHO'S THERE GOD DAMNIT!" As soon as he yelled, a web moved from the shadows and shut the mouth of the small man with the dangerous weapon, the web moving around his head and making his lips stuck together.

"Inside voices, now!" Spiderman grinned and moved to the right, dodging bullets and moving forth, landing on the shoulders of the taller man. "Its your FRIENDLY Neighborhood Spiderman!" He grinned and flipped the man onto the ground, standing on his chest and his gun slid inches away. As the gang member tried to reach for it. He webbed the hands and legs of him, laughing like a devil behind the mask. "Oh, you'll play with toys after supper! And the specialty is FIST!"

Spiderman's gloved fist hit the jawline on the right of the big man, and he was knocked out cold. He turned around and looked at the smaller man, already knocked out from shock. He walked over and felt his pulse, now feeling his guilty, cold heart beat. "Hmph." He seemed to make this noise in disappointment.

Of course, this wasn't the normal Spiderman. He had a whole different costume, a black mask and white goggles to see through the dark, and a long sleeved shirt under a bullet proof vest, with matching jeans. His right fist bent and faced his side as he walked down the hall. A man moved through the wall armed with a pistol.. a little, tiny pistol.

Spidey shook his head, and moved both of his hands out. Webs hit the wall in front of him, across the room, on both sides of the man with the gun. He pulled back tight until the webs could take no more, and he let go of the grip on the ground. Catapulting himself to the opponent's back, hitting him in the rear and sending him into a wall, his forehead hit the wall and he fell back, knocked out.

Spiderman webbed forth into the next room and swung up, landing onto a railing and looking down at the Hammerhead talking to someone. one of his scrawny gang members. The boy nodded and gulped, obviously Hammerhead had said something bad to him, or he just showed his ugly face. Spidey snickered at the joke he made in the head and made a little giggling sound.

Hammerhead immediately turned his head and saw The Spider. "You little bug!" Hammerhead ran toward his desk at a fast pace, reaching toward his gun. A web spun from his wrist and grappled the gun, yanking it from his desk and into Spiderman's hands. He threw it to the side and metal pieces hit the ground, it was broken.

"Well actually, big head, I'm an Arachnid!" Spiderman flew through the sky and landed in front of the hard headed, literal, hard headed, man. "You think you can show up in my home? And beat ME up? Oh its the other way around." Hammerhead moved his right fist back, revealing his golden brass knuckles with spikes on it. He swung it so fast that the Web-slinger had no time to react.

The right side of his mask ripped off completely, revealing his brown eyes and half of his mouth, and his black hair. He got to his feet and stopped another hard fist of his by grabbing his wrist, bending it back and making him scream in pain and drop the brass knuckles. Hammerhead smiled and held on to the wrist of Spidey also, his big forehead slammed into Spiderman's knocking him back and onto his butt!

The dark Web-slinger moved to his feet and twisted through the air, as Hammerhead attempted to headbutt him again he leaped above it, and did a painful, quite quick turn in the air, He sent the heel of his hard shoe to the back of the mans hard head. Knocking him to the ground, letting his eyes flutter as he slobbered.

More of his henchmen came in, point guns at the spider. He shook his head and webbed up, sending his foot to the gun of a man and letting him still hold on. The boy with the gun fired on panic and shot one of his friends in the arm. This one could barely take a hit of one even though he had a gun. Moving from the shoulders of the man with the Five-seven pistol, he did a turn and knocked him out with a blow from his fist to his adams apple. Watching him gag for a minute then stay on the ground, knocked out.

"For a gang member. I thought you could take a hit from a gun."
He looked at the rest of the criminals, all five of them. He grinned under the mask, with several webs he had them drop their guns and be stuck to the ceiling and walls, and the floor. He turned his head and looked down at the groaning Hammerhead, and smiled once more under the shield for his face, the mask. "Later, punks." Spiderman turned and spun a web once more, letting it hit a window and open it, connecting to a wall on the side. He ran forth and ran up a wall, moving up and out the window, police already racing to the crime scene to arrest the gang members.
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He works in the darkness, to serve the light. (One-shot.)
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