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PostSubject: Jariths   Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:42 am

Character Sheet


Name: N/A 
Secret identity: Jariths *pronounced as a click/growl - terrible mispronunciation/spelling of Jared*
Race: Alien [insect-type]
Age: 8 (equivalent to 27 human years)
Day Job: Comic Book Fan, Unintentional Alien Terror
Character alignment: Chaotic Good

Cares and Hates

Cares: Living and breathing comic books, this alien has grown up with a care to save the world like the superpowered kryptonians he reads about every day, despite not having the materials to go about and do it. So he's finally stepping out now, trying to intervene with petty crime-doers and attempting to show off his "powers" to anybody who will watch. 
Wants: To join a league of superheroes. He also wants to be human, since he understands that he himself kind of looks like a villain. He's quite self-conscious about that fact, so he's been attempting to hide it with large sweatshirts and hats to cover up his mandibles. So far, this hasn't exactly been as easy as Clark Kent. 
Needs: Unfortunately due to not having a job, he's been forced to scrounge about. The meager bits of human currency that he divides in order to save up for a costume, and the other half for food and other supplies just don't cut it. If he wants to be a hero, he needs the tech, and he needs a way to communicate with people faster than scrawling over bits of paper.
Hate: Needles oh god needles. They are the terror which creates genetic monsters! He's read the books, knows his stuff. Hospitals in general, scientists, he's read about mad scientists and their evil experiments. They ALWAYS go wrong. He'd rather not be involved with any of them. They and rattlesnakes are scary.
Fear: Aliens, believe it or not. Being mistaken for a monster. 
Passion: Being human, or at least something akin to human. Humans were all he got to see growing up - he stayed in the shadows and watched them, learned to live like one, donned their clothes and abided by their rules. Sure he may have mistranslated some things about them, but they're worth saving in his eyes. To him, they've raised him and he respects their cultures and their society for it. He wants to give them something back.


Height: 7'4''
Weight: 289 lbs

-Important Info-

Personality: A towering creature nowhere near of this earth, the alien that calls itself "Jariths" is a large, bipedal insectoid - the furthest thing from the homo sapien race. It has 4 spindly arms, long mandibles, acidic saliva, and just so happens has been living under the radar in the middle of the city for years, quickly learning and attempting to abide by human rules. Though that tenuous understanding is slim - due to the fact that all he knows are from golden age comic books - one thing that can be certain is that he'd rather befriend than injure humanoids. Unless he identifies them as a bad guy of course. The latter is not a good plan, since although he won't kill (one of the things he learned from those books) his saliva which he considers his "superpower" unfortunately will not make an encounter any less painful. 

Besides comics, Jariths is calm, curious and very childlike. He's impressionable, but highly vulnerable. Yet, he seems to show an uncanny ability to learn through trial and error, and is intelligent when it comes to investigating, though he has learned that informing police on a situation does not turn out for the best. He also can function and repair computers, treating these devices as something equivalent to a rubik's cube. When he doesn't know how to react to something, he becomes very unnerved, uneasy, as he attempts to think of a way to solve it.

Background: The alien race that Jariths belongs to were an insectoid hive mind race, only capable of listening to their Monarch. Their Monarchs would travel to colony worlds in order to create more Hives. The Hive groups constantly battled each other, their influences sometimes causing them to betray each other due to a stronger Monarch hivemind controlling the other's drones. At somepoint, this race was interested in establishing a colony on Earth, but found the atmosphere difficult to enter. Satellites orbiting Earth easily deflected hivemind control. One Monarch - out of arrogance - decided to challenge the atmosphere and claim the planet by sending one of her drone's ships towards it. The probe ship, which carried a pod containing one of the Monarch's children, was sent in to form a connection, to establish one soldier with which the Monarch could use to deliver messages of her plans to the humans, and ask them to evacuate or be rendered under hivemind control.

Unfortunately the Monarch did not foresee the distance between herself and the pod, and how little her mind could exert once the pod entered the atmosphere. She was deflected from the satellites and the ship lost her influence, damaged and battered upon entering it ejected the pod, the ship itself crashing into the ocean while the pod itself landed roughly within an abandoned construction site, where it would soon hatch a strange four-armed creature that - for the first of its species - would be a drone capable of free thought.

The only downside to not having free thought was not having any data or idea of what it was at all. It found itself in a tangled world of industry and buildings, populated by huge primate creatures that screamed at its approach. The tiny alien at the time was scared of them, ran away from them, and found that in the alleyways, there were not many eyes to see it. In there, it was able to form its sanctuary, where it could look and observe the humans from afar, soon taking them to be its numerous Monarchs. 
Little things like eating and sleeping were easy to follow. What was difficult was merging and adapting to their language, their culture, their behavioral quirks that the alien found it incapable of copying. Speech was impossible with clumsy mandibles for example, and reading took forever to learn. The humans spoke in guttural noises and grunts and when it finally figured out the alphabet, it found that it could not pronounce any phoenetical terms. Defeated, the creature (who had named itself Jariths modeled after a construction worker it had seen at the old site, one who would become the foreman of the next construction project there) was only able to find itself in the solace of a pamphlet-sized piece of paper. One which would turn out to be its "bible" for the next 6 years. 

What it found was a copy of Action Comics, sticking out of a large human's backpack. This book, filled with words that at the time it was just beginning to understand, taught it several things. Humans wore clothing, humans were curious by nature, humans had morals - it taught Jariths enough to make it want more. The alien found itself in awe of one thing in particular. These "superhumans" or "heroes" as the book called them, had things like fire-breath, ice manipulation, and they beat up the villains, gave them to the police. They were different than humans, much like Jairths, but they were accepted and heralded and loved. 

That concept appealed to the alien greatly. 

Shortly after that, he began saving up for a suit. 

]-Powers -

SuperPowers: Acidic Breath - A sticky, highly corrosive substance that the alien can spit as a projectile at up to a few feet. It is useful to eat through objects like metal bars and bones. His species uses it as a digestive for food, similar to how flies eat their prey. 
Vision - He can see easily through darkness, his four eyes able to see ultraviolet light and the heat signatures on living beings. 
Exoskeleton - The armored surface covering him can deflect bullets. They however cannot deflect heat or cooling attacks, and the impacts of being hit by large items will still hurt, if they are not fatal.
Four Arms - Though these are spindly, not well-muscled arms, he has a very strong grip and can easily constrict a person in his arms. 

Weakness: No Healing Factor - He can still be harmed and these injuries will be handled much like how a human would be capable of. Heat/cool attacks work best to harm him, since his exoskeleton normally handles most blunt object attacks. 

Gear: Comic book collection - 20 Issues of Action and Detective Comics, a few issues of Creepshow/Horror, all from golden age. 

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: N/A

Credit to TheFrost
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PostSubject: Re: Jariths   Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:18 am

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PostSubject: Re: Jariths   Sun May 11, 2014 7:30 pm


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