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 The God of Free Will. (One-shot part 3, End.)

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PostSubject: The God of Free Will. (One-shot part 3, End.)   Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:37 am

Azrael stumbled through the ally way, he looked as if he was drunk, and his skin was pale and several scars and bruises showed all over his skin. 

His eyes had turned grey and his legs were weak as ever. His Angelic power had grown, but his Angelic form had began to tear through the Human vessel, beginning to rip it apart. It was making him weak.

His right hand was dragging against the walls and leaving black colored blood. The crimson texture of it barely shown. 

The police sirens echoed out through the skies in Detroit, muffling the screams that the Hero almost did not hear. Azrael raised his head and slowly he floated up into the air, his body began to morph, and quickly he dissapeared in a flash of light. 

Ezekiel saw a man pushing up against a woman who was on the ground, she screamed and stared up at Azrael. His face was scratched and bruised and bloody, his gray eyes locked onto hers. She began to quiver in fear from both of the man, her body shaking. The man atop of her turned his head to stare at the Angel, eyebrows arched.

"The fuck are you looking at buddy? You getting off to this shit? Go somewhere before I shoot your ass." The masked man on top of her shook his head, and began to grab her shoulders to keep her still, and she continued to cry and kick, reaching at Azrael.

Shaking his head, quickly Azrael grabbed the pity rapists' head, and stared at him as he grinned like a mad men. "You like to torture women, eh? For your own pleasure?" Azrael chuckled more, and threw his arm back, and then threw the masked man into a brick wall. His plastic mask shattered and blood came from his mouth and he fell onto his knees.

"This is my pleasure. Beating up punks like YOU!" Azrael gritted his teeth hard and kicked his poor opponent in the temple. Blood gushed from his lips and much pain was active through the brain. 

Azrael watched the bloody body rise to the two feet. 

Azrael licked his lips and grabbed onto his face, and put him down onto his knees. "BOW TO ME, LITTLE IDIOT!" 

Azrael raised his left fist back and sent his fist down at his head. He continued to hit him over and over again. One. Two. Three. Four. the head was caved in and teeth flew. 

"P-please, stop." The rapist tilted his head back, barely alive. "C-cuff me, take me to jail. P-please stop.. mercy.. mercy." 

He rocked back and forth, then finally lost the rest of his balance and collapsed in a puddle of crimson liquid. Azrael turned his head and stared at the woman, who was still shedding tears. "Stand." Azrael spoke, walking toward her. The woman yelped and back against the wall, crying.

"Don't you see? I am your savior, girl." Azrael put out his right hand, that dripped with his blood and the crook's." 

She quickly went up the wall and ran down the ally way. "No, come back!"Azrael put his hand out. "Come BACK!" Lights came from his right hand that was put out into the air as if it was Christmas. Azrael gritted his teeth as the light began to cover his whole body. 

The light began to engulf the buildings around him at a fast pace. "No.. NO! NO!" The light busted out at an incredible speed, the buildings crumbled and flames flew up into the air.

The clouds parted and the beam of light flew up and showed the power of the Angel to all of the citizens of Detroit out of their houses. 

His screams went higher than the beam of light that had clouds circling it. Steam rolled behind the head of The Fallen One, his hands came up to his face and blood poured from his skin. Waves of pain washed over his body as soon as the destructive reign stopped.

Buildings were slumped over and broken apart, the ground tore up with holes in it. Many skeletons were on the ground, spread out through the block that was stripped from life because of a power hungry, berserk Angel.  

With a shaking sigh, Azrael got onto his feet and looked at all of the bodies around him, he stepped on skulls and blood was under his dirty heel. The new powers he had gained after taking back Heaven in the hands of a powerful man, were boosting up his anger and clouding his judgement, also ripping apart his Human body.

Without a human body, he would be sealed from Earth. The gates of Heaven would be closed and all good souls would be blocked.. forbidden to enter Heaven. He knew what he had to do.

Possibly, he could learn the powers one by one, and learn to control them, learn to control his God-like powers that he possessed. Azrael's hands slowly moved inbetween his chest and his stomach, his finger nails dug into the skin and touched the bone, He winced, and blood dripped from the hole and his mouth.

Azrael moved his hands apart and tore the skin from some of the bone of the chest and his stomach and gritting his teeth. A ball of light was shown inside of him, and it continued to rip outward. His powers were going out of control and beginning to rip out of his body, blood hitting the sod. 

"Separate!" Azrael screamed with his teeth bloody. "SEPARATE!" The ball of light pushed out of his body, Azrael's torso hung low and his hands touched the ground, the ball began to rip through the air, and for a second, Azrael was only Human. The ball of light began to float upward and to Heaven, going slowly and taking its time.

Azrael held out his hand and his powers flew down and landed in his palm. He curled his digits around it and closed his eyes. His normal, angelic powers seeked into his body and poured through his veins. The ball of light shrunk down, and in front of his red crimson optics were the things that would cause him death.

"Ol Gemeganza plapli ollor caos fisis od ol, gemeganza paid noasmi da ol blans Oiad.. gates ol Oadriax. Od ol Gemeganza lend ollog, Nanaeel olani vnig. Ol g-chis-ge..  OIAD!" Azrael had tapped into the part of his mind where he remembered the Angelic language. The spell caused the ball of small energy to explode into many pieces, they formed around each other like snakes, and the spear of energy shot up into the sky, breaking the sound barrier around Azrael.
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The God of Free Will. (One-shot part 3, End.)
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