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PostSubject: ❚The Scientist   ❚The Scientist EmptyTue May 13, 2014 8:36 pm

❚The Scientist Z3jQF7L

The Scientist
Character Sheet
"You never mentioned this one was clever."

-A Number-
Name: Masasa Tsk’Maakah
        ♢ Anonymized to “The Scientist”
Secret Identity: None Permitted
Race: Alien
        ♢ Pureblood Alien of The Reach, First-Class Citizen of Reach Empire
        ♢ No Augmentations, No Scarab Implants
Age: Unknown, Presumably of Reach Maturity
Day Job: Scientist
        ♢ Lead Scientist: Extraterrestrial Muta-Gene Core Research & Development
        ♢ Earth-Reach Delegation, Phase 1 Unit
        ♢ Earth Status: Former Invader, Currently MIA en-route to Oa Trial
        ♢ Reach Status: Lost Contact
Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral
❚The Scientist YXP4HBk
-Code of Ethics-
        ♢ Expressed strong interest towards Muta-Gene Research, extending into genetic and biological studies, used for medicinal purposes, weaponization or otherwise. One of few delegates who voluntarily enlisted to Exobiotic research off-world.
        ♢ Limited interest in technologies of Reach or Reach-LexCorp origin. Notable interest in “Blue Beetle’s” Scarab AI. Other interests include the location of surviving Phase 1 Earth-Reach Delegates, minus the Ambassador. Data regarding current status of the “Black Beetle” may be targeted.
        ♢ Likes: Minimalist art, space exploration, aquariums.
        ♢ 100% Functional Laboratory, preferably derived from Reach technology. Fully stocked, secure, and - hopefully - less explosive than the last one.
        ♢ Earth native Muta-Gene affected lifeforms and Mutants. Adolescent-Fully Matured, and Offspring may be acceptable for specific test trials or a lack of suitable stock.
        ♢ Humanoid surgical tools or medical machinery; For dire emergencies only.
        ♢ Minor wants include: Aerial Transport, Nanobots, Offensive Weapons
        ♢ Communications system to Home-world or to Reach Delegation Units for pick-up.
        ♢ A stable location within Earth, not inhabited by hostile threats such as the Justice League, Green Lantern Corps or Blue Beetle.
        ♢ Some form of laboratory with access to lab equipment.
        ♢ Krolotean Race. The Reach are the “Competitors” to the Kroloteans, and The Reach find this term to be inappropriate. “Superiors” would suffice.
        ♢ The Ambassador of Phase 1 Earth-Reach Delegation Unit. Implied that the Scientist and the Warrior of their Unit, Black Beetle, did not approve of his decisions. Incompetence is unforgivable, and he deserved the Oa Trial for his mistake.
        ♢ To become worthless. Related to incompetency. Strict codes of conduct indicate that a pureblood alien of the Reach is to be punished severely for multiple failures and general loss of value. Research may be only mean of redemption from serving this fate.
        ♢ To continue to study, interpret and experiment the Meta-Gene and its effects on Extraterrestrial or native lifeforms, and continue the pursuit of science to establish greater power and intelligence to the Reach Empire. 

“Ut melius, quidquid erit, pati.”
-At Face Value-

❚The Scientist 7DR7hnb

Appearance: The Scientist - as her species refers to each other by occupation - is a member of the Reach, a collective Empire made up of several conquered planets and operated satellite systems from across the Galaxy. Tracing back to the beginning of their existence is impossible, shrouded in mystery and red tape as the line between evolution and self-experimentation blurred together with rapidly developing technologies. Hybrids between assimilated species rose dramatically within the ever-growing population, even before the Reach made first contact with the Guardians of The Universe and then the Green Lantern Corps. However, it can be assumed that the dominant species, the insectoid “Purebloods”, aptly named due to their minimal or absent augmentations compared to the rest of the Empire (with exceptions), sit the undisputed claim of descendants to the Original Reach.

The Scientist is one of these Purebloods. She is a tall humanoid alien, a missing link between insects and mammals, hot-blooded and possessing a spinal cord and skeletal system, while having a body armored by a secondary protective exoskeleton. This exoskeleton is blue-green in coloration. A third layer, made up of thicker chitin, is red and conceals the scalp, back, claws, and the outside of her arms and legs. Anatomically, the Scientist is proportionate to that of a female human, with a longer neck, taller body and slender build. Typical alien fare. The sclera of her eyes are yellow, and her irises golden. She has no noticeable nose, a gaunt, narrow face, and high arched eyebrows that give her a permanent scowl.

Because of her profession, she wears a uniform much like the medical and scientific crew aboard the Reach’s Flagship, back when she was still aboard. Her uniform is red, white and black, with furled gloves and black boots. She wears a loose, sleeveless tunic on top of a form-fitting black long-sleeve, that appears to be made of some kind of light armor. At the top, she she wears a beige ḥijāb-style cloth that coalesces with the tunic around the sternum. This is completed with a translucent yellow niqāb-like piece that covers her mouth, mainly for sanitizing purposes. The tunic is fastened with a belt that has a satchel hanging down over her upper right thigh. It is equipped with a black scalpel-like instrument, which glows periodically.

Height: 6’0’’
Weight: 128 lbs

-Psyche Evaluation-
Personality: It is all about control. Precision; Being accurate and poking one’s tweezers in one crease rather than the other. To be able to open up some sections and sew shut the ones that need to shut up. Leave places open so that they may be explored deeper later, and play with them until they break completely. To please those who have pressed down on her back so hard, that her spine threatened to snap. Whether or not that includes experimentation, social interaction, war games, it all boils down to the same principle. Don’t question anything.

Except, that last part. She didn’t agree with that last part.

The Scientist enjoys to express. She is highly critical and cool-headed. She has had many subjects and a tolerance has built up overtime along with each one. Desensitization is a desirable trait to her kind and thus she follows up nicely. In her mind, the only merit to her work will be the results, no matter how much fun it is to reach it. She has a natural inclination towards experimenting and collecting data; It is a lot more peaceful than watching the War-World conquests of her species. And she prefers no conflict. Merely subordination.

Naturally curious, she is extremely observant, and thus she may come off as commanding, and a magnet for conflict. She is as tactical as a Negotiator of the Reach, but she is not a leader. Only a follower. Maybe that is why she can’t seem to get out of somebody’s control, be it Black Beetle’s, or the Ambassador’s, or the Reach itself.

Background: Invasion sounded distasteful from the beginning, and somehow, she had known it would not go well. Call it a rudimentary gut feeling or, as she learned from the human name for it, butterflies in her stomach, but when the opportunity for studying abroad by studying lifeforms billions of lightyears away, in a place only visited once by the Reach and then that time being several centuries ago, she could not help but hesitate before accepting it. Well, she had no choice but accepting it, unless she wanted to disprove her value as a first-class citizen of the Pureblooded. And so, she went, this fledgling scientist hand-picked by the Empire to shrug out of her trials within the Academy and to lead the forefront of the lab aboard the grand Flagship, just as many had done before her. And with the past circumstances during the Invasion itself, probably not the last.

She remembered the face of the Ambassador, smug and overzealous about his position from day one. He was fresh, but older than her, and had an ambition she didn’t like. And he took his word with a seriousness that absolutely nobody in the entire Flagship shared. She became his right-taloned accomplice, his adviser of a sort, which was expected of her. Anything to balance his showmanship ways and provide some form of logic and control behind his flaunting. They were assigned a Warrior, shockingly a Pureblood who had purposefully attached to himself a Scarab. He was known as the Field Agent to the two of them, but the Earth would soon dub him by the aptly named “Black Beetle”.

Those first months on Earth were spent in an intensive study aboard the Flagship, hidden within the ocean. The Reach were contacted by the natives almost immediately upon arrival; An agreement was made between themselves and the “Pureblooded” of the human race, an organization calling themselves the Light. Progress was fast once Muta-Gene experimentation arrived, and the Light handled import of viable Mutant and Mutate subjects, something the Scientist would never complain about. However with the Light’s interest, outsiders were drawn in as well. With a Krolotean Invasion appearing shortly after the Reach’s arrival, the presence of aliens on planet Earth quickly gained prominence, compromising the Reach’s secrecy. Thankfully, this was where the Ambassador proved useful.

Of course, it would not last forever. The Justice League and their younger counterpart managed to expose the Light behind the Reach’s back. The Ambassador had fully reflected his incompetence past the point of redemption. Relieved of duty by the Black Beetle, the Scientist was forced to work under the control of her former Field Agent in order to obliterate and erase all evidence of their tampering on Earth by destroying the planet itself. Though she objected destroying all of her work, preferring to simply sink out and bring reinforcements (2/3rds of their off-world fleet had been taken out after all) the Black Beetle’s sense of cooperation was the same as the Ambassador’s. Pushed aside to watch, the Scientist was not surprised that in the end, involvement by the Blue Beetle and the Green Beetle, with their off-mode Scarabs, and the entirety of the Justice League would arrest control from the Reach on Earth completely. All three delegates were sent to a trial in Oa, where they would spend the rest of their lives exiled from their home planet.

Or so, that would have been how it would go.

However, the Black Beetle was not one to be contained. And he still had use for her. She was freed from her detention cell, and brought to the Escape Pods where the Black Beetle had set coordinates for Earth. Two separate destinations, and a promise that he would find her later, she was expelled within a pod en-route to Earth. It would crash within the North America continent of the US, and despite optimal conditions, it left the Escape Pod completely non-functional. Without any communication to the Reach of her current status or any technology to gain her bearings, the Scientist is now an exile within the Earth, searching for a means to reaffirm herself and to hopefully finish what she had once started. Or at least, before the Black Beetle fulfills his promise.

-Do No Harm-
♢ Limited Telepathy; Despite the privilege of instant communications systems and networks spanning galaxies in size, the Reach’s language has developed to a point where telepathic private conversations are increasingly common without the convenience of technology. The Reach, if the Purebloods are indeed the descendants of the original alien race, came from an insect background based primarily on Hive-Mind organization. However, with allying of other species into this organization, free will developed out of interloping between each individual race and thus all Hive-Mind assets retreated into the Reach’s background. A vestigial asset of this old organization was communication through telepathy. It is fading out quickly with the increased reliance on technology, but private one on one conversations may be possible so long as both users remain within an Earth mile radius.
❚The Scientist Reach
Mortality; The Scientist is at most powerless. Though her exoskeleton provides a protection that allows most severe injuries to seem moderate in comparison to humans, this shell can be easily cracked. The most difficult to break places are the back and scalp, due to the layer of red chitin providing extra protection, but this too can be broken. This was why the armored Scarabs were created in the first place. A bullet can pierce her, a black eye is still a black eye, and cuts or other lacerations still leave a scar.
Lack of Tech; After second contact with Earth, the Scientist has been left with no equipment, and nothing to defend herself with. She has no back-up except for her bluffs.
Morality; Due to growing up with very different values than humans, morality and human culture is different to the Scientist. She does not have the same ethical code, and her choices will reflect this for better or for worse.

Blade: A glowing scalpel-like object attached to her satchel around her thigh. It pulses infrequently, and is useful for cutting, providing a primitive means of protection, and making emergency incisions. The light it emits gives it the ability to be used as a torch. Think of a tiny lightsaber.
Protective Mask: A slip of metal under her normal mouth piece, which she may use to surround her lower/upper jaw, masking it completely. This prevents harmful substances from being ingested or inhaled, including smoke.
Smoke Bomb: A canister of foul-smelling liquid that, once splattered on the ground, produces a thick, foggy cloud of black smoke. These must be replenished at a later date, and there are only a few left from the Escape Pod. Exposure to the smoke may cause gagging, so protective headgear is recommended.
Broken Communicator: A mangled communications device salvaged from crash-landing on Earth. It needs to be repaired in order to work properly, but the parts are all Reach-made.


-A Trial Of Wits-

Rp Sample:
Prompt: “Your character is in the woods, at night, trying to collect Slender Man’s eight pages. How does he/she/it fare? Does he/she/it make it? Or is someone becoming a proxy?

It was the first night, after the crash, when the Scientist found the first page. Behind her was a smoking, burning wreckage. Charred metal heaped over exposed wires that blinked like a set of christmas lights in piles of dead leaves. They flared up now and then in a bonfire, illuminating the patch of detritus underneath them and bathing the alien in an orange, red and yellow glow. Obviously it had gone far below the capabilities of setting up a proper shelter for the night. In fact, anything but a fire monster would find itself propping up a tent in there.

The other option, a dark sprawl of blackened, tangled forestry, eerily silent save for the crunching of twigs and leaves under foot, seemed only a fraction of a tiny number more appealing.

There had never been so many forests on the Homeworld, and she had only glimpsed the tall pine trees on Earth in the daylight, when they were still just Earth pine trees and not twisted abominations gazing back at her with long, black holes for eyes. She didn’t think anything of them except that they were odd, kind of crooked, and probably not the best cover if any rainfall should impede her while searching for a place to operate. The holes were too small, and smelled like expired meat, and even without a nose she knew that whatever was inside of these trees were probably not good to curl up in. Without much light except for the moon to illuminate the path for her, she could only raise her blade and squint hard into the path, using the trees as boundaries to keep her on the right trail.

When she found the first page, the back of her chitin crawled as she stared at the words scrawled in front of her. “DON’T LOOK AT HIM OR HE’LL TAKE YOU” in big, black lettering; The worst handwriting she had ever read from any Earthling in her life. If she had a nose, she’d scrunch it in disgust. She pasted the sloppily-fonted note back on its place against the bark of a tree and kept walking. Whoever wrote that, she decided, was better off dead rather than writing stupid messages all over the forest.

At some point she reached a large brick building, the interior made up of white tile and what could be akin to the Earth-Meat’s excretory rooms. No sign of any fixtures though. She paced through a maze of corridors, trudging her mud-soaked tunic in her hands, blade precariously cradled in the crook of her arm. The Scientist thought this might be a better place to stay for the night, provided no Earth-Meat arrived to use the facilities (or lack thereof) here. However, after finding a couple of chairs flung about around the corridors, and some creepy torn panels from the walls scattered over the floor, along with a strange looking smear of red across the ceiling, she decided against that. And look at this; Another page. Just great.

The more she found the pages, the more she began to notice a noise. At first she thought it was just her hearts, beating rhythmically in her chest while she walked in the eerily silent forest. But with every piece of hastily-scribbled paper the noise boomed from the distant, loud, haunting, growing ever closer. The Humans seemed absent from this stretch of the woods, and by the sound of it, she was probably the only normal thing here. And yet, still it bellowed from every inch of the place. Maybe the escape pod was a better plan after all-


She saw it this time.

A faceless guy was peering out of the bushes. Nevermind, he was standing out of them, just standing there, watching. Well, seeming to be watching anyway. It was hard to tell, given his lack of face. His blank stare was a couple of yards away. He wore a suit not unlike the formal uniforms all Earth-Meat enjoyed. His tie was somewhat askew, and yet he never went to fix it. Instead, he just kind of watched her.

The Reach invader blinked, and he came closer. She blinked again, and there he was, a yard away. She raised her brow, nodding to herself. Taking a few steps back, she blinked, and there he came, within the yard. A couple of feet away, she blinked again and he followed. The Scientist’s mouth split into a grin. “Yes. You’ll do.” She murmured.


It took several months but by the time the year had ended the Reach had successfully invaded the Earth a second time, and this time with a somewhat more violent approach. It seemed that, if any Human being were taken in by the entity known as the Slenderman, they would become a Proxy, utterly devoted to him and under his control. It made it especially easy to place Scarabs on their backs, transforming them into servile Scouts and Warriors. In return, the Slenderman had been outfitted with a mask to simulate that he was still within the environment of the forest, with the Scientist standing in clear sight. Everytime she needed him to move, she adjusted the simulation so that she was further away. Whenever she blinked within the simulation, the Slenderman saw it as a chance to teleport. And whenever he did, he came a little bit closer to his real prey.

And the Scientist began a new study of her own: A new study on the behavior and weaponsization of Eldritch Horrors.
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-Skill Sheet-
Power: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Weapon Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Logic: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Durability: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Speed: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Combat Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Tech Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master

❚The Scientist B7f038a0-b28f-482b-b1ab-3975be20c90b_zps92fd1a9f


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Okay so one thing two things were missed, your tier and your power skill rating.

Power: Beginner

Tier 8-5

Power has always been a burden upon those who wield it

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❚The Scientist
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