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 Max Powers, The Conduit

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PostSubject: Max Powers, The Conduit    Wed May 14, 2014 6:36 am


Character Sheet


ϟName: The Conduit
ϟSecret identity: Max Powers
ϟDay Job: free lance journalist
ϟCharacter alignment: Neutral/Good

Currents and Groundings

ϟ: Helping others, he has the undying addiction to protect the innocent. Something in his past that he can't quite remember compelling him.
ϟ: His family, after being kidnapped for a year he has realized the importance of family.
ϟ: The love of his life, she keeps him in line and keeps him grounded even though he's a super powered being. She's always going to come first to him.
ϟ:To be a great super hero now with his new powers.
ϟ: To know why this all happened to him.
ϟ:To know he isn't a freak.
ϟ: He needs to keep sane, finding it harder than before due to his power.
ϟ: The Reach aliens that did research on him, making him their test subject like many other children.
ϟ: He doesn't want to be abducted again, doesn't want to feel the pain the tests would cause.
ϟ: His only sole purpose is to help others


ϟAppearance: Before The Reach abducted him, max was a short kid of 15, he had no special marks about him. He was skinny and had blue eyes. Now though after happened he's about 6 foot tall, his skin is tan dispute how pale his hair looks, his blue eyes jump now looking almost electric. He's lean and no longer the 15 year old boy he thought he was, now he looks to be about 20 years of age.  
ϟHeight: Six Foot Three inches
ϟWeight: 195 lbs

-Important Info-

ϟPersonality: Max has always been the life of the party type, hyper, wise cracking, energetic. When he's with his girlfriend he tries to not be like that but often screws up when it comes to filtering himself and he ends up in hot water but at the end of the day they work it out. When he's with his friends he's caring and he can dish out a good joke knowing that if he doesn't his friends sure will. With his family he's the sarcastic son to his dad, the two always bickering and nagging one another, the annoying yet loveable kid brother to his older sister, the favorite child to his mother, and the rebel to his step mom.

At times Max can be a little a stand offish, his ego getting in the way. He can be a know it all on occasion and it tends to cause him to come off as abrasive to others who don't know him well. There are rare moments that Max is much quieter than usual and those times come after a great failure, if he fails in his mission or hurts his family he feels it to the full extent of his being. Failure and guilt weigh him down just as much as a smile from his girlfriend or a laugh from his family lifts him up. He's loyal to no end and no matter how many times someone he cares about wrongs him he'll still stand up for them to the end if they need him.

ϟBackground: Max was a typical fifteen year old boy, he went to school, he had a girlfriend, he even had a part time job and was managing to save money for his first car. He obsessed over super heroes like any sane boy and loved The Reach when they came to earth because he thought they looked cool and it was cool to have aliens on his planet. When Lex Luther partnered with Reach to develop the special soda he was first in line at his local grocery go get it, secretly hoping he'd get super powers from it and he did.

The Meta Gene tracer found the 'spark' in him and tagged him for The Reach to kidnap and develop, he was stolen like a few other kids and tested upon by the invaders, them forcing his body to mature enough for his power to become known, aging him from a boy of fifteen to a man of twenty in a few short weeks, his brain developing rapidly too so he could stay at the normal intelligence level.

The Reach hadn't expected The Light to betray them and put a neutralizer in the drinks that would allow the kids to free themselves form their prisoners when they had progressed far enough but they had. Max managed to free himself along with a few other kids, noticing that his genes held much of the same power as one other kid on the ship. The suit he was wearing along with his restraint sheet used to dampen his powers had been modified so that his powers could work through them when needed and he managed to fire the lock down ability that negated his powers. So when leaving the ship he stole the suit and sheet along with a wrist mounted PDA device that he would later manage to short out and take off line from The Reach. Upon arriving back to the public him and the other children were tested to make sure they were all upstairs. He noticed no one else was as aged as him and it took a few weeks for them to accept who he was, his family not noticing him as their son until after the last try he broke down and began crying in front of his mother. A mother always knows her child's cry. Documents were forged upon release to allow him to join a college and state him at the age of 20 to avoid questions and remarks by placing him back in high school.

To this day Max still hunts The Reach and looks for an signs of foul play.

-Powers -


ϟ:Static Cling- His skin gives off a static on will that can make any object he commands to cling to him, much like the microscopic barbs that Peter Parker has that allow him to climb walls. The problem though is that he has to concentrate on the cling or it'll disconnect and he'll drop whatever he's holding.

ϟ:Electric Adrenaline - He can inwardly channel the electric coursing through his body, making his muscle tissue respond faster as neurons fire 100 times faster than in a normal human body making his reaction times sky rocket and allowing him to have a hyper active sense, his brain becomes capable of processing images at nearly the speed of light making it appear as if time slows around him, his eyes and brain are in fast forward in this ability but his body lags behind. As stated he can react with his body 100 times faster than a normal human with trained reaction skills but his brain works around 500 times the speed of a normal brain. This being said it doesn't increase his intelligence quota meaning he can be out thought just like a normal human.

ϟ:Powerhouse- His stamina is increased ten times that of a triathlete, this being from the amount of energy stored in his cells. The energy burns off in waves but replenishes itself through out the day much like true renewable energy. He can last a good long time in a fight but once his reserves are spent he's done for at least fourteen hours. At maximum charge twelve cells in his body are order line radio active due to the energy store with in them, not every cell in his body possess the skill to create energy. Only twelve that die daily bu not before birthing clones of themselves.

ϟ:Conduction- Electric circulates through out his body and can be expelled in bursts, the energy given off is controllable up to thirty feet. After that the blats just become projectiles flying a straight course until they hit something or burn themselves out. He can release electricity and have it suspended without a limit by collecting and adding static from the very air to it, this allows for a myriad of powers.

ϟ:Plasma Skin- His skin turns cyan blue and the air around him crackles with power as the tissue turns to pure energy. This ability runs off his Powerhouse ability combined with conduction along with his passive ability to be immune to being harmed by shock. The skin can absorb energy based attacks to continue surviving but without outside power it draws off the static energy in the air but that only supplies 12% of the power needed, the other 88% comes from the proteins in his cells creating more electric. Each cell lasts him about 3 minutes so a drawn out battle with Plasma usage happening isn't good news. While in plasma form anything organic he touches gets third degree burns, incredible pain that makes the part of the body affected go numb, and lastly heart failure in organic materials that possess just such a thing. In inorganic materials such as robotic tech contact shuts the device off, shortening the parts. He can arch the skin outward in an EMP blast as well with in a 5 foot area that shuts all things down, even iron man's suit.

ϟ:Connected- By simply touching an electric device he can tap into it and access whatever data is stored with in, that being said he can be infected by viruses like the tech he's hacking. Much like Ultron did with Tony Stark's suits that were connected to a data base, making them puppets. This coming from his enhanced cells that work like bio tech even without anything being implanted with in him.

ϟ:Living Lightning Bolt- He can turn into pure energy and transport himself much like a bolt of lightning, flying through the air at the same speeds. His body still exists even in the energy form and he can control his flight patterns. He can also use this as an energy attack to simply tackle and paralyze an enemy


:Virus- Computer viruses, when tapped into devices he can become infected with viruses that transfer over to his bod like actual sicknesses such as the common cold or the flu. A well developed virus can "hack" his mind and make him a drone until freed from the command.

:Lightning rods-... sorta speaks for itself, kinda pulls his powers off topic and makes him almost useless.

:His Ego- He's a young hero with a lot of power stored in himself, he knows he isn't as good as Superman or Captain America but he knows one day he'll be a great and it goes to his head. Someone could exploit his ego and make him rush head long into a fight without thinking much.

:Inexperienced- He's only been a hero for a couples months and he's mostly been running solo, not having a mentor or anyone to watch making it possible for him to make rookie mistakes.


ϟ:Utility Belt- Filled with the standard goods, mace, hand cuffs, binoculars, fifty feet of thin yet super durable string, two combat knives.

ϟ:Test Subject Suit- Much like the fantastic four's suits when they were infused with gamma radiation his suit fits to his abilities. The reach had made it special for him, mostly in a way to control him before he over loaded the controls. He has added a few modifications such as kevlar, a hood made from a material composed of left over parts of a restraint blanket that worked like his suit did that he also over loaded, and a homing signal with the responders given to a very select few.

ϟ:Stolen Wrist Mount- A wrist mounted lap top he stole from The Reach that he later found out was created to work in line with his powers but it also attempted to suppress his abilities' like the suit and blanket did for capture until he over wrote the commands and bent it to his will now making it a tool that he can use to hack into most objects around him if a link exists.


Power: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Weapon Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Logic: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Durability: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Speed: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Combat Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Tech Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master

Credit to TheFrost

Power has always been a burden upon those who wield it

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Langdon Xristo

Langdon Xristo

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PostSubject: Re: Max Powers, The Conduit    Sat May 17, 2014 1:10 pm


3 for power and 8 for experience making the tier 3-8

Power: Adept
Weapon Skill: Beginner
Logic: Novice
Durability: Adept
Speed: Novice
Combat Skill: Novice
Tech Skill: Adept

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Max Powers, The Conduit
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