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 MUST READ: Skill Sheets

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PostSubject: MUST READ: Skill Sheets   Fri May 16, 2014 1:19 am

Alright so this is a new addition to the site. I'll try to keep it simple and quick, we're adding skills for one reason, tiers, these skills allow you to fight someone in the same tier as you and it not end in a tie because you have new advantages more than just power and experience. These skills consist of:

Weapon Skill
Combat Skill
Tech Skill

Each of these skills will be added to apps now from a rating of beginner to master:


Beginner: This one is simple, you literally just started developing this skill so you're lacking a lot in this field.

Novice:In this stage you've had a few times to use whatever ability is at this rating, meaning you're getting your feet wet and show signs of wanting to progress it.

Adept: Here you've been using the skill for a decent amount of time and have the basics down and you're starting to develop real style and skill

Advanced: Here you're one of the Elites of this skill, people that use this same skill in the tier as you are a little nervous to fight you with whatever ability has that rating. You're a Hoss.

Expert: You're almost a god pretty much now, You can use the logic skill to out smart any super computer in a chess match, the combat skill will let you fight batman hand to hand if you're int he tier he's rated at and you might actually win, speed could let you get in a foot race with Kid Flash and tie given your tier.

Master:Whatever skill you have this rating at you know inside and out, you exhale it and you've made it yours. You are a Zen Master of whatever skill you've perfected, people know you and know not to mess with you. You've practiced for years and few compare to you what so ever. If you're a higher tier than someone and you decide to fist fight them for fun, you might think twice if they're a master. They might be weak but they'll smack the chick shit out of you if you step to them!

Power has always been a burden upon those who wield it

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MUST READ: Skill Sheets
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