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 Deacon Masters.

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PostSubject: Deacon Masters.    Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:59 pm

Character Sheet


Name: Nyx
Secret identity: Deacon Masters
Race: Human
Age: Twenty-four
Day Job: Wreaking Havoc to any place he travels. Finding ways to control his abilities.
Character alignment: Lawful Evil [?]

Cares and Hates

Cares: Blood. Chaos. Conflict.
Wants: Everything. Bloodshed.
Needs: Fun and Conflict.
Hate: Goodie two-shoes. The police force. The government.
Fear: His plains failing. His abilities disappearing
Passion: Bringing down the 'world' and turning it anew.


Usually dressed within the confines of a beige overcoat, mostly open and revealing that of his bare chest, he looks as if he was just fresh out of a warzone. His torso is struck by healed scratches and gashes and slowly closing bullet holes from wars he participated in as a human. As for his bottoms, he simply wears a pair of black slacks.  His right cheek is torn from the experience of finding out he wasn't 'normal'...
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs

-Important Info-

Personality: Nyx is cold-hearted indeed, and has a care free attitude. The only time you can find him close to the thing called 'humor' is when he is grinning. And this is pretty much only when his 'evil' plans work out in his own view. And laughing? A perfect evil one, too. You can already guess when THAT is shown.
Background: Deacon Masters, at the age of seventeen, was sent into the U.S Army. He was indeed one of the best soldiers that was put on the ground. His combat was not just the occasional brute style with no tactic, but also martial arts, something he had trained with for many years in his life. After one year of good work, he was 'drafted' out of the army, thinking he would finally go to his home, New York City, with all of his money from the U.S Army. But of course, the government had plans for him.

Deacon Masters had his name wiped from him along with his memories once they strapped him down in the machine, that was created by the many scientists within the confines of the United States. They were use this on him, and attempt to turn him into a Super Soldier, but, something much more.. 'powerful' than Captain America. Once the serum pumped into his blood, he immediately felt the effects. Once he awoke from his seemingly long-lived slumber, flames were painting the walls of the small room, along with blood. But the bodies were gone.

After training with his abilities for years, he had finally gotten to the stage where he could use them willingly and control them most of the time. Though, still to this day, they are unstable indeed. After remembering what had happened to him, till this day, he is determined to take down America and its government. 

]-Powers -

Deacon has the unique ability to absorb the actual life force of humans, though those with 'special' abilities will not be affected, and he will die trying. With the serum inside of him, he is allowed to have the abilities of Super Strength, Super Speed, Inhuman Agility, and durability equal to that of even steel to his skin and bones. His ability is that he is able to bend 'Dark Energy'. This power is also known as Umbrakinesis. 

Weakness: Due to the fact that Deacon or 'Nyx' has cancer, he must continue to absorb the life force of humans, or he will die. He will also die sooner or later, from cancer, or being overpowered by his own abilities. Without feeding off life force, he will grow weaker. 

Gear: Deacon has a companion which is actually an imaginary friend. He shares the same face and body of Deacon, but, is simply there to tease and point out the flaws of Deacon. He also points him towards the right direction. Deacon has no idea that this thing is a figment of his imagination, and apart of the evil in his body. 


Power: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Weapon Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Logic: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Durability: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Speed: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Combat Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Tech Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master

Credit to TheFrost
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PostSubject: Re: Deacon Masters.    Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:27 am

Power: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Weapon Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Logic: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Durability: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Speed: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Combat Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Tech Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master

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Deacon Masters.
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