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 Rules of the Verse (Subject to Change Anytime)

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PostSubject: Rules of the Verse (Subject to Change Anytime)   Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:11 am

1.) First of all, Character Application is where all characters start off. You copy and paste the application then edit in your information. Then you post this under the Unchecked Character App for approval.


2.) Weaknesses. EVERY character must have a weakness. This doesn't mean you need a specific rock that drains your powers or anything. It is more of a section explaining how exactly your character isn't overpowered. GodModding is strictly prohibited. It is no fun for other players if yours shows up and completely dominates without letting the others have a chance to do anything. Keep in mind that this is a Roleplay site, not a site centered around one character.

(Ex: Spider-man has no real weakness; he is just simply not as durable as other heroes).

3.) In Roleplay scenarios, you may not AUTOHIT another player. You may only initiate an attack, because if the player is respectful of Rule#2, and the players respect each other, there should be no issues and battles should flow smoothly. (autohits are only allowed with ooc approval from the character you're attacking.)

4.) No power is "limitless" or "infinite". All powers have limits so that, once again, one character doesn't dominate the site. This also falls under Rule#2 of NO GODMODDING (I will repeat it until you get it!   ;) )

5.) Adult content like swearing, romance, and violence IS allowed, but is going to be monitored closely. Try to avoid racial or sexual slurs so we may all get along. If you are planning to excessively use slurs, make smut, or disturbing violence, Leave it in the Mature Board (Or they will be moved accordingly by site staff).

6.) Cyberbullying is indeed a big issue in today's world. Avoid flaming as much as possible. Yes, we joke around and call each other names, but if another player is feeling offended, you need to stop immediately and apologize. We are all a big nerdy family here, we need to get along as such.
6b.) As an extension to avoid cyberbullying, All drama or arguments WILL be held in private chat on XAT or private message on the site. Do NOT bring your drama onto the public section of the site. It is rude and irresponsible.

7.) Bans and punishment go on a case by case basis. If you're really harming the site and it's agreed you won't get a warning but if you're just trolling more than is needed you'll be fine as long as it doesn't keep up after being warned.

1. Warning
2. Chat kick
3. Account ban for 24 hours
3. Account week ban
4. Account life time ban

8.) You will only need to post a roleplay sample ONCE. OC characters are unique and we trust you can play them efficiently. However, Canon characters will need a role play sample to see if you can actually play the character.

9.) No one in a leadership position can take any of the disiplinary actions listed in rule#7 if the rule was made AFTER the action was done. Just like in real law, No one can be persecuted for something that wasn't against the rules at the time they were doing it.

10.) We recommend that players find an alternate way of contacting the Leadership  on the site, because if you feel you were wrongly disciplined, you may appeal to the decision to another member of Leadership. If your appeal is heard, discussion will be held as to whether your disciplinary action will be undone or sustained.

11.) Cannon Cartoon/Anime/Manga/Etc Characters are NOT allowed. This is a Marvel/DC roleplay site, not a Naruto/DBZ roleplay site. If those are your fancies, find a site with those prerequisites. This rule IS controversial. We know. But it is a simple regulation to keep people on topic and more focused on posts. They can only be used for looks, such as a faceclaim.

(Ex: Do not give us a Sasuke Uchiha app, it will be denied).

11-2.) This is not strictly nailed to Marvel/DC comics. Dark Horse and other comic book companies, Television Shows like Heroes, etc. can be used for cannons as well.

12.) You CANNOT face claim as a Cannon superhero/villain/neutral, as doing so would make an OC and a Cannon look the exact same. Some people get very touchy about this. This rule is pliable because some people aren't as sensitive to looks in roleplay. You CAN ask for a Cannon player if you can face claim as their character; with proof of approval from said player, it will be approved.

13.)Reminder, if you break any of these rules and we do not notice, that in no way means that you are off the hook. The moment we notice, there WILL be punishment, no matter how long it has gone unnoticed. So basically, the child argument, "But I've already been doing it for months and you haven't got me in trouble!" will NEVER work.

14.) Have fun. Not really a rule, just a recommendation.

These rules are subject to change at anytime.

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Rules of the Verse (Subject to Change Anytime)
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