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 Tony Stark: Iron Man

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PostSubject: Tony Stark: Iron Man   Tue May 07, 2013 4:24 pm

Iron Man


Name: Iron Man
Secret identity: Tony Stark
Age: 31
Day Job: International Playboy
Character alignment: varying between Lawful and Chaotic Good

Money and Lawsuits

Cares: Money, being an ass, and having a great damn time
Wants: Pepper Potts, protecting the world, and new tech.
Needs: To stop drinking so damn much.....
Hate: Commies...... And sometimes Fury
Fear: The Iron Man suit falling into the wrong hands
Passion: Pulling Stark industries away from weapons making.



Height: 6'1" without armor 6'6" with
Weight: 225 lb without armor 250 with armor (incredibly light)

-Little Things-

Personality: Tony has always had a bit of an ego, always wanting to stay on the edge and keep people on their toes. His favorite past time remains upsetting Pepper to see if she actually still cares about him, which she proves time and again that she does. He also does all of these childish things do to the lack of a childhood when his father was around, he was pushed hard to be the brightest and groomed for success.

Stark has turned to drinking to comfort him from the pain of his childhood, from the father who never once said I love you to the boy, the only man he wanted approval from. Everything he does now it to prove to himself and through him to his dad in a sense that he is far better than his dad ever gave him credit for. In the end Stark is a lost child stuck in the body of a grown man, but he is a good man who will defend everyone and push himself farther than humanly possible.

Background: Anthony Stark was born on March 5, in Long Island, New York. He was born the son Howard and Maria Stark, Co-CEOs of Stark Industries, a million dollar weapons manufacturer. At a young age, Tony showed to have a unique and inventive mind. At the age of 15 Tony entered the undergraduate electrical engineering program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and graduated with two master’s degrees by age 19. At age 21, Tony's parents died in a car crash and he inherited Stark Industries. He continued the weapons manufacturing program and turned his family's company into a billion-dollar weapons-manufacturer corporation. Five years later, he attends a testing of one of his latest weapons. But, was attacked by enemy assultmen. Trapped and wounded from the attack, the gunmen ordered Stark to build them a set of weapons to take over America. Instead, Tony builds a miniature Arc Reactor as a pacemaker and a suit of armor to escape captivity and keep himself alive with the help of Ho Yinsen. Seeing the deadly purposes of weapons firsthand, Stark takes his company out of the weapons business and focuses on creating new electronics and devices power on RepulsorTech. He also spends half his days as the armored public hero known as Iron Man

Everything after is considered Classified by S.H.I.E.L.D. even though Tony and Iron Man are public figures.

]-Powers -

SuperPowers: None as of yet

Weakness: Without his suit he is just a man and his heart is kept beating by a pace maker of his own design.

Gear: Iron Man Suits
Mark I: His first suit that he created while in captivity by the terrorist group called the Ten Rings, he also uses this suit to defeat Ultron after Ultron takes control of all of his other suits. Suit is equipped with : Repulsors, Uni-Beam, Repulsor Boot Jets, Missile Launchers, Flamethrowers, Static Jammer, Two-Way Radio, and is Bulletproof

Mark II: Built after the destruction of the first suit, has many noticable upgrades in speed ad durability, also comes equipped with: Repulsor Beams, Uni-Beam, Remote Arc Reactor, Flares, MiniMissiles, HUD, Comm Systems,Mach 2 Repulsor Boot Jets, and is also Bulletproof like the first.

Mark III: A much more powerful suit, built like the Mark II but having many abilites improved upon, this suit is the main suit Iron Man used when really becoming Iron Man, using it against Doom and his Doombots alongside The Avengers and The Fantastic Four. This suit includes: Repulsor Beams, Uni-Beam, HUD, Comm Systems, Missiles, Mach 3 Repulsor Boot Jets, Invisibilty Function, Repulsor Shielding, Jetpack, Upload of JARVIS.
Note that the Mark III was the first to feature the JARVIS AI system on board
[Suits will be added as he progresses in his time line]
-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: Stark sat in his chair behind the command center of his desk, nestled deep in his private labs in his basement. His arms were crossed with a pen tapping off of his bottom lip rapidly from his right hand, him being deep in thought. His mind was racing faster than any other human's that he knew of, thinking of a new uni beam design that would introduce EMP's along with the energy blast.

"Jarvis, hologram of Mark III chest piece on screen please." he said as a blue light emitted in the air before him showing a free floating image of his Mark III chest piece, see through. He groaned a bit and stood, walking over to the hovering hologram, his hands swatting away random parts of the chest piece, them flying away into nothingness. "Now enlarge." he ordered, the core of the chest piece, the reactor, grew from the size of a baseball to that of a basket ball, his fingers flicking away more pesky pieces to re vamp the design.

"Jarvis run a step by step break down on the misfire rate of the new design." He commanded was he stood there, pulling parts back out of the air and snapping them back in in new ways, increasing the wattage of the reactor and the thickness of the lens that the blasts were focused through. "Mr. Stark, the odds of success for this new implement of the reactor are 10 to 1 in your favor" A voice spoke from all around the room, sounding British and robotic. Tony merely nodded as he looked at the new design, the shape of it changing from a circle to a triangle.

Credit to TheFrost

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PostSubject: Re: Tony Stark: Iron Man   Tue May 07, 2013 5:08 pm

Approved as a 2-2,

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Langdon Xristo

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PostSubject: Re: Tony Stark: Iron Man   Sun May 11, 2014 7:27 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Tony Stark: Iron Man   

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Tony Stark: Iron Man
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