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Bloom Rose

Bloom Rose

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PostSubject: Bloom Rose   Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:13 pm

Name: Bloom Rose
Secret identity: Rosie Goldman
Race: Human/Clone
Age: 18
Day Job: College Student
Character alignment: Neutral Good
Cares and Hates
Cares: Music, Botany, Singing, Dancing, Mathematics, humanity, Earth and Painting
Wants: Dick Grayson, time outdoors, vegetarian food
Needs: Dick Grayson, Sunlight, socializing
Hate: The Joker, winter, meat
Fear: Fire and death of humanity
Passion: The Arts, Martial Arts, Nature
Appearance: Strawberry Blonde hair, curly and long. Built and thin. Blue eyes. Wears glasses during the day/not on missions. Longer legs than torso. Adores wearing dresses, skirts, high waisted things, loves tee shirts and tank tops. Light and natural make-up and different hair styles each day. Fair skinned.
Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 112 pounds
-Important Info-
Personality: Smart, creative, shy, kind, loves plants, very friendly, stubborn, resilient, doesn’t take peoples crap.
Background: Rosie has the DNA of Poison Ivy and Queen Bee. She was trained by the Joker and Harley Quinn until she was rescued from the hostile environment in which the Joker gave her. She does not remember every detail of her training or being raised. She was taken in by Canary and Batman and became a hero instead of a villain. She is very shy and does not like interacting with others first and feels uncomfortable around newcomers. She lives with the Bat family after Dick was fired from being Robin.
She now works on the Young Justice Team. She trains Jason alongside Nightwing. She helps in missions and continues her role as hero. She often has visions in which she believes she sees the future but she sees into a separate universe where circumstances are different. Her heart carries the heavy burden of not being able to contact her mother, Poison Ivy, because of her villainess role. Poison Ivy cares a lot for the girl and respects that her daughter has become a hero.
Her entire life has been revolving around school and her secret life. She wishes to be a normal botanist like her mother and be a hero to help the world in any way she can alongside her love interest, Dick Grayson.
]-Powers -
SuperPowers: Control over plants, psychic visions, super smarts.
Weakness: Fire, Dick Grayson, care about humanity, when angry she has uncontrollable rage
Gear: Black high heeled boots, combat skirt, flexible bodice, fingerless gloves, floral tights, mask.
-Roleplay Sample-
Roleplay Sample: I stood above Gotham and basked in the quiet summer night. There was nothing in the night that seemed off. I looked over the horizon and found the faint glow of my city. My mind traveled back to the country side and seeing all the wildlife and the plants there. I took a little vacation over on the hills and enjoyed the bliss out there. I ventured with Dick and we had a great full day alone. The Team needed him back as soon as the first day was over.
I felt a dark shadow next to me and as it grew closer, “Hey you.” I smirk and look over my shoulder.
“I guess you know my tricks now?” Dick came from the shadow of the building and I sat on the ledge. I looked out to the city and he comes next to me and grabs my hand.
“There’s something bothering you Rose.” I don’t move an inch as I just breathe. I can’t lie to him, even if I tried he would find the ‘tell’ immediately. “I have no idea what it is but know you are one of the greatest heroes I have come across. You mother the Team and it gives you a positive role, what your mother wants for you.”
I look at Dick and I find the charming smile of Boy Wonder that I fell for 4 years ago when I was brought here. I have no other way to think that I belong besides that I became the hero Ivy wanted. She was the woman who brought me here under the order of the Joker.
There was a shriek, “STOP!”
Dick chuckles. “We never get a break do we?”
“Guess not, that’s why I enjoyed our little vacation.” I stand and wink towards him, “meet you down on the streets Boy Wonder.” I jump off the building and catch myself on the ivy that was growing on the building. I hold tightly as I see a shadow jump off after me, there was no greater feeling than fighting alongside the person you care most about. I look down and find about fifty feet left for me to drop. I hear the feet of Dick on the concrete and I placed my feet firmly on the side of the building and had the ivy grow beneath me, jumping from this height could damage my ankles, I learned that a few weeks before.
I saw the ivy reach the concrete below and I drop to the ground. I felt the hard concrete on the pads of my feet and dropped the ivy. I look down the street and see a dark alley. Dick tumbles and runs towards it. I go after him and we find a young girl in a Gotham Academy uniform and a couple thugs. I gritted my teeth and shifted my weight forward, “HEY!”
The thugs turn and find me at the end of the alley. I breathed and tried to stay calm. I had a similar encounter with unfortunate people… I grip my hands and stay calm, if I didn’t then people would be greatly hurt…
“Step away from her.” I walk towards them and they don’t flinch. I was not the most intimidating person but I did knock Superboy on his butt with a punch to his face.
“Oh, what are you going to do about it pretty thing?” The tallest man walked towards me and I smirked, he continued to walk and I bowed my legs in my fighting stance and felt roots of plants raising from the ground. I forced my hands forward and wrap the man in vines as they continue to crawl up his torso.
“Wait what?!” He coughs as it wraps around his chest. “Get her!”
I look to the other two and there is an echoed laugh, I smile. Dick drops from above and punches the two in the face. He smiled. I leave the one guy wrapped in vines and I go to the girl, “Hey sweetie, it’s alright. Come on I can get you out of here.” I hear cracks of bones as Dick stands above the goons.
“Thank you Bloom Rose and Nightwing!” The young girl smiles and runs out of the alley and turns to go home. I walk up to the goons and tighten the vines and intertwine the two on the ground. They couldn’t struggle free due to broken bones. Dick walks past me and grabs my arm, “Leave em for the cops.”

“Planning on it. Cya later boys.” I walk out the alley with Dick and he smiles down at me. The little girl stood at the bus stop. I sighed and remembered my days at Gotham Academy. Artemis and I would wait for buses and walked in the warmer seasons. I was meant to be here and I knew every person knew that; every hero, villain, and civilian.
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PostSubject: Re: Bloom Rose   Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:38 pm

Power: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Weapon Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Logic: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Durability: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Speed: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Combat Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master
Tech Skill: Beginner/Novice/Adept/Advanced/Expert/Master

Power: The ability to control plants makes Rose very versatile.

Weapon Skill: No noteable application.

Logic: The experiments applied to Rose have made her brain function at a higher efficiency that most humans.

Durability: No noteable application.

Speed: The access to plants could help her move around.

Combat Skill: No noteable application.

Tech Skill: No noteable application.

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Bloom Rose
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