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 Ascent [TheDusk/Dr.Connors]

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PostSubject: Ascent [TheDusk/Dr.Connors]   Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:04 am


His web shooter echoed as he yanked the ledge of an apartment complex. He let the web line extend all the way out, bending into a full swing. The hero tossed his feet forward, increasing his speed. The sirens were wild in the night as they turned the building walls blue and red. The WebHead's wide eyes narrowed at the sight of the fleeing suspects as they nearly tore into a unsuspecting taxi. Peter began gritting his teeth at their carelessness for human lives.

He always hated high speed chases. Although his web slinging was quite dexterous, it wasn't four wheel drive dexterous. It wouldn't be long before Spidey lost the dangerous race. The men in blue couldn't seem to catch up to the guys either at least. That put little solace into Pete's heart, but aided his guilt.

Sudden Turn!

Spider-man was forced to web yank the corner of the UPS warehouse to make the sharp turn. He hooked around at a one hundred and eighty degree angle, wind buffeting his face like a fighting army.
In the blur of the lights below him, gun shots were distinctly heard. It wasn't the officers; the shots were rapid and almost fired at the same time. It had to be some sort of automatic weapon being used below him.

Wait... below him?!

The arc at which Spidey propelled himself forward put him right above the speeding Camero (the theft there of being the reason for the chase). This was the opening the young hero needed to end this horrible nightmare. The Web Head stuck both arms out and fired two lines of webbing. They attached to a street light pole and a walking light pole respectively. Using his proportional strength, he pulled hard. The force threw him forward like a bullet towards the pavement.

“In about... 3..2.. OW!”
Spider-man yelped as the back of his head and shoulders collided with the windshield. Glass shattered and splintered the back of the young hero as the two thugs yelped in surprise. The driver immediately stopped firing back at the cops and took hold of the wheel. Thankfully he dropped his Uzi out the window. On the unfortunate hand, his passenger had free hands; free hands that quickly picked up an Ak47 from the back seat of the car.

Spidey groaned, gripping the dashboard.

The scruffy man in the black hat ignored his warning, loading the gun.

“No no no....,” the hero moaned again.

It clicked as he took aim. The WebHead lifted his left arm in a blur and formed his signature bull horned hand signal. The right amount of pressure from his middle and ring finger triggered the webs from his web shooter. It came out not in a line, but instead a spray. It plastered all over the top half of the groat man's body. The assault rifle automatically jolted up and sent an array of bullets piercing through the roof. He looked up in shock at the loss of control. When his eyes came back down they found a red and black knuckles ramming into them. The black hat flew right off his head as he faded from consciousness.

The driver screamed for no good reason, possibly due to the loss of his wingman. Spidey looked over to the frightened driver with a quizzical look of confusion.“What? Never seen him sleep before..? OH, you are THOSE kind of bad guys!” the hero cackled, making an obscene questioning of their sexuality. The long haired man took his eyes off the road as he reached into the back, for another weapon no doubt. Spider-man jolted his hand upward and fired webs to the guy's wrist. The thug yelped as his arm became one with the side of the seat.

“Yeah yeah, I KNOW that its legal in our fair city. But I really don't think this is the time for some lovin'. I mean, the cops ARE after you ya know!”

“Shut up!”

Spidey sighed dully.

“Now ya' gone and forced my hand. And I thought we were getting a long great! I was even going to name one my children after you! The GRUMPY one.,” He murmured, grabbing the fleeing thug by the collar and tossing him out the window. The hero quickly leaped into the front seat, firing webbing out of his wrist shooters to meld him to the wall instead of splattering the poor criminal. Leather interior was now missing from half the seat as he sat down.

His big white eyes gazed down at his feet. His left food nailed the brake, screeching to a halt. The expensive car skidded to a halt as did the police cruisers in pursuit. Spider-man yelped and covered his head, being entirely whimsical. Playing silly, he lifted his head, as if checking for danger. A smile came from beneath his mask as he looked to the unconscious thug. His index finger came up beneath the hairy chin of the now bald thug.

“So, did I pass my driver's test mam? I think I MAY have hit a cone or two... But that's alright right?”
Spidey made fun of the slumbering man. He turned and faced forward in the car, placing his hand to his forehead.

Suddenly, a gun clicked right by his left ear.

“FREEZE!” came a loud blaring voice from an NYPD officer. He looked dully at the man, despite having a gun trained on him.

“Lemme guess, License and registration? And no, I haven't been drinking sir.” The sly hero coyly joked despite the serious tone of the situation.

“Out of the car now Spider-man!” The man barked.

“You mean, I don't get to keep this baby? Ya know? Vroom Vroom Bumblebee? Well then heck with this! I'm out!” The Webslinger quickly shot webbing down the chamber of the gun and leaped out the opposite window. His powers glued him to a lamp pole as officers all around him trained on him. He swung around the pole like a master gymnast and hoisted himself high into the air.

“Don't worry! Next time I'll bring em into the station for ya! 90% of your job right there!” He shouted back, although he doubted they could hear him from how far away he was.

Where do thugs get all these high powered guns I wonder...


It's one in the morning... the normal ritual

He thought to himself, feeling the glass digging into his back. Peter had been to Gwen's apartment for medical attention numerous times since he'd taken on the mask and tights. However, he knew that these night visits hampered her well being and her grades. It wasn't kind or polite in any manner. Matter of fact, Pete had planned on not even coming to her on this night despite his injuries.

However, the glass was burrowed into his back right where the human could not reach, even a super spider powered human. It was an embarrassing problem that someone with such flexibility couldn't even reach a small spot on his back. However, it wasn't all that bad. Its not as if he could bend his spine or pop his arm out of socket.

More importantly, Peter knew that having shards of glass digging into his lower trapezius would only hamper him greatly. Infections, bleeding, etc were not healthy by any means. So here he was again, sitting on her fire escape, thinking about it instead of just knocking. Waking her always made him timid and filled him with immense guilt.

Who was he to awake such a wonderful beauty? Come to think of it, he didn't really KNOW who exactly he was to her. There was a deep line in the sand between the two. However, it often came with awkward meetings and nervous reactions. Sand quickly eroded the line that stood between the young teens. The line quickly became blurring and intangible. They now drifted across the line time to time. Their goodbye hugs were getting longer and longer. He would take the accidentally whiff of her hair because it smelled like intoxicating strawberries; only to be met with a gentle smile instead of a scolding as most women would do. Gwen would comfort rest her hand on his sometimes when they'd sit together. Although it filled his hand with a clammy sweat, Peter couldn't help but stay under her spell.

Something very strange was happening between them. Pete could never quote grasp what it was. Perhaps it was just the fact that he'd always been “Midtown's Best and Brightest!”. His education had always been what he focused most on and understood the most. Even recently, he'd been making strides in the impressive world of genetics. It was the next day(or later that day considering it was 1:12 in the morning), that he'd be aiding Dr. Connors with the Decay Rate Algorithm. Never until now had Peter been so deeply... interested in anything else before. He was fascinated with her quick humor and her jaw dropping beauty. Pete finally removed that picture of her from his computer, only to replace it with a picture of them; wrapped up warm from the cold at a Midtown Homecoming game. It was like an antidote killing a virus, spreading through his body like wildfire. Gwen consumed everything he did. He walked with his head up because she became concerned to if he was upset when he walked with his head down. Peter stood with his locker slightly closed that way he could watch for her as she came down the hallway. The boy made sure to study quicker so he could make time to see her before he had to become Spider-man for the night. His grades did indeed hamper a little, but a 4.0 in second of his class as opposed to a 4.0 at first was an easy choice when it came to having Gwen smile for him. It seems that smile drove everything he did.
Certainly arriving at one in the morning injured would do everything besides make her smile. The boy hero gave strong thoughts to leaping away and going home. However, a searing pain like vinegar on an open wound singed his back. It felt like swords were being plunged into his spine. Peter really wished he wasn't a bug hero right about then. It wasn't like he could actually go to a hospital. His DNA amongst other things would throw any doctor for a loop. As sad and hindering as it was to Gwen, Peter needed her to keep his secret safe.

Pat pat pat...

It came with his exhausted forehead instead of his knuckles. In his own stringy boredom, he began pecking on the glass with each individual finger of his right hand. He did so all in a row from left to right, then repeated. Hopefully, that would get her attention.

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PostSubject: Re: Ascent [TheDusk/Dr.Connors]   Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:43 pm

ooc: Okay, Let me know if I'm messing up on this already. I had to rewatch a couple of clips to get an idea of her personality down, including some interviews. But I'm still unsure. XD

Her eyes were closed, a soft sigh while she slept. Gwen's back was turned to the fire escape, and her blonde hair (still fashioned in a taught ponytail) drifted into her eyes, itching her forehead. She'd fallen asleep while working on homework, as a textbook was sitting just next to her head, mathematics papers strung across the blankets. Gwen had always been a studious student - a trait which landed her a position as intern at Oscorp, but further and further she'd found herself working late, trying to keep up with both science and schooling. That and her father's constant questioning, always trying to weed his way into her work studies and protect her grading. The only thing he didn't seem to know about were Peter's visits, and the identity of a certain webslinging hero...

A rough tap at the entrance. Thankfully Gwen was a light sleeper; Her eyes opened immediately. Turning her head to the fire escape she found herself staring at a familiar sight - broken glass shards and all. For a second she hesitated, the pulse of sleep still there in her mind, but then she realized exactly what she was looking at and her mind went into overdrive.

"Peter-" Her voice was barely a whisper, and she scrambled to unlatch the fire escape window, opened it as quietly as she could. Last thing she needed was her father hearing her open the window; He'd come in with a gun in hand no doubt about it. And he already didn't really like Parker...What if he saw him in this state?

She ushered him in quickly, mindful of his back (she could tell he'd picked at most of them, but that didn't mean the ones left wouldn't hurt) and started moving the homework items out of the way. "Oh-Hey. Sorry about the mess." She was already whispering. She managed to place them on a shelf before she looked to Peter, looked at the shards. "I'll um, get the tweezers. I don't think band-aids are going to be enough, this time."

While she spoke she was already ducking out the door, moving cautiously down the hallway to find the medical supplies in the bathroom.

Numerous times he'd shown up in varying states of injury, all from his job - saving people tended to have this sort of effect afterall. Sometimes she wouldn't see the injury, a small cut or bruising...almost an excuse for him to show up to her bedroom. Then there were the ones that concerned her - he'd burnt himself before after meeting up with a guy handling a flamethrower, he'd been stabbed in the arm, he'd been kicked and punched and beaten when his web shooters malfunctioned. Indeed, she'd seen a whole spectrum of injuries. But he never really complained about them. Just sort of laughed and gave jokes (even with a mouth of red), remained positive even while she pulled numerous objects and weapons out of his limbs, his back...

Bravery came with the profession. You had to do stupid things to catch stupid people.

She reached and grabbed the first aid case, rifling through the contents before giving up and just taking it with her. This small case had become familiar to her - she'd been learning how to deal with all sorts of injuries thanks to Peter. Now the thing was overstuffed, constantly refilled just in case. Her father supposed Oscorp was working her too hard, injuring her; he even believed Dr.Connors - her employer - was sticking her into the most dangerous assignments, but he was far from the truth. Gwen re-entered her bedroom without a noise and this time rifled through the case, finding the tweezers and a few pieces of gauze.

"So, What happened this time?" There was a half smile on her face while she rummaged through the contents of the first aid kit. A small click while the case was shut, and then she gestured for him to sit down.
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PostSubject: Re: Ascent [TheDusk/Dr.Connors]   Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:03 am

Peter couldn't help but grin dimwittedly as he entered the small, quint room of Gwen Stacy. It was a tiny room, bathed in a baby cyan. He looked up at the pretty white molding along the ceiling as he stood in the threshold of the breezy window. It wasn't much space, but it was a roomy little corner of the world. Its presence was somber and inviting. He was lucky such was true with how often he stopped by. Books were stacked neatly in a bookcase in the far corner. Her table sat with a nice white monitor and binders labeled by class. There was a sense of order there that made the chaotic world around it envious. Everything was just as it should be within the home of Gwen. It calmed the young hero greatly when he came in from a world of chaos to a peaceful order.

His hazel orbs quickly danced to the flawless face of Gwen. Pete maintained his wild grin, even with the pain induced cringe in his left eyelid. Her apologetic words barely phased him. They barely came to him as words with his dreary, hurting state. It seemed more like harmonic tones that soothed his soreness. The boy lifted his arm in a circular motion, stretching his shoulder that ached ferociously. The words that she spoke finally were processed by his preoccupied brain. He observed the study flood that had previously engulfed his best friend and it only forced a somber chuckle from the injured hero.

“Oh no, God forbid the day that Gwen Stacy has the slightest mess! It must be the apocalypse!”
Peter exclaimed in a low whisper, teasing her even in the seriousness of the pain. The boy's backpack dreadfully slopped off his shoulder; thankfully the pack only had his civilian clothes and a camera so it did not make much noise as it slumped to the floor.

A tone of shock over came her wondrous emeralds for a brief moment. Peter understood that he had probably turned a little to the left, revealing his battle wounds on his trapezius. Or in his trapezius as the case may be. The look quickly disappeared and was replaced by a shameful look. Not the one that displayed anger in any way, more of the way your mother stares at you after you've disobeyed her. There's a look of love, but ownership. Her eyes told the story. The story of how it was probably idiotic to hurt himself again like that. But oh well, it was her idiot.

He smiled at her gentle remark about the bandages.

“Haha okay. I'm sure gonna miss Cap...,” He cooed at her, remarking the silly child band-aids she kept in the cupboard behind her mirror. The gorgeous blond quickly dashed out of the room. He blew a sigh of relief out between his lips and sat calmly on the bed. He caught the view of himself before sitting down on the bed in a desk side mirror. Peter became quickly aware of how terrible he looked. He looked like hell. What was he thinking coming here looking like that? Why did he care? It was just Gwen right? It was only Gwen so there was no need to be so smitten about his appearance. But why did he have a cold feeling that came over him? It chilled him and embarrassed him. Certainly she wouldn't find him attractive at all in this state.

Whoa, where did that thought come from? Jeez Peter, get a hold of yourself. It's just Gwen. Not some exotic super model...

He pondered that for a brief moment.

Although she does look like a super model, her golden hair and flawless cheeks could make any man go wild. I wonder why she's never considered it...

His eyes widened.

Whoa Peter! Those are bad thoughts! Bad thoughts! She's just your best friend. If she knew you were every thinking of ANY of this, she'd have your head served on a silver platter. Even furthermore, her dad would cover up the murder for her. You are screwed Pete so keep your heart on the down low.

He gazed over to a small white bulletin board that hung at perfect level on the wall in front of him. The boy tucked his feet beneath him on the edge of the bed as he studied it.

It was the picture of the two of him that he fondly remembered. Gwen had just won a debate for Midtown High's debate team. It would be the one that would lead them to the finals. She was so incredibly happy. He remembered how elated she was. Gwen bounced right out of those double doors and raced towards him.

“Peter Peter! We did it! We did it!” She exclaimed, leaping onto him.

“Were we watching the same debate Gwen? Cause I think you did it.” Peter smiled warmly as he embraced her. She detached herself from his shoulder and glared at him right in the eyes.

“We did it. As a TEAM, Peter. Something you need to learn how to do!” She responded, obviously hinting at his alter ego. She had a firm hold on his shirt collar. It was cute because the angelic woman was so close to him, enchanting him with her ever present strawberry scent. However, it was horrifying because he felt how strong the grip was on him. It was no illusion that she meant business by that statement.

Peter grinned at her statement. He slowly took gentle hold of her arms and placed them down at her side. He also took the time while he was doing so to slide an arm around her comfortably. He lowered his voice, making sure his statement would not be loud enough to be heard by the other audience members vacating the entertainment center.

“If the Avengers would just invite me to a party or two. I'd be so in there!” He chuckled. She giggled almost immediately. It was slightly funny to him, but her giggle was so adorable that it brought lively laughter from his diaphragm. She loved his smile so much that it caused her to bring bright laughter to mirror his.

It was normal back then, but the more Peter thought about it; the more it became evident how much he'd grown as a person. He used to not even be able to say a word to Gwen, always admiring her from afar. When Peter first attempted to ask her out, he was nothing but an anxious mess. Now, he joked and teased her whenever he had the chance. Not because he wanted to annoy her... Oh, well it was to annoy her. He couldn't really help it. Gwen was so adorable when she was being teased. Her responses were always so witty and even comical at times. It made him smile a great deal. Peter felt... at home with Gwen. Where Pete had to wear a mask and become a completely different person to relax and let go with the world; Peter could be himself with Gwen on all the days ending with y. It was wonderful.

Sometimes... I wish I could just reach out and ki-

His thought began but was interrupted as the pajamaed beauty returned. He turned in the darkness, still smiling fondly at her.
Her voice questioned his wounds as his smiled gleamed.

“Oh, bunch of punks stole a Camero. I tried to web yank myself into the car with them. Needless to say, I didn't exactly hit an open window...,” He said, like a child being asked why he was in time out. He sat and leaned forward, allowing her easier access to the glass digging into his spine.

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PostSubject: Re: Ascent [TheDusk/Dr.Connors]   Tue Jun 11, 2013 3:14 am

Gwen's grip on the tweezers was like a vice; With precision she'd earned during her time in the lab, days spent cleaning and organizing the shelves, days spent handling gene samples that could be lost by even the slightest twitch of the hand, she started to scrape and lift up the glass stuck neatly through his skin. She was as gentle as possible when she worked - there was only a slight hesitation, a sort of unspoken warning to prepare him for the stinging he'd feel, then her light tugging.

"Well it certainly did quite a number..." Her smile had widened at his comment, but the worry was still there. She couldn't help but be worried when he came in with these injuries. Not to mention the criminals had most likely been armed - they were normally well stocked on weaponry when he came to stall them or stop them. Gunshot wounds she feared even she could not patch up, not even with an overloaded first aid kit.

That was what concerned her the most - him showing up one day with an injury too bad to handle. Sure this was not his first or last injury she was working on right now, but there may be a day when that injury arrived. Maybe so bad that he couldn't make it to her room, or anywhere near her for that matter.

She bit her lip, her thoughts consumed by it.

However she trusted him, knew he could do his job. He was a natural at it, according to the news reports (the Daily Bugle held the opposite and she neglected to take it at face value anymore), and she could picture him swinging over his web, the iconic mask over his head, about to snag another thug's gun right out from under his nose...

A hero in every right. She considered herself lucky to know the man behind the mask. She saw more than just a superhero in him though. She saw a friend, a person she relied on, a person who relied on her in turn.

Wincing as another shard left his back, she pulled out the Cap band-aids again. It was apparent that she had heard his comment before leaving the room. "I still have them if you want them. You can't resist the stars and stripes." She taunted back, waving the box in front of him with her free arm while she targeted another shard with the tweezers.
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PostSubject: Re: Ascent [TheDusk/Dr.Connors]   Tue Jun 11, 2013 4:39 am

“Which number? There's an infinite amount you know..OW! Take it easy Gwen! I'm not one of Connors's lab rats!” He teased her as a searing pain struck him suddenly. Peter sighed, knowing that the pain couldn't be helped. He's the one that got himself into the mess by recklessly throwing himself at the sports car. In the long run, Pete had no regrets for doing so. The fact that doing so made him able to put an end to the chase before any innocents were hurt made it worth it. Heck, he'd go through a thousand windshields if it meant keeping just one person alive. It was that kind of attitude that made him proud to be the nephew of Uncle Ben. It was his morals that he passed on that gave Peter the ability to truly care for all life. Deep down, despite his lack of confidence, the boy knew this made his late uncle very, very proud. Thoughts like that kept him smiling. Thoughts like that kept him at work, every night dawning upon a red and black mask and proving that there was still good in the world. This was what made him worth something to the world. This is what mattered about all else. Protecting those without protection made Peter strong. Not physically perhaps, but it made him a stronger person than anyone could ever perceive.

The boy would never admit it though. He was much too modest and humble to ever see himself as such. He went through life as the same high school student he'd always been. The heroism had not phased him much. It was his obligation, not a gift. When he saved a person, it wasn't because it made himself feel better; it was because that person was given life by the hands of God and that should be preserved. Every life was important and worth protection. It was his sacred duty to do so.

His Power, His Responsibility.

It was what kept him from putting the suit away every time he watched Gwen get that worried look in her eyes over him. He bet that she had it that very moment. How could she not? She was picking bloody pieces of glass from her best friend's back! That isn't exactly a carefree activity by any means. It sometimes drove him mad how much she worried. Then again, Peter didn't really know exactly was bothered him more; the fact that Gwen was always worried to death about him, or the fact that Gwen always pretended like she wasn't. The boy understood that the blond genius was raised with a police officer as a father. This made her bury all her worries away on instinct. Peter just wished that Gwen could be straight with him. They had been closer than they had been with any one else over those past four months. Gwen had done everything in her power to keep Peter straight when his Uncle Ben passed. Peter loved her to death for it. He loved her for keeping him standing when all he wanted to do was fall. He loved her for holding him tight when he needed to cry. He loved her... probably more than he should a best friend... But its that love that forces him to worry about her... well worrying. That much fear cannot be healthy for her and he knew that. It killed the boy that he had to do this to the girl that he cared about more than his own well being. But he didn't have much of a choice exactly.

Her coy remark about the band-aids came and he chuckled, happy to be broken from his own worrisome thoughts. He only smiled as he felt what he hoped would be the last shard from his back pulled. His eyelid cringed with the stinging ache, but it soon subsided with her care. Peter stayed quiet for awhile, uncharacteristic of himself when he was around Gwen. His mind was slipping into a deep thought. Gwen probably easily picked up on that. She seemed to know things about Peter that he wasn't even conscious about sometimes. She had never grown so close to a person before. Of course, Gwen was very successful which lead her to know quite a few people. However, they were all a part of her life. Peter seemed to be the center of her life. Whatever the other friends she had said or did was inconsequential. What Peter says and does was her lifeline. It was rather silly that neither person really knew the extent of the bond they shared. They never cared to talk about it, or were just to nervous to do so.

Until Peter turned around, unintentionally displaying his superhuman reflexes. He had hoped he didn't scare Gwen.

Moonlight cascaded through the open window and illuminated her room with a somber tone. It revealed that Peter's face was deafened with a serious intention which was very strange to Gwen. His face hovered only half a foot from hers, probably less. His rich hazels stared deeply into her shining emeralds. It felt as if for that moment... the two ceased to be a singular being. They had come to an understanding that honest needed to be paid.

“Look... Gwen,” Peter began, stumbling a bit. It seemed the boy was awestruck at her elegant beauty, even with only her pajamas. Her loveliness seemed to strike him, cutting his words right from his mouth. Her looks to him were always so content and full of solace. Gwen seemed to get so much out of just simply gazing upon him. She looked at the boy like he was an angel fallen from the skies and it made Peter want to melt right out of his skin. No man, super powers or not, could resist the breathtaking charm of Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy. The most confusing question Peter could never answer was how on Earth she had never once had a boyfriend. It made him wild with rage at times, making him want to suit up and beat some sense into these men who didn't know the heaven that they were missing. On the other hand, Pete knew deep down that doing so would be a battle against himself.

She looked so intrigued with him, like she was looking at a priceless, irreplaceable jewel. Her lime orbs were waiting on him gently like a late lover waiting for a widow to reach heaven. Gwen had so much inspiration with a single stare. It made him want to just cease to exist because Peter didn't quite understand if his body could handle that much attention and care with a single glace. She was so tender.. so wonderful...He could never begin to explain it all in a way that could truly capture her perfection. Pete could just say perfection, but even that wouldn't even come close. It overwhelmed him with purpose and power that no spider could ever give. It really made him feel like a hero.

Darn it... She's waiting for me to talk... Stop this romantic non-sense.. You're only friends, that won't change... No matter how much you want it to Pete...

“Gwen... I know we don't talk much about... Well... how things are between us and the past. But Gwen, I just don't think I've ever said this and I really-really need to..,” He started, with full intention of finishing. He placed his left hand on her right forearm softly, just to soak every last bit of the world that Gwen Stacy was coherent of and make it his. And only his.

“... You....,”

“You... really-really made my life... Ya know? I mean, with Uncle Ben... When he died.. I-i couldn't function.. I c-couldn't do anything.. I was a mess and I couldn't clean myself up... But you just showed up out of the blue and made the skies... well... blue I guess, not trying to be repetitive... It's j-just happening.. I-... I-I'm sorry I-....,”

Peter became anxious, growing nervous with each word he spoke until it broke off. It had never been like him to vocalize his feelings. It was keeping how he felt concealed that made it so easy to live the hard life that he did. It was much more easy to tuck his worries of Aunt May, Gwen, and Harry at the back of his mind as opposed having them blind him while trying to save someone's life. The ritual was necessary for him to keep people alive, but in the long run, it may be detrimental to the bright hearted hero. He was not thick; Pete knew the dangers he endured while doing so. But his life came last the minute someone else's came into danger. It was his way of life and it worked out for the better of everyone. Except him.

No... I have to say this.. If I can say anything to her of how I really feel I have to say this...

“..I just... I have never had a better friend since the day I was born Gwen I just...I... don't.. can't picture my life without you.. You have always been my eyes when I can't see... You have been my light when I'm in the dark.. You are just everything. Everything! Everything!... To me...... I just don't think I have ever told you that and I thought you needed to know that you are God's greatest gift to me. Always will be too,”

Peter finished, almost out of breath from releasing so much feeling at once. He felt vulnerable, out in the open. But above all else,

He felt relieved.

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PostSubject: Re: Ascent [TheDusk/Dr.Connors]   Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:48 pm

The final shard of glass caught between the metal teeth of the tweezers; She pulled and it came free, a loose bit of translucent material she placed in a small bag at her side. She'd dispose of them in secret later - no use for his father to see bloody bits of glass in the garbage bin.

He'd probably kill himself with his blood pressure as it is. It'd put even whoever wrote the Daily Bugle articles on Peter to shame.

She wanted to laugh, but held her tongue. Carefully she placed gauze over the wound, dressing it until it seemed sufficient enough, and smiled at her handiwork. Peter chuckled, and it faded into a silence she was all too familar with. There was something worrying her friend, something she needed to address, and she let him think for a while, able to draw that he was far from saying something anytime soon.

Instead she was thinking on how much she enjoyed his company, despite the worrisome injuries that it brought. Peter was always near her when she needed him the most. Thoughts of the debate team lingered in her mind, the night she won that debate she had been so eager to celebrate, so eager to show their accomplishment. Together they'd achieved it, months of practicing, months of planning and researching. Winning it was between the two of them a product of their teamwork, and she'd been so excited to share it with him, and his smile when she told him...

Peter's smile could be described as awkward around other students. He had on a mask of jittery nervousness he'd used more than his actual alter ego's. Polite, hiding even a shred of evidence to what he really thought or felt; Gwen had seen that mask once or twice, once when she first met him and second when he tried to ask her out. But now around him she saw a true smile, a genuine one that was only her own to see. It brought a feeling of warmth that she would never forget, and every time it just...she worked so hard just to see it again.

She could see it even while his back was turned, that the smile had faded along with his words. Quiet, her eyes pressed into his back, and she moved a little closer in concern, before he suddenly turned around completely, facing her on the bed instead of his back. Now she could see his expression, the intent on his face, and their eyes were stuck on each other's.

Gwen never looked away.

"Peter..." Small tears had formed in the corners of her eyes. Of course she would never admit to them being there, but they had appeared at any rate and she couldn't hide them. So instead she placed an arm around him, almost protectively, in a flimsy but still meaningful hug.

"You mean so much to me." She breathed. A simple sentence that held so much truth to it. No matter where she'd been he would always show, always there to laugh and share with her. His anxiety appeared to strip away when they were together, he became more like his alter-ego - though in moderation. She didn't mind that - he was opening up and she opened up to him as well; Not even her father's encouraging to pent her up would get in the way when the two were around each other.

Gwen could say that Peter was the one person that she felt free to be with.

Looking up to him again, she smiled, her expression inviting.

"And I'll always be there for you too."

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All he could do was smile warmly, in a way he was not accustomed to. So close... Oh so very close and he just couldn't breath another ounce of life without taking her as his own. He knew it was so wrong. His heart beated until it bled for her but he could not reach out and take her. She was his solace in life and all he wanted to do was bring her into his lap and hold her. Peter wanted to leave little kisses on her shoulder; the kind that reminded her that his love for her was adoring like a treasure he'd never let go. It was love. There was scarcely any reason to deny it at this point. Pete felt his heart racing a thousand miles per hour and he just wanted to share it with her. He was... so close to her face. The boy could see the sweet softness of her lips. He could almost taste it.. All he had to do was seize then. Before he had even thought about it, he was leaning. Leaning in for the deepest desires he had held since the moment he laid eyes upon the perfection named Gwendolyn. All he wanted to do was to connect lips-No, fuse lips with her. He just wanted them to stop being two best friends and be one singular being. He wanted it to be Peter and Gwen, not just Gwen. As selfish as it may have been, Pete strived to set in place a new identity for them. It was no strange thing for the boy to take on new identities so why not add Peter, the best boyfriend in the world to the mixture? He swore that he would throw away Spider-Man and Peter Parker if it meant having a singular identity with Gwen Stacy. It was so close... They were so close... An incident was about to happen that would change their lives forever..

Peter pulled away.

His head shot towards her neon green and white plaid sheets. Instead of combining gentle lips with the angel, he rested his chin on her shoulder blade and wrapped his arm around her tiny frame. His forearm came to rest on the rear of her small waist. He knew he hadn't cleverly hidden his grotty attempt to take advantage of her wonderful charm. Her smell, her presence, her everything was greatly overwhelming him. Peter had almost lost control of himself even. Just looking at the tears in the rims of those glistening emeralds made him mad. He felt so much warmth in his heart that he thought it'd catch fire. It wasn't safe for him to be near her, not like this.

The boy made an attempt to scoot away from the girl whom he loved more than himself, shamed that he had nearly taken advantage of her.

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They were close, close enough that she could nearly feel his pulse under her arm at his back, resting just away from the gauze. Gwen's eyes were half-lidded, her lips in the curve of a light smile, comforting her friend while he returned the hug. For a minute their faces were only an inch or so apart, just enough to block out the backdrop of her bedroom, so that all she could see was Peter's slight grin, his messy hair threatening to obstruct his eyes. Pyjama sleeve held on to the free shoulder blade of his suit's back, rubbing slightly, her eyes locked on to his. What he had said to her had obviously had an impact on her. She wanted to live in this moment.

Of course, they were friends, correct? No, not really. More than that. Even she knew if she told herself that then she'd be lying to herself. Or penting her feelings back up again, as she always did around her family and the majority of the people she knew. Gwen miss "Shy Quiet Study" Girl, never really reaching out to anything but her homework, of which right now lay either shelved or scattered around the bedsheets.

Now she wanted to be free. She wanted to tell him so much how she felt about him. She'd been falling for him even before he revealed to her his secret; Peter was more than just another hero in tights to her. Peter was more than just her best pal. Peter was something other than that.

And he was so close that she nearly thought he'd do it; Confirm what she thought he might know.

Instead he pulled away to sink his chin at her shoulder blade, embrace her, breaking their eye contact. Gwen found herself staring at the walls again, resting her head on his shoulder. He was nervous and his heart, next to hers, was beating faster than before. Her own pulse had gone haywire. She'd been bitten indeed. And not from a radioactive spider.

Then, he broke away.

His arms no longer held her, and she sat there, not sure what she may have done wrong at first. Slowly she began picking up at the papers on her bed, carefully arranging them, then taking the tweezers and slipping it back into the confines of the med-kit. It closed with another slight click, a noise that in the deafening silence made her cringe at the thought of her father awakening. Not at this moment please.

Gwen looked to him, trying to keep up her smile. The concern was apparent in her expression.

"What's wrong?" Her voice lilted through the quiet. Gentle as ever, she fiddled with her ponytail, loosening the elastic.
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A sadistic mixture of embarrassment and shame set his veins a blaze. He felt the weight of the world slamming down on him for his grotty move on the sweet girl. It was pathetic that a simple girl could derive Peter of all control over his emotions.

Then again, this was no simple girl. This was Gwendolyn Stacy, the radiant angel that sent his heart into a tailspin. He would always crash into the realization that the extent of their relationship could only be as close friends. It was the most disturbing truth Pete had ever known. It harrowed his soul and replaced it with an icy cold. Being with the beauty made him feel so warm, but so frigid when he realized he could never be her's. The very thought of that fact made him want to cringe. It was more powerful than any torture known to man. The boy had not had so much ache since the death of his late uncle. She was his crutch was that after all. The most she deserved was his life. But alas, it was not of her desires. Her desires had to be elsewhere... on someone much better than he. Pete knew that well enough. She never talked boys with him anyways, so how could he even know what he was up against? There wasn't. Peter just wasn't good enough. Pete wasn't good enough to save his Uncle Ben, and he wasn't good enough to hold the hand of Gwen Stacy; no matter how dearly he wanted to.

Realizing that the gesture of withdrawing his body fully may have been a tad rude, the boy scooted back up near her. Gwen sat with her legs crossed so Peter carefully sat in front of her with his legs over her knees, feet planting by her thighs. He folded his arms over each other, placing his elbows on his knees. Pete leveled his chin on his forearm and stared away from her, the shame still evident in his heart. It was so painstakingly obvious that he had to look away so she would not catch on. Sometimes he found it troublesome that Gwen knew him so deeply well.

”N-nothing Gwen, I-uh, am fine! Yeah, I'm totally fine.. I just,” Peter stammered to answer her digging question. He trailed off however, knowing full well that no such statement could ever begin to fool her. Gwen was greatly intelligent. This did not simply end with knowledge and education. She knew him like the back of her own hand, but yet she could not see how much her craved her scent, her embrace, her love. It was a crude irony that Pete seldom enjoyed. Air pressed past his lips with the deep sigh. He lifted his arm as if to aid him with coming words.

”Why don't you tell me about guys? Like, the one's you want? Why is that?” He stammered, adverting to a new topic to avoid the awkward situation he'd imposed on her with the attempted kiss. Hopefully, she'd take the bait and forget the incident altogether. However,

Something nipped at his heart, warning him that that was the silliest thing he'd ever put faith in.

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He came closer to her again, though keeping his distance. Something was off - what exactly had he been thinking about? Gwen's eyes narrowed while his head turned to the side, a nonchalant gesture that sent a slight chill down her spine. The medical kit was placed to her side; She relaxed and cocked her head to one side, her blonde hair cascading over her shoulder. It was as if she were studying a particularly complex puzzle, and indeed it was a puzzle to her - one she needed to crack.
Now Gwen wasn't stupid; She saw through his words immediately and even knew by how his eyebrows creased, his mouth tensed, that he had noticed it too. A panic in his eyes was reflected in her own. She bit her lip - again - and decided not to push the question. Of course, later she'd be wondering about it all night. 
Instead he switched topics, and Gwen giggled. 
"Really now?" 
Boys? That was a topic she'd last touched on in middle school; Her last sleepover surrounded with a couple of ditzy friends who pressured her into giving up the name of her crush through the facade of a simple Truth Or Dare. Only thing was, she'd never had a crush at the time and still didn't have one now. Between her grades and her police man of a father there was no time for that. Any boys that may have had a crush on her were often scared away just by the fact. Gwen had turned into a social recluse by the time high school came around, and sometimes she'd rather it stayed that way. 
It hurt her to think about the struggle it'd be to even start a relationship with her, much less hold it. There were a number of barriers that seperated her from the others; Her tight schedule, her study nights, her father...Even Oscorp had become stressful during the last week (a lot of activity in her appointed department - she'd never seen so many papers in her life). Prospect for having a boyfriend was slim at best, absolutely revolting at worst. 
Yet, Peter still remained, despite her Dad's protests - the two were polar opposites - and she'd rather study with him than alone. Since she'd met him, she could admit she'd started having thoughts of being more social...
She wasn't sure how to answer him here. Letting him know could possibly make her lose this friendship, this sudden shift to open her eyes to the world around her. But, she really wanted to tell him...
"Um," For once, her eyes darted away from him, seeking a random fold in the bedsheets. Her fingers laced and unlaced through her hands. "I don't really-Well, there is one. I'm not sure if he likes me back though, to be honest." Her voice had faded to a whisper.
"He's smart, for one. A good man. Someone I can rely on, and trust. I care about him." She looked up, olive-colored irises locked on to Peter. "I just wish he'd let me know." 

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Without any given warning, his gentle lips were pressed against her soft pinks. Peter danced in a whimsical, enchanting dance of the heart. He only allowed a moment of space between them as they kissed before tossing her up and over him. She landed in his lap as his hands cascaded through her golden waterfall hair. He pushed and tugged at her lips with his own, signifying the years and years of need for a girl such as her. The girl he had been meant for since the day he was born. His arms latched around her as if letting her go meant an end to his life. Pete's fingers gently rubbed her slender back as he turned his head into the kiss, letting his passions roam free. Up and down, left to right, he tossed her lips with his. It was binding of the flesh between the two lovers. He pressed, suckled, and hugged her lips with his, making sure each movement made clear that this wasn't some silly crush he'd been harboring. It was so much more than that.

Peter hadn't even thought about if she was even referring to him or not. He had presented the possibility to himself that perhaps she spoke of him, but realized that no girl could ever fondly think of him in that manner. Then came the dark swirling thoughts of his beloved Gwen with another man. It drove him mad, like boiling water bursting at the bits. It made him fuming with rage and jealousy. Quite frankly, it made him want to tear up and break away. There had been nothing Peter had ever wanted in the universe more than Gwendolyn Stacy. And the dooming prophecy came to him from her lips, fortelling him that she had chosen another and that she would never mate with him. Gwen would never hold his hand, hold him when he was upset, or anything at all.

She would never be anything but a good friend to Peter. As selfish as it sounds, Pete couldn't stand that. It wasn't enough. Sure, he knew that he probably should have be grateful to even have such a wonderful woman in his life. He should have been extremely lucky to even know Gwen, much less be her best friend in the world. It was in all of his morals that Peter should be thankful for what he has and not ask for anything more until it is given to him. The times he had spent with Gwen just as a friend made him immensly cheerful. Any time spent with her gave him indescribable joy. Even the days she cried, he smiled because she trusted him enough to cry on him. Gwen was just a blessing on his whole livelihood in every way, shame, and form.

Yet, the selfishness still came over him. Peter realized that he had most likely ruined one of the best(if not the only) good relationships he had had with any friend. Yet, Pete did nothing to stop him self from combining lips with the elegant angel. His hands reached up and cupped her wonderful cheeks as he tasted her. She tasted just as she smelled, like sweet strawberries. It was the best thing he had ever tasted in his entire damned life. It drove him wild with a passion that was relentless and uncaring to his timid composure. Peter held Gwen as if she was his wife of ten years, caring and loving her with each gentle yet forceful touch.

The selfishness of it all was that Peter was well aware that Gwen could kick him out of his life, but yet he didn't care in the slightest. From what she had told him, she had locked her eyes on another man. Pete saw Gwen holding hands with this mystery guy, smiling brighter than any smile he could ever bring her. Peter saw Gwen cuddling with this mystery crush, talking about things more meaningfully that she ever could with him. Peter saw Gwen in love, with some strange guy she barely knew and not with the guy who had coveted her as a treasure since the moment that he'd first laid eyes on her. This thought tore him to shreds. His heart felt like it had been stepped on and bled to death. It made him sick, wanting to vomit. It made him upset, wanting to cry It made him useless, wanting to leave. He would have to live like that every day of his life watching Gwen throw her life into the hands of the secret crush. The more the boy thought of the only girl he'd felt this way for being so in love with someone else was a torture far greater than any death or consequence.

Peter wouldn't... couldn't live that way...

If he was going to have to endure such suffering and pain, he was going to at least let the angel know how much he truly meant to him fist. There was no way that he was going to sit with those bent up feelings as she dated another man. No, Pete was going to resolve his feelings for her right then and there. A definite no to how he felt would be much better than watching her new relationship grow with this crush and always coveting those feelings. He wanted her to kill his love for her. She wanted her to verbally say it. He craved her rejection because he had hoped some solace would come by knowing that it was hopless. Peter hated not knowing anything. As smart as he was, he could never tell if someone was taking a liking to him. Were the words he was speaking good for the other person to hear? Were the movements he was making appropriate around that person? Peter just wanted to know what to do for once. He wanted to know that what he was doing was right or wrong instead of persistantly second guessing everything he did in a sick mental torture!

Peter wanted his feelings shot down, so he would know he had justification to leave Gwen after she rejected him.

This was the last time Pete would ever be kissing his wonderful woman.

Darn... Look, I am already calling her mine... I wish it was so, I really-really wish it was so.. I am such a fool. There must have been so much more I could have done to keep her happy. There must be something I'm doing wrong. I should have noticed far earlier and fixed myself for her. Was it the way I talked? Did I joke too much? Was I too nerdy? I don't understand why I'm not good enough for her...

God, I'd give up every super power I have if it meant opening up even the slightest opening at being Gwen Stacy's boyfriend. I just... want you. Gwen, I need you. I wish you could hear me, but I know its pretty evident now... I just love you... I think I love you.... Is this love? I don't know. I've loved plenty, but I've never been 'in love' before... Is this it? Is it this warmth that I cannot seem to shake? Is it the tears that are forming in my eyes as I kiss you? Is it this dread I feel knowing this is our last kiss? Maybe I do love you Gwen... Not that is matters, I don't even think I can tell you. I just... I.. I'm sorry I couldn't be good enough...

His lips screamed his thoughts as he dug into her, tears streaming down his face. His hands began to shake with sorrow as he felt their lips finally part from each other. He stared at her with drowned hazels, a quake in his breath of uncertainty. Peter breathed hard, trying process the idea that that magical moment was the last he'd ever have. It was a dark thought that overcame his mind and filled him with a deep saddness. This would be the last time he would hold her... Last time he could speak to her... He had to at least say something meaningful, worthwhile. It was a troublesome thought, considering Pete had never been adept at speaking, much less anything poetic or meaningful. His art talents lay within drawing, not poems. He saw the world more scientifically, not wisely. But... he had to say something... anything... as his last words to Gwen... The woman he may have been in love with at that very moment. The first woman he'd ever be in love with if that be the case...

He stammered, choking on unintentional tears. Nothing came to mind... It was a blank slate. His actions were just instigated and carried by his heart, so his brain was naturally dumbfounded and lost on how to act. That is when Peter thought again to the left side of his chest, choosing to let that pivotal organ speak instead.

"...H-he can't have you...," Peter spoke confidently in a dead serious tone through his tears. He couldn't help but let out one last smile. The kind she'd always liked.

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She hadn't expected him to kiss her.
Her pale olive eyes widened and her heart race quickened, her thoughts blank when he caught her by surprise. For a second she could do nothing but stare, her mouth locked under him, then her eyes slowly drifted close, returning the kiss. It felt right to her, something she had been waiting for ever since they first saw each other, ever since he first asked her out. 
"Wanna what?" She'd been looking towards him, her head tilted, in the hallway.
His arm was behind his head; His eyes looking towards the ground. Telltale signs that he had no idea what to say. "I don't know. Just uh....I don't know. I don't know. We could uh...or we could do something else. Or we could, if you don't like...we could..."
"What? Yeah." She had taken the gist of what he had said, underneath all the fumbling. Sort of. 
"Yeah. Either one." 
"Okay. Good. Sounds good." He seemed to be in a dream she remembered. As if he couldn't believe what he was hearing. 
"Okay. You know, I can't right now. I can't right now." His face was turning red. A smile was tugging her lips. 
"Yeah, I know."
"I'm so busy right now."
"Me too." She laughed, and it was as if he were melting into the floor the way he looked at her. Now that she looked back on it, he probably would have, if she waited a little longer. 
"But uh...maybe uh...Some other..."
"Time." She finished for him.
His eyes looked up, sheepish, but obviously excited. "Okay. Alright."
And she had walked on. 
How would she know that Peter, who'd stumbled and stuttered the first time they ever managed to speak to each other, would now be kissing her like this? She wrapped her arms around his neck, their limbs tangled up in each other, eyes closed and swaying slightly while their heads adjusted, tilting and digging into each other. Her heart beat had reached her ears, pulsing and joining his own. This she had wanted for so long; She didn't know someone could have this sort of desire for a person. It seemed to send a spark off in her eyes - the synapses in her nerves lighting up with passion, a need to learn just how much she meant to him, just how much he meant to her. 
Slowly her arms dropped from his neck and returned to her, pressing his chest. Their lips finally parted and her eyes were half-lidded, her head down, almost shocked with how much force she'd emitted through that kiss. It had been a fire set off in their minds, an instinctual grip on reality that pulled them apart now. They sat there for a minute, breathing, almost ashamed of themselves. It was a first for the both of them. They weren't sure how to deal with it. 
He broke the sudden silence, and Gwen had just now noticed the tears. It made his eyes redden and her heart lurch out for him. She shook her head, staring into his eyes. Through the fog of her mind she managed to breathe,
"Peter, he just did." She wrapped her arms over his back, once again minding the gauze, to pull him into a close embrace. Her eyes were watery with tears, and she choked, 
"I-I love you."
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He stood, her words drawing breath from his mouth. The whole moment seemed to be euphoric state that he was unfamilar with. He sat, being embraced by the only angel he had ever cared. Did he really hear coming from behind his ears? Peter couldn't believe it. It felt like his blood had been replaced with pure ectasy. Pete gently took Gwen by her smooth shoulders and bent her away from him carefully, looking into her elegant olive orbs. His hazel eyes inspected her, like a detective searching for the one clue he kept overlooking. The boy searched for any hint of deceit or uncertainty in her Earth shattering words. He sat there, gazing deeply and investigating each corner over her open heart. Peter didn't even realize his hands were cupping her wonderful cheeks as he stared longingly into her.

Pete couldn't find a single shred of uncertanty. It seemed the words had slipped from her mouth, but he could tell just from looking at her, that she meant them within in her greatest heart of hearts. He felt serene and clear, watching her cling to him. Even as he moved slightly closer, her hands instantly adjusted to hold him tightly. Peter had never felt so special in his entire life. Her gentle stare gave him this cleansing feeling. Like everything he had every worked for in his life had meant something.

Everyday, Peter would dawn upon a mask and save innocents. He would save lives and protect the people without ever asking for a single thing in return for his deeds. Karma obviously hadnt been working for Pete the last few years. He kept his grades up and always behaved, yet he had his beloved Uncle Ben taken from him. He always held responsibility with his power, but he still couldn't help Aunt May with the piling bills.

Things were different: Peter was finally getting repaid for his debt to society. Finally, instead of failing and screwing everything up, he had finally made the right move. This feeling alone was enough to feel him with a sense of pride he was greatly unfamilar with. His chest felt a warm pressure that he simply could not shake.

Pete sat there; the feeling of shock overcoming him most of all.

"I mean, this can't be real can it? But.. but it is! Just look at her... She's staring at me.. Oh jeez, she's actually tearing up over this... There's no way just saying that would cause her to cry like that... Unless she really meant it. She loves me... Gwendolyn Stacy really loves me... She loves me.. Oh my lord, she loves me...!

He let out a stupid toothy grin, only the kind he could make. Peter cupped her face, leaning it up close to his. Gently, the boy left little kisses on her cheeks that wiped the tears away. He instinctively pressed his head against hers, the grin shining as bright as the sun's rays.

"W-why are you crying..? I love you too ya know...

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Gwen could hardly feel the tears running down her face. She was so happy, so entranced by him, his grin - a genuine smile he reserved only for her. She'd been hoping to see this smile since she first saw him that night. Now it spoke volumes to how the both of them felt at that instant, trapped in each other's arms, neither wanting to ever pull away. 
They both knew how each other felt in that instant. 
It was as if they'd finally burried that line in the sand for good, scratched it out and turned it into something wonderful. No more hiding; They were together now. And nobody could keep her away from that.
Everything in her power kept her from laughing right then and there. Gwen felt electrified and awake, much more awake than someone else or anyone else who had any sense would be at one in the morning. Instead she smiled back, staring into his hazel eyes, full of mirth and sharing the same electricity that glided through her nerves at that minute.
"I know..." 
She knew she'd never leave him.
She'd always be there for him.
They were meant to be and she knew it. With every fiber of her soul.
Ever since they first met it seemed to click that something would develop. Sure at the time they didn't know exactly what that would be, but now she understood what she'd felt when she made her decision to go out with him. When she made her decision to invite him, when she stuck by him even after learning he was the vigilante known as Spider-Man. Now he was here open wide, no more secrets to hide between the two of them. 
She had cracked the puzzle and this was the result. And she accepted that result without hesitation. 

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Peter sat in the threshold of the wonderful golden beauty. He stroked her rosy cheeks as they warmed to his touch. The very notion made him chuckle slightly. What a sight it was... Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy enwrapped in each others' grasps. An enchanting sight that even the most evil of creatures could take a pause at. The universe had guided them here; a very strange and bumpy road with twists, turns, and curves. For four months, the two danced around each other, touching but just barely. It was if they were connected at the fingertips, but no more than that. A barrier of friendship and a silly forbidden line kept them at arms length(although they often held each other).

That silly line inbetween them was far gone by now. The two star crossed lovers had stomped and slammed it until it was a thing of the past, buried and eviscerated. It was quite evident as she sat, shifting perfectly into his lap as he set with his legs like a pretzel; her's hooked around him. Peter couldn't help but engulf her tiny waist with his slim yet solid arms. It was instinctive to bury his nose into the nap of her neck and snuggle. The boy was so infatuated with her very sweet scent and the way she tilted onto him. He returned to his original urges and left little kisses down her shoulder to let her know that his love was adoring and protective. Pete's face tilted upward, pecking her on the chin before leveling his face with hers. He could only let a sly grin, one that was mischievous, yet oddly attractive.

”So... Are you... My girlfriend now...Miss Stacy?” Peter cooed, taunting her with authority while in the most revolutionary position she'd ever been involved with in her entire life. The gesture seemed to make him crack up, but in a quiet chuckle to avoid waking the beast of a father Gwen had. The boy couldn't help but beg her once more on her bottom lip with a gentle, but swift kiss. It was full of care, but a bit of tease all at once. It spoke to her with the love of her taste, but it was up to her to confirm the fact.

He stared at her longingly for a moment.

Say yes... Please say yes Gwen... It's all I've ever wanted was to be yours...!

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ooc: I apologize for the shorter post. : S

Like a barrier had been broken, they were wrapped up in each other's arms. She could feel him pecking at her, small kisses that made her tremble under his hold. She smiled, showing teeth while he nuzzled her. Gwen waited until he pulled back, grinning, and this time she laughed lightly - keeping her voice low while she relaxed in his strong but nice embrace. 
"I think so...Mr.Parker." She teased back. 
Honestly he didn't have to ask her at all. He'd pretty much sealed the deal with a kiss. But she couldn't help but be smitten by the fact that he asked her. Even under the strong grasp he was still Peter, still polite, ever gentle. Now hers. 
Gwen had never been in a relationship before, she was a little scared that she might screw it up at some point, but right now this was alright. This was what she could look forward to, even if she'd have to hide the news from her father for as long as she could. To keep the secret from her father was a small price to pay when compared to how right this felt, how it all fit together in the end. 
It was all she ever wanted right here. She always wanted to be his. 
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Peter smirked as his head lowered in a poor attempt to hide his rosy cheeks. He instead flopped backwards onto the bed, laying down with a flop. The boy cringed and gritted his teeth for a moment having completely forgotten the wound on his back. It stung, but only for a second or two. His face quickly unfolded from its cringing pain and relaxed once more. He sighed, releasing the last bit of stinging anguish as he brought Gwen gently down over him. Pete made sure that she was comfortable in every way as he engulfed her with his arms once more. His forearms rested on her shoulder blades as he looked down to her, a certain pride in his heart of being able to call Gwendolyn Stacy his beloved.

”So-uh.. W-what now...?” Peter stammered, returning to the state of which he met Gwen. His smooth approaches could only last so long. He knew it as well as anyone. Pete was just glad that his random appearance of suave stayed long enough to convince Gwen of his worth. His embarrassed gaze jerked away from her, his hazel orbs finding more solace with the pale white ceiling instead of her enticing olives. It was all so... overwhelming.

Yeah sure, I got THIS far... But what now? There is NO way I'm gonna be able to keep this up.. I mean, this is Gwen Stacy we are talking about! The most beautiful girl in Midtown History! Then there's me, Peter Parker, the guy whom is just .. kinda... there. When I am noticed, its because I am standing up for some poor kid, then faking being weak as I am beat up for it. I just... fade into the background while Gwen is the sun that all life revolves around. How could a dark corner ever provide for a bright sun?

Peter truly did not know the answer. All he knew as that he certainly was going to try his best to make it happen. There was no way he was going to let Gwen slip through his fingers. The girl of his dreams had chosen him and his heart was wild with excitement. However, he'd have to exercise the utmost care to be able to keep her. Pete had erased the line between their feelings, but had created an entire new line that scared him far more than the last. This new line, they both stood upon in unison. However, he feared that the slightest mistake could make her step away from the line, away from him. He thought that making Gwen his would be the hardest challenge of his life. The boy now knew that that was a far easier task than he had previously made it out to be. The real problem would be keeping his angel by his side through all of the hells of being both Peter and Spider-Man.

He had hoped he was good enough to keep her safe and happy.

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Gwen sunk into the blankets, wrapped up in arms that seemed to consume her as she lay in her bed, accompanied by her best friend turned boyfriend. He was warm and she was close, the sheets tangled with her legs and his arms around her waist. She breathed a sigh of relief that it had all turned out so well. Now there was no more awkwardness, just them together and him with his gauze-wrapped back and-
Oh yeah, there was that -
She turned to look towards him, and his eyes were on the ceiling. You're still injured...She knew it and by the slight wince on his face he knew it too.
Gwen smiled, though the worry was plain on her features. "The first thing you can do is get some rest." Her voice lilted in his ear. She knew he'd try and avoid that - Peter often went to school with gashes under his clothing that he played off as "just an accident". He'd been hit in the arm once, the same one where some vandal had managed to scratch with the blade of a knife, and she had flinched just as his eyes closed - tight - and he attempted to keep going, trying to ignore the pain. 
He'd been burnt, shot, kicked, bitten - there were lacerations running from head to toe and everytime he had to pawn it off as an accident or a mugging or something to keep the eyes off his injuries. Gwen had watched him, had felt her heart sink every moment he showed some pain - fleeting or not. 
So she needed him to leave for now. She needed to see him when he was perfectly fine. When he could smile and they could walk through the school without a care in the world, just the two of them and one great secret that they would share together. 
Before he could protest she kissed him, gently, pulling him tightly to her.  
"You'll feel better in the morning. And I'll see you tomorrow. Please Peter. It's okay." 
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”But Gwen... I don' wanna!” Peter groaned like a five year old being told to pick up his toys. He huffed and puffed as he tried to roll from under her, but instead she stayed firm. He was about to warn her that he was letting her when, when her lips clasped his in a sweet, soft embrace. The boy could do nothing be return it, putty in her gentle hands. Pete was a slave to Gwen's wonderful desires. He couldn't help but feel his veins be overcome with warmth when he asked something of him. It was a genius move on her part to entice Peter with worry and need. He melted just with the sight of Gwen's panicked eyes. It became his sacred duty from there on out to meet every desire of her's the best he superhumanly could. Gwen could ask for the moon and Peter would contact NASA right away.

The boy sighed, his hazel orbs looking down at her with a calming respect for her opinion. He lifted her up gently, holding her in his lap like a newfound golden treasure.

Considering that's what she is...A Golden Treasure, mine to hold and protect...

His slender hand lifted up and cascaded down her flawless cheeks. A small, seemingly embarrassed smile came to him, tilting the corner of his mouth slightly upward while the other half remained level. It showed a tiny glisten of his teeth in the moonlight.

”I'm gonna miss you Gwen.” Peter spoke softly and sincerely. He slowly slid out from beneath her, allowing her to sit by herself on the bed sheets. He sluggishly threw his feet over the side of the mattress. He looked back to her for just a moment.

”Thanks for ..uh.. my back. It means a lot.” His fingers danced in wild motions, but seemingly attempted to point to his back, as if she didn't know. She WAS the one who basically operated on the boy. It must have been entertaining to watch him recluse again, falling back into the sputter and mutter of his embarrassment. It was a whole new Peter for Gwen again. Like in every other situation where Pete didn't know how to act, he began as the muttering shaky boyfriend. It was... adorable in its own way, showing that he put a lot of care in crafting the exact words to make her heart soar. They rarely came out of course, but the fact that he tried so hard just to bring out his perfect self for her must have been inspiring and at the least heart warming.

The injured hero rose slowly, making sure to mind his back. He tip toed slowly over to the open window, letting the cool breeze drift over him briefly.

Instantly he was on the edge of her bed, leaping from his spot. He landed on the bed post without a sound, grabbing her by her perfect face. Before Gwen could make any sort of noise, he calmed her with a passionate kiss. Their lips danced around in a frenzy of unleashed urge. He suddenly broke from her, far earlier than she could ever have wanted. Pete grinned slyly, knowing he was teasing her.

”Love you!”

Without another word he was out the window, mask on and swinging through the air. The wind battered his face as he smiled wildly.

”I'M IN LOVE!! WOOOOOO!!!” Peter shouted from beneath the mask for the aliens on Mars to hear. He slid from arc to arc, sailing through the air seamlessly. There were a ton more flips and twists in his swings, exasperating the excitement of his new found lover. The grin never faltered beneath his webbed mask as he scaled walls and leaped like a jumpy frog. Pete had never known that he was capable of such energy and inspiration! The air cut around him as he web yanked forward over a crane. For a moment, he let himself go into a free fall. The hero felt the freedoms of finally being loved by someone. He felt like her was someone's number one. In a world where he seemed to hinder nearly everyone, someone now saw him as vital to their existence. That was enough to make any man soar and scream their joy.


And so he did; making a last minute web shot onto the ledge of a small apartment complex. He glided down, bouncing off the advertisement hood of a taxi. The bearded driver went to yell at him, but the excited Spider quickly overshadowed him with his own elated shouts.

”I gotta girlfriend! I do what I want!!!” He shouted wildly, swinging back up out of the slow traffic of New York.

Sure, this wasn't the end of any of his issues. Heck, he probably had created new ones. He had no idea of Gwen's intentions for their relationship. Was she proud to have her as his? Or was it just a spur of the romantic setting around them? Would she regret it in the morning and disband the love? Or we should continue the relationship and just keep it secret from everyone? Ashamed of her lover?

Right now, I don't really care! Gwen Stacy is my beloved! Just for one night possibly... But I can call her mine! That is enough joy to kill me!

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"I'll miss you too Peter. Go get some sleep." She was gentle, but firm, as she had been while dressing his wounds. He seemed to take the hint, slowly getting up and walking towards the window. For a moment she felt her heart longing to be near him again, but she was able to control herself this time, crossing her arms and her half-smile playing over her lips. 
He moved closer towards the window, gesturing wildly to his back. "Of course." She giggled, grinning up at him. Gwen could hardly believe she had done this - it all seemed surreal. But she was so happy to have crossed the line, to have finally expressed how she felt with him.
The kiss took her by surprise. For a second she wondered if the noise would be enough to wake her Dad. A surge of fear rushed through her instinctively, "Peter-" His lips stopped her there. They held like that for a few more moments, then the mask was on and Spider-Man was swinging through the air.
She stood there, wavering for a second, and regained her senses. 
"Love you too." Even from afar she hoped he had heard her. She slowly closed the fire escape behind him and watched until the silhouette of the webhead whizzing through the air disappeared into the tanglements of New York City far away. And then she found she could breathe again. Her eyes were half-lidded, content. 
Alone in her room, she sat down at her bed, running it through her mind.
She was now in a relationship with the boy of her dreams, who also happened to be her father - the entire authority's - arch-nemesis. 
She had fallen in love with Spider-Man.
Oh I'm gonna be in trouble...Her mind began to say. Gwen shook her head, laying back on her bed, staring up at the ceiling.
But it wasn't Spider-Man no...No it was the man behind the mask. Peter Parker himself. So he happened to posess the powers of an arachnid. So he happened to have gotten on the Stacy family's dark side. But it was still Peter, no matter what suit he was wearing or no matter what kind of enemy he was facing, be it her Dad's approval or the next horrible villain. And Gwen could live with that. Couldn't she?
What if a villain learned of his true identity? Who would be target number one on the revenge-madenned thug? How could she keep this secret safe and sound from her father? From anyone, for that matter? Would she be able to handle that sort of responsibility? 
Yes, she had to. In fact, every muscle in her body had to. Gwen didn't care how much danger she was in just thinking about this; She had fallen in love with Peter Parker, not Spider-Man. 
And she was happy knowing that for now. 
She had Parker. They'd see each other tomorrow. That was good enough for her.
Gwen pulled her blankets over her head, closing her eyes, and willed herself to sleep.

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OOC: A Special Thank You to All of You who Read our post! Expect more from Astro and I! The Chemisty between Astro and I within our roles is evident and there's no way this is our last post as Pete and Gwen! Stay tuned on the Verse for more!

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Ascent [TheDusk/Dr.Connors]
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