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 Beneath the Crimson Veil [BloomRose/Open]

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PostSubject: Beneath the Crimson Veil [BloomRose/Open]   Wed May 27, 2015 1:00 am

[Moved post by BloomRose]

Rosie stood behind the chair waiting for the man to wake. She watched carefully to make sure he would not budge out of the chair. She knew he had to know where the Red masked man was or better yet who he was… The man in the chair started coughing and Rosie stood. Strong and still. There was silence in the warehouse and not even a drip of water was heard despite the storm that just passed through Gotham. She had a plan, she was not the type to get rough but she was willing to do anything to get something out of this man. He was a mob leader and he was an enemy of many people, Yuri Dimitrov was not a man to take lightly.
He began to get startled and fidget. He screamed in Russian and spat as he shook in the chair. Rosie stayed behind him, he swung his head side to side and began to pant, he chuckled, and Rosie gritted her teeth and came around the front of the man. He chuckled more, “suka…” Rosie held on the back of the chair and drove her fist into his jaw line. He chuckled and spat blood out on the floor.
“I know you.” He smiles. His teeth lightly stained with blood. The offence he gave towards Rosie made her anger rise. She had to control it. No matter what.
“Do you?” She let go of the chair and stepped back from Yuri. Yuri eyed her body and bites on his lip.
“Gorgeous girl like you shouldn’t be doing dirty work.” He chuckles. Rosie grits her teeth again and clenches her fists. She lunges her right fist into Yuri’s stomach and pushes him and the chair back.
“zatk`nis Yuri.” Rosie breathes deeply, she cannot let her anger get the better of her.

He coughs and looks up at her again, she stands in front of him and smirks.
“If you know me then you must know who I am searching for?” Rosie stands still and waits for Yuri to breathe, there was still silence. “ANSWER ME!” She pounds her hand down on his and hears the cracking of bones. He grunts in pain and she moves her bangs out of her eyes, her anger boiled.

“I know you’re looking for someone but I don’t know who it is!” Yuri trembles as he looks up at Bloom Rose, she picked Yuri for a specific reason. He knew where to find the masked man and hopefully who he was.
“Listen here scum.” Rosie growled and inched closer to Yuri. He trembled in fear as he looked at his bloodied shirt and fingers, his crippled ribs and bounded arms and feet.
“I don’t know who he is! I don’t know who Sal is working for!” He screams and trembles more. Rosie chuckles, she then began to laugh at Yuri.

“I never said anything about your buddy Sal or him working for the masked man, but hey keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Now what’s his name?!”

She punched his jaw again and again on the side she hit earlier. Yuri coughed and grunted in pain as Rosie gripped the chair and leaned him back. He grew frantic as Rosie inched closer to his face. She growled in her chest and raised her fist.

“Red Hood!” He flinched and closed his eyes. “His name… His name is Red Hood.” Rosie dropped her fist and smirked, then she punched him square in the face and heard the crack of his nose. She drops the chair and Yuri onto the floor. He squirms and grunts and curses in Russian. Bloom Rose smiled down at him, “Pleasure doing business, now…” She places her foot on the arm of his chair and bends down to him, “Where can I find your buddy Sal Maroni?”

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Beneath the Crimson Veil [BloomRose/Open]
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