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 Ratiocination [TheDusk]

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PostSubject: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Tue May 21, 2013 10:48 pm

Herpetology, the study of reptiles.

Their behaviors, their capabilities, their genetics.

The beginning and end of his research, the key to the saving of thousands of lives. Patients traumatized by loss of limb, soldiers scarred by battle and hanging loosely to a pitiful, hospitalized life, victims that could be eradicated of their diseases. He could cure them, if he found it. Even a fatal amputation could be completely restored. They owed it all from the genetic coding of a simple lizard, these powerful reptilian genes which could sprout tails, regrow legs and heal from all manner of outside obstacles. It was truly amazing, if you had the right equation, and that was what he needed wasn't it? To chase that one equation, the final piece of the regenerative puzzle and allow humanity to adapt to it, including himself.

Just one thing missing...

"If you'll hand me your mug, I'll get you some more coffee."

Red curls slid into view of the data sheets, the young face of a teacher's assistant beaming up towards him, black eyes like pools of ink in the sunlit classroom. He blinked once, then looked to his sheets, back to her, and roused out of his daydream.

"Oh-er yes. That'd be fantastic, thank you." An awkward laugh tugged from his throat; Her fingers were already slipped over the porcelain mug - borrowed from the science teacher (Professor Raymond Warren was it? Half-asleep he couldn't be bothered to remember), the mug had what looked like an angry basilisk snarling on the outside, its eyes staring angry red dots back at the bleary eyed biologist. The TA giggled, obviously noting his dazed expression, turned on her heel and disappeared into the hallway, leaving a bewildered Connors trying to organize all the papers littering the desk. He had not meant to turn Mr.Warren's desk into a research den, but oh he'd been looking at the same data since last week and there was a meeting with Dr.Ratha coming up (another non-conclusive one no doubt) and he just really needed something to propose...

Shuffle shuffle shuffle he slid out two folders from the desk, one beige and one black. Sliding the papers into the black one, he closed it and drummed his fingers on the desk, took a quick glance at the clock. A worried frown pulled at the corners of his mouth. Time was nearly up. Students would be piling into this classroom in merely a half hour. Connors pushed to his feet, started spilling the contents of the beige folder on to the desk. A couple of rolled up boards here and there, a VHS tape on cross-genetics the school board and Oscorp wanted him to play (outdated he believed, but it was a requirement unfortunately), cue cards in case he missed anything (hell would freeze over before that could happen) and a miniature version of the Interface. Just to show off some of the developments in his department of course. Connors held the tiny device and perched it on the edge of the desk, a futuristic piece of tech among the otherwise usual collection of laboratory classware.

By the time the mug of coffee and TA returned there were microscope stations set, a USB sticking out of Mr.Warren's computer, his smartboard displaying a slideshow of images of lizards, cells, charts....Connors erratically scribbled marker over the whiteboard. Even with the windows drawn up the morning sunlight was making it difficult to see the numerals and figures he drew, and so the TA carefully shoved a few blinds into place, then lowered the mug of coffee on to the desk.

"Anything else you need Doctor?" Connors gave an apologetic gesture, muttered that he was fine for now, and she nodded, walking briskly into the tiny sub-office. He continued scrawling his work, the stuff that wasn't classified. Finally he circled the blank area where the Decay-Rate Algorithm, the one last variable in the equation, would be placed and drew back.

It still amazed him when he read the reports on his work, citing him as a revolutionary "Genetics Genius", when all it took was just time; Hours, weeks, months of research and experimentation. Blocking things together until it worked. Why couldn't anyone see this?

Maybe by showing the theory to the students, he could at least elicit some form of interest, a chance for an upcoming biologist or even a geneticist to inquire taking a career. Or pursue their own interest in the sciences. If not herpetology, why not at least something to do with science? This would be his time to talk, his time to open their eyes. And a chance to bring insight into exactly what he wanted to achieve.

Heavy footsteps revealed Professor Warren, who entered the classroom, shook Connors hand (again, he'd already done that when Connors first arrived at Midtown High) and stared around the classroom. He whistled. "Huh. You could've asked for help - I or Kim would have been happy to set up -"

"It's fine." Connors interrupted, "Just hope it's enough actually. It took some strings to bring in the modified interface, and I have a short lab set up just in case I lose them on the presentation."

Warren's eyes were locked on the formula written across the entire length of his whiteboard. A loud laugh came from the teacher, "It's more than enough Dr.Connors. Honestly, I'm surprised you've managed to cover so much...Well, all of this." He gestured to the board. "I'm over-exaggerating of course but the last Oscorp scientist didn't manage to pull so much as a PowerPoint together."

"I didn't want to be that last scientist," Connors commented, "Would be nice to give Oscorp a positive outlook for once. Mr.Warren I have to say thank you again for letting me use your classroom."

"Yes, You're very welcome to use any of the materials here. I guess that's a given with your lab setup and all, but don't worry about it. I know it isn't like your work station but in case anything's missing I'll just be in the office if you need anything. There's an introductory sign on the door for the students, just in case none of them got the message and mistake you for a substitute."

Another loud laugh from the professor, and shortly after Connors heard the click of the office door shut. He was once again alone.

Leaning on the table, marker dangling between his fingers, it didn't take long before he was startled by the sprint bell.

Without a second thought Connors stood at the desk, anxiety filling his thoughts as he straightened his tie, shifted his lab coat, his glasses glittering with the small slivers of sunlight somehow permeating through the curtains. There was no turning back now. He might as well get used to the view at the front of the classroom. From over here, he was reminded of when he first started emerging as a scientist, how he would visit and lecture at his old university, years after graduation. He guessed it was because he'd been always excited to see what the students came up with, the future's best and brightest listening to him, offering their questions. Of course most high-school students didn't exactly act the same as those alumni but then again Midtown was known for its public science courses - things might be different.

Greeting the first few throngs of students leaking into the room, he waited for all of them to get seated, chatter rising steadily until the final bell echoed (another small flinch from Connors at the all too familiar noise) and while the talking died down, he could feel eyes gazing up at the unfamiliar "sub" in the room, who shuffled his papers, smiled warmly to the audience.

Their voices quieted down to a low murmur and faded altogether when the biologist began to speak.

"Okay, let's get started. I'm sure the sign on the door caught your attention but nonetheless, my name is Doctor Curtis Connors and, on behalf of Oscorp Industries, I'll be your Spotlight Scientist for today. And yes," He gestured to his right sleeve, "In case you're wondering, I am a southpaw."

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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Fri May 24, 2013 6:16 pm

"You can't be serious! I'm about to be late guys! Can't you move somewhere else? Say Detroit? I heard they are much more accepting of your kind! Spider-man yelped, dodging rapid gun fire. The idiot in dirty garb had snatched an Uzi from some underground market and decided that shooting up a bank was the best option. Too bad for him, an annoying WebHead made it his business to intervene.


The springy hero hooked himself to the window sill of an apartment building and swung through the air. The wind gusted over him like a flying eagle. A sudden bark of metal severed his thin strand of silky webbing. It snapped like an electric cable as Spider-man went into a free fall. The teen yelped with a jolt of fear. His left hand shot out with determination and flicked a line of webbing over to the flagpole over the Grand Central Bank. It stuck and Spidey was able to use momentum to swing out of the fall.

"Okay, maybe the Motor City isn't his thing...," He murmured in the back of his mind as he arched his legs forward to gain speed. The sputtering of the chamber alerted Pete's Spider Sense as his head snapped left. His large white visors spotted the vibrant flashes of the submachine gun spitting out tons of bullets within the span of a few seconds.

"Whoa! Whoa! WHOA!" The loud mouthed hero stammered as he felt the heat of the metal bullets whizzing by his legs. Spider-man released the web from his grip and arched his chest through the air. He extended both hands forward, snatching the next flag pole. Momentum kept his body moving, twirling around the pole like a Olympic gymnast.

"Gimme that!!" Spidey shouted like a five year old who wanted another child's toy. He erected his arm and gave his signature hand signal, shooting a increasingly quick strand of webbing down at the gunman. The silky webbing splattered across the front of the SMG as the hero yanked it from his hands. The force of the pull was so fierce that the bank robber flopped to the ground and Spidey caught the gun four stories up on his perch.

"Jeez! You coulda put somebody's eye out ya know! This isn't a toy!" Spider-man cackled, lifting the gun high in the air by its nozzle as he scolded the thug like an angry parent."You're grounded mister! 6 months! No parole!" He taunted while pointing his finger demeaningly at the criminal.

The scruffy face of the thief turned into a deep snarl as he pushed up from the ground. He scuffed the ground as he searched for his spare pistol. The thug eventually found it in his left side pocket and whipped it out at the young hero. However, when he went to aim, the Webhead was missing from his perch on the flagpole. The grimy man grunted in anger as he searched around for his opponent.

From seemingly nowhere, came a hurled elbow to the side of his jaw. The criminal groaned in pain as he skid to the pavement. He instantly began to nurse the side of his face as oncoming sirens entered his ears.

"See! If you aren't a bad guy, you don't get punched in the face! See ya around doofus, you made me late to class!" Spider-man chirped as he leaped into the air, firing webbing in a flash.

The whole of the class was settled, the illustrious scientist was ready to begin his seminar, when a persistant knocking came at the door.

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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Fri May 24, 2013 8:06 pm

Some laughter from the audience (mostly in the back) rebounded towards the front. Connors's smile relaxed. Now that he caught their attention he began to lapse into the practiced delivery, the routine he'd developed during the scraps of free time he was allotted at work. "I am not a cripple. I'm a former scientist and I'm the world's foremost authority on Herpetology. That's reptiles for those of you who don't know. Now-"

A sharp knocking came from the door. The herpetologist blinked, stopped what he was doing.

Eyes moved to the doorway and Connors was already approaching it, concerned. Either one of the students had ran late or there was a faculty member behind the door. Thankfully when he twisted the handle, the heavy door opening with a click, he was met with what was merely the former.

Connors glanced down at the student. "Nice to see you decided to join us." It wasn't that he was impatient; It was that he happened to not be a fan of interruption. There was no hint of annoyance in his voice while he suggested for the student to find his desk, and he simply walked back to his spot at the front of the room. Teacher opens the door, you enter by yourself. He wasn't sure why the old chinese proverb came to mind, but it was fitting for what had just occurred. Unfortunately for the late student, several of his peer's glaring eyes followed him all the way there. Attempting to divert their attention, Connors shuffled the cue cards, cleared his throat and launched back into his practiced explanation.

"Now, if you will," He began, gesturing to the smartboard - it had stopped flickering images of lizards and charts and was now stopped on a new slide, a woman lying in a hospital bed, then slowly fading to show another patient as Connors continued, "As like the Parkinson's patient who watches on in horror as her body slowly betrays her, or the man with macular degeneration who's eyes grow dimer each day, I long to fix myself. I want to create a world without weakness." The slideshow faded off into darkness as the doctor gazed towards the audience, pausing, "Anyone care to venture a guess how?"

On cue someone raised their hand. He pointed to one of the students, near the front.

"Skin cells?" She guessed.

"Promising, but the solution I'm thinking of is a bit more radical." He paused again, holding his breath.

There was an expected murmur among the students. He waited a minute as they settled down again, not minding the noise. Let them discuss. However nobody was raising a single arm. Lips drawn into a thin line, he asked them again.

"Anyone? No?"

ooc: I used Peter from the Amazing Spider-Man because I don't know which Peter you're using for a face claim so ah I'm sorry if this was completely inaccurate. Also I may have accidentally assumed a few things in this post. I used some quotes for canon's sake as well. Let me know if I dun goofed up and I'll edit accordingly. : S
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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Sun May 26, 2013 1:23 am

Pete stood in the threshold of the door; his back damp with the sweat of work. The exhilaration of fighting for one’s life had given him weeks of workouts all in one morning. Peter’s brown thrift store coat clung to his slimy body as his navy blue backpack dangled from his left hand. His hair was windblown from his web slinging and his glasses were just a few degrees crooked on his head. Needless to say, the young boy looked more or less, a mess.
He panted hard as he looked up in complete awe at the man before him.

Peter had never expected the good doctor to be so photogenic. The young boy had supposed that make up and other effects were imposed before he was filmed or photographed. To his surprise, unlike most well known figures, Dr. Connors was every bit the man he witnessed in the Young Scientist magazines; even down to the lab oriented wardrobe. Every wrinkle, every fluff of his hair, every detail was just the way Pete had seen on television reports of Oscorp’s strides in genetics. It was always Curtis’s face at the front of these ground breaking accomplishments. Even people who had no interest in science had seen the illustrious geneticist at least a few times.

Despite all the fame of Connors, he was standing within the classroom of Peter Parker, one of his most eager fans. The words were stolen from his mouth. The young hero had easily forgotten being told about the visit due to saving innocents on a daily basis. Throwing your life into danger constantly dampened one’s memory at times. It was horrible timing. Peter knew he was flustered and out of shape for the moment. He was nowhere near presentable to the good doctor, but there the man’s lenses were, staring right into his. The young boy felt like the earth was trying to slide out from beneath him. He couldn’t help but feel a slight flush in his cheeks from being late to meet one of his many idols.

”Nice you decided to join us” Connors spoke within the dead air between them.

Pete’s mind kicked into overdrive. His thoughts began pacing like a race track horse. The boy’s heart rate began to resemble a motor engine. His exhausted sweat was mixing with a clammy nervousness. The forehead of the young hero became weighted, shooting towards the floor; feeling great shame for not showing up on time for the famous doctor’s seminar. His feet tapped wildly as his right arm came up to erratically scratch the back of his head.

”D-doctor Connors! I’m-m so so so sorry! I got stuck d-doing err- uh-Picking up groceries for my elderly aunt! It-it won’t happen again! Pete stuttered like a motor boat; his face completely red at that point. He held his hands up in protest, but the Doctor had quickly grown tired of his rude interruption and turned his attention to his board. A heavy burden sunk on Peter’s heart as he watched a hero turn his back on him. His arms were forced down to his side by the cold shoulder. The boy hung his head as he quietly slid into his desk three seats down. The students around him were chuckling, obviously at him. Peter buried his face in his palm and tuned out the world for a moment. He idly dodged insults and cackled jokes.

“Gonna get me some groceries Pete?” “I bet your Auntie loves her little baby boy!”

Peter’s hand slid from his face up and through his hair. He sighed as his attention adverted to his idol at the front of the room. He hung on to each word carefully, infatuated by the courage Connors put behind each word he spoke. The geneticist was so sure of every fact he spoke. He was radiant with confidence; the way Peter wished he was. His wild fantasies of a world without weakness actually seemed plausible with the way he exclaimed and put warm faith into his proposals. To the other students, it was most likely a dumb seminar to avoid the teacher they hated. However, to Peter Parker, this was a class made in the heavens.

Peter raised his hand with a slight quake in his fingers. Before he knew it, words were bursting out from between his teeth, exuberating the confidence that Connors was emulating brightly.

”Your slideshow gives it away Dr. Connors, I m-mean no disrespect. In the Animal Kingdom, Animals like Amphibians and some Reptiles had developed adaptions to situations they must endure. A salamander may have his or her tail bitten off by a bird, but the salamander loses the tail on purpose to escape becoming prey to the bird. After the ordeal, a salamander grows its tail back good as new. I think your hypothesis focuses more on reptilian DNA, but it is the same concept.” Peter spoke, with confidence. He spoke with enough information to sound promising, but made sure not to cram it with the REAL knowledge he had so the rest of the class wouldn’t bash him TOO hard. He had gotten used to downsizing his intellectual spews in order to avoid the bullying after class. Pete had hoped that the phrase was enough to evoke some response of pride from the good doctor to redeem his rude interruption.


OOC: That works! I can do Andrew Garfield with glasses as my Spider-Man! Sorry if it caused confusion, I like leaving it open to the posters. Reason: When I read a story, I like to imagine a character the way I envision them, so I know that others like to do the same. If someone hated Garfield as Peter, then they don't HAVE to envision my Spider-Man as him. I want readers/posters to use their imagination to think up the Peter Parker they love best, Ya know? Hope that made sense.

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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Mon May 27, 2013 12:46 am

Finally a hand raised up, out of the blue, and even from at the front of the room the student in the back (same student he had just allowed inside he noted with amusement) was trembling enough that the scientist could see it. The student's squarish glasses and slight features nearly made him completely impossible to perceive through the thick crowd. If he wanted to blend in, he was already practically a human chameleon. He was also breathing rather heavily...

The student's voice tremored, then gained strength. Connors felt the beginnings of a half-smile while the boy explained himself; He nodded approval. "Yes, although as you've stated I am indeed focusing on reptilian DNA, the concept is roughly the same. Thank you, you are absolutely correct. The answer, ladies and gentlemen, lies with the combination of multiple reptilian codes, in cross-species genetics, human-animal DNA spliced together to form the ability of epimorphosis - the dream of regeneration."

At this he activated the Interface at the side of the room - The tiny black box opened up into a spiral of holographic data streams, a complex (and modified) comprehensive flow of codes that clustered into the formation of images. It was as if he'd opened up something out of a science fiction movie; The images formed into the Oscorp symbol (Oscorp had to throw its brand name into pretty much everything he touched at this point) and although the Interface was programmed mostly for show, the libraries of DNA sequences that popped up towards the students were very much real research. Connors wouldn't have used the console otherwise.

The result was overall impressive. He took a moment to scan the audience, catching a few interested faces. It helped keep him confident, and he needed it now, being in front of people and presenting this seminar. Looking at the face of the student in the back again, he couldn't help but notice how familiar the boy appeared. As if he had seen him somewhere before...

While the program loaded into existence and began to showcase some of these new DNA sequences, Connors snapped out of his thoughts and attempted to explain, "What you are seeing right now are the bare bones of Oscorp's Interface Network programming. This miniature version we will be using today is merely a simulation tool, a virtual reality system designed to introduce you all, hopefully, into the field of genetics and specifically the possibilities of using cross-species genetics in medical practice. The system functions on input-based decision making and heavily depends on the user, hence its title. Now, Oscorp has asked me to run a simple video describing the basics of biological alteration, but with this I can actually show you the results."

The Interface stabilized and Connors ran his hand over the holographic display. At his fingertips the holograph warped - he trailed his fingers across it and menu items selected, codes flew up to draw out helixes across the machine. In the blue glow of the display the image of a virtual lizard materialized. "Now, as your peer mentioned, salamanders are a prime contender for achieving Epimorphosis. However, a more stable alternative lies within this lizard here, which has adapted to regenerating both its tail as well as several limbs after having them torn off by a larger predator. How it achieves this, as you can see by this cellular view-" The image zoomed in, showing cells splitting apart and becoming duplicates of the other "-The dismemberment has activated a splitting and recombination of the cells, a sort of cloning ability you could say, that replicates and replicates at an advanced rate until-" The image zoomed back out again, showing a claw had been completely formed over the lizard's leg, "-The lizard has completely grown back one of its four legs, virtually identical to the one lost."

Connors gestured towards the board, "What we are trying to achieve is the integration of that exact same reaction to us humans, through the alteration of our own cells, and that of the lizard pictured here. Of course, we are attempting to make it much more efficient than that of a normal reptile's as well; Faster, more powerful, more reactive. And we are on the brink of that discovery, however there is one thing that stands in our way, one algorithm to complete the formula. Does anyone know the name of it by any chance?"

Through the blue glow he strained to see a hand, apprehensive.

ooc: That makes complete sense. I do enjoy the Amazing Spider-Man's depiction of Peter Parker with Andrew Garfield, and it made sense for me to use him instead of Toby since his Peter was a bit older...Anyway at some point in this presentation I may do a skip just to get into the actual conversation at the end instead of Connors pointing and explaining everything for the better part of this topic haha. I'm almost done the Dr.Ratha one-shot too so once I've got it posted up feel free to check it out. I made a little character hub so it's easier to locate the topics my charries are in.
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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Mon May 27, 2013 1:29 pm

Pete tapped his left foot like a mad man, the algorithm on the tip of his tongue. For some reason, the answer was tickling him, just asking for him to scream it to the illustrious doctor. Why was this so familiar to him? Parker hadn’t experienced much genetics in his life, but for some odd reason, the answer was tearing at him in a way not even the Lord himself could explain.

For some reason, the vague smell of men’s cologne caught him just under the nose. A strong, dignified smell that asserted confidence. Peter turned his head out the window with a sudden jolt.

It was bright as the surface of the sun outside. There was no grass, no trees, just a singular man standing proud out in the blank field. Peter rushed out to meet him. The elderly man was holding something, smiling boldly in a way only he could. His eyes were different than Peter’s, displaying a bright sky blue as opposed to his rich hazels. But Peter knew these eyes to be of his lineage. These had to be his own flesh and blood. The old man stood with the same bright smile; his lips stretching across his cheeks.

The young boy approached as he felt much younger than he was while he was in the classroom. He was forced to slightly look up at the man, feeling much shorter all of the sudden. The elder looked down to the pre-teen Peter and ruffled his short hair. The person’s gesture did not faze him, only allowing the gentlemen to continue. His immaturity provoked a small giggle like that of a toddler. His eyes looked up in awe at a man he once knew, smiling just as bright as he was.

It just now occurred to Pete that the old man had something tucked beneath the left arm of his maroon sweater. The boy looked up in confusion at the gentleman, cocking his head like a befuddled puppy. The man’s head turned to the object as well. His face unraveled as his eyes widened.

“Oh yes,” His voice began, a little hoarse at first, “This was your father’s Pete, think you’d like to have it. You know, as a memento! Don’t go tearing it up now! That briefcase marks the meeting of your mom and dad. Not a toy!”

His voice came off serious, but kind hearted. Peter’s slender hands grasped the leather material as it was handed to him. He nodded happily in agreement to his terms and wandered off with the new item.

It was in his room that he’d rifle through the papers inside. It was a random assortment of documents. Some were letter drafts to his mother. Some were long meeting briefs from the Oscorp Office. None of it mattered much to the young boy, he was not yet old enough to understand that these were the only memories of his father left. Besides him of course…

One paper that had particularly intrigued him was one that was hard to get to. He had accidently popped a button open on the side and released the hatch of a false bottom. Beneath was a dull orange folder marked with ‘Do Not Open’. Being the tween that he was, nothing like a simple order to stay away could stop him. If anything, it intrigued the young boy. Inside the sealed folder, he found numerous papers stating of his father’s work in the genetics department. At the young age he was at, the mathematics were baffling and twisting to his already sore mind.
At least the math equation was labeled so he didn’t had to understand the numbers involved.

“Decay Rate Algorithm sir!” Peter raised his hand and spoke without being called upon, never having been so sure of anything in his entire life. His mind snapped back into reality from the depths of his memory as he smiled boldly in warmth.

Even now… Uncle Ben is helping me..

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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Mon May 27, 2013 8:10 pm

Ah, someone had answered? Correctly too. Connors could now see the student grinning - well, beaming really - from at the front. Impressive, he noted to himself, and promising. Very promising. Curt raised his head, making sure to memorize the all too familiar face, the stunned expression clear over his own facial features, "Er-That's correct. The Decay Rate Algorithm -" He wrestled the note of surprise out of his tone and returned to his explanations, "-is the final piece of the regenerative puzzle. It seems someone has done their homework. And you are?"

"He's one of Midtown Science's best and brightest, Doctor."

He hadn't realized Mr.Warren had opened the sub-office door, and had stepped into the classroom. The holographic display had clouded his vision, and he stepped away from the revolving virtual RNA/DNA strips floating through the air. The Lizard graphic fizzled when the scientist stepped through it. "Really?"

Mr.Warren stepped beside Connors, speaking under his breath. "He is at the top of the class. A borderline genius if you ask me." If Warren had been talking quietly, he was now barely above a whisper. "Anyway I just want to let you know that a Dr.Ratha found our line - he was inquiring about having an audience with you this evening; Around 8 I believe. He said same floor, same office..."

Connors spoke low, his brow knotted together, eyes wide behind his glasses. "Uh, yes. Tell him I'll be there." His mind was going haywire. Hadn't they scheduled the meeting for the next week? Why the sudden change of plans? Biting his lip, he nodded, watching the unassuming science teacher move back into his office. He swallowed the growing lump in his throat, the adrenaline kicking through his veins making his movements stiff, a little unbalanced, while he moved back to the miniature Interface.

After a brief hesitation, he returned to his calm demeanor, adjusting his glasses and smiling at the class. "I apologize for the brief delay in our activities, but I feel we should roll the tape now to help give you another understanding of exactly what it is I do. After that I have a lab set up to splice our own cross-bred cells, and I will run a few more simple simulations of crossing reptillian cells with ordinary lab mice."

Making eye contact with Mr.Warren's assistant, Kim, she loaded the VHS into its player and the smartboard screen crackled to life, the powerpoint disappearing as the Oscorp symbol appeared, followed by a narrator's monotone voice.

"DNA, RNA, Mutation of the physical can be achieved through the simple use of our own genetic code, all working together to solve hummanity's most perilous struggles. Whether it is creating biological materials, breeding strong anti-venoms or even manipulating bacteria to benefit our own human needs, all of these great breakthroughs can be attributed to one thing; Cross-Genetic science. From the earliest days of the enlightenment era..."

Connors tuned out around this point, and took a seat. The holograph was on sleep mode, allowing the room to turn dark and removing the bluish tint from view. In the teacher's seat he stared into the manilla folder, biding his time, his thoughts having turned to something else besides the seminar.

The microscope revealed a tiny, single-celled organism, arrays of cillia on both sides of its body. It squirmed, a flagellum sliding from its back, and wiggled into the middle of the slide. As if able to see the eye peering down through the microscope's lenses it spun around in a small circle, waving the flagella as it used the long cillia like fins to glide around its own single drop of water.

"Perfect." Connors commented, "Your specimen seems to be doing quite fine. Good work." He carefully moved away from the microscope, moving on to the next table. The lab so far had been a success itself. Almost all of the students had managed to combine the two cells into one, which created a large cillia-coated cell, with varying degrees of mutation. It was a simple experiment, developing the new cell, but tied in rather nicely with the movie he'd shown them. It may not have been the bacteria shown in the film but this would be roughly the same reaction.

After checking the last microscope (this student had created a cell bursting with flagellum, and was staring at the squiggling mass with some concern) he moved to the front. The clock was ticking, and if he timed this correctly..."After seeing the results of your experiments and how attentive you've been as an audience, I can honestly say that you have a glowing recommendation courtesy of Doctor Curtis Connors." The curl of a smile had returned to his mouth, "And that if any of you wish to apply for an internship with me provided by the Oscorp tower, please feel free to take an application sheet at the front. Thank you for having me come here to your school and being such a patient audience, your teacher Mr.Warren for letting me borrow his classroom for the duration of this seminar, and Midtown for requesting me to hold a seminar here. I hope that this has given you insight to the future of cross-genetics and your role in making it a reality."

Right on cue the bell rang. There was the loud shuffle of students standing up, sneakers scuffing over the floors as they began to drift out of the classroom, and out of the building. A few stopped to pick up an application. Spotting one face in particular, Connors addressed the "top of the class" student from earlier, while the last of the class were exiting the room.

"And you, er-Before you leave. I have to admit I was very impressed, both with your answers and your near-perfectly synchronized cell crossing. Marvelous to say the least - Are you interested by any chance in pursuing a career at Oscorp or in genetics in particular?"

Pages in hand, he started to place the VHS and USB drive back into the folder, eyeing the student as he did so.

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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Wed May 29, 2013 3:19 pm

The boy swished his head back as his track to leave the room was suddenly adverted by the intellectual genius. His feet scuffed the tile floor a bit, meandering from the doorway back over to the wooden desk. Peter grinned sheepishly, embarrassed that his prowess was being acknowledged so openly. A nervous laugh vocalized as he barely met eye contact with the good doctor.

"Haha, it was n-nothing Dr. Connors! Just glad to make the class interesting for such a famous geneticist!" Pete announced, trying to be as polite as possible to the renowned man. It certainly wasn't everyday that you had the opportunity to talk to someone of such high stature. He flicked his tongue in his mouth and tapped his fingers on his jeans. He had hopped it wasn't brutally obvious how nervous he was.

It became quickly evident to the boy that Curtis Connors had brought MORE than enough to entertain the class. He had brought enough information with him to hold a college style class if he wanted. Papers were stacked miles high it seemed, scattered like a flood over his old teacher's desk. It seemed that Connors was ready for any question that could be hurled at him; even ones that had entirely nothing to do with genetics. Peter was sure that the doctor could answer any and all of the proposed questions within his own mind, but the refreshing references were more certainly a nice back up. Admiration came to Parker's brain thinking of the incredible preparedness of the geneticist. He often scattered random papers everywhere in a chaotic mess that HE even sometimes couldn't describe. However, Dr. Connors had harnessed controlled chaos. This was a similar mess to the one's Pete was accustomed to, but it was... strangely organized. The piles in the upper left corner of the desk were more about the flagellum. The upper middle seemed to be about single celled organisms in general and how they fit into ecosystems. The bottom right held Oscorp statistics and general information. From the bottom middle all the way to the left, seemed to be Connors' own personal research into lizard DNA.

Peter wished he could so chaotically organized.

He also noticed how hectic the space was despite its diverse perfection. It was certainly a lot to take on a singular man.

"D-do you mind if I help you there Doc?

He smiled brightly, going to the aid of a falling stack of papers. With lightning reflexes, he stacked every paper back up individually. The result was a completely sound skyscraper of notes and information. Pete backed away from the stack, ready in case it decided to teeter his way once more.

It then dawned upon the boy that he hadn't answered the whole question the illustrious man had concurred.

"Oh sorry! Well , uhm.. I dunno, never really thought about it I guess. I know my dad used to be into that sorta stuff but...," Peter's voice trailed off as a slew of visual memory overrode his mind.

"We aren't exactly close...," was all he could muster.

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Sliding the cue cards into the manilla folder, even without looking up at the student he could feel eyes pressing into his head. He'd only used these cards once - during the instructing for the cell activity. Strange, how after practicing the routine so many times, the words seemed to flow naturally from his tongue without a second's thought. Connors had felt unprepared, completely out in the open with a high school audience instead of the discussion group he'd used to lecture to, before the incident and Oscorp's vice like grip on his shoulders. This student reminded him heavily of someone he would have liked to speak with in a college-level class, and the proof lay in his talent for experimentation, the speed and precision he had shown when met with a microscope and a splicer.

That same speed and precision which he had just used to stop a stack of papers from falling over.

Connors blinked. Out of the corner of his eye, he hadn't noticed one of his research stacks - a medley of topics hastily clustered into columns (just in case, it was always just in case) wobble, or even begin to fall. The student, without even so much as a modicum of hesitation, lashed out with one arm, ducked and snatched each one, almost reorganizing "Lizard's Genome Calibrations With Mice Subjects" in mid-air, before pushing the entire documentation back at their place on the desk.

"Good reflexes." He commented. That was an understatement; Reflexes like those were practically impossible. He bit his lip, the slightest twinge of curiosity before he shook it off with a shrug.

Mr.Warren had mentioned to him that this was one of the "best and brightest" of Midtown High. The boy was certainly a fan of his work, his achievements, and he had been excited to answer his question on the Decay Rate Algorithm. Connors had been lucky, meeting people who were interested in the sciences and studies, things he wished he had been able to access during his time in high school. A teenage Curt's experience of high school had indeed opened his eyes to pursuing a career in medical biology, which deepened into genetics once he'd been enrolled into college, but it had been also a tumultuous year of questioning his stance on what he wanted to be, the responsibilities that came with his decisions. Connors couldn't help but see that in this young man, this pressure of responsibility, and maybe that was what he was reminded of when he looked at him.

Yet there was some other source of familiarity, one that went much deeper than self-recognition. It was like he was peering into the face of someone else, and when the student mentioned his father had dabbled in that field Connors raised his head, intrigued, unease creeping into his voice when he managed to find it again.

No, it couldn't be...

"May I ask who exactly was your father?"

A wild image in his mind, a newspaper clipping from one of his first collaborations, before the loss of his arm, before Oscorp even considered him. A random reporter had snuck into their lab just after the news of their collaborative discovery, Connors thought that his collaborator had been the true inventor of the bio-cable - so he had kept back while the reporter snapped the photo. The reporter had told them not to smile, to look sullen and professional, yet the two collaborating scientists had cracked up for nearly every shot. Those had been golden days for the two of them. Why look serious when they had achieved something amazing, a breakthrough to be celebrated in the genetics community.

Almost immediately after the disappearance Oscorp had arranged to sponsor the cables, and Connors had watched them do so, wondering how they'd gained the license to use them, the spiders. And then they lost the research, just as they'd lost him, and Connors had been so enraged over the cover-up, yet he'd gladly taken a position there. He guessed he owed his funding to the success of that man, of that brilliant mind.

And that photo, it had shown up in the Daily Bugle the very next day.

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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Fri May 31, 2013 1:19 am

Peter sighed heavily, recalling the many times he teared up in with Aunt May over the subject of his father. He remembers one of his last sentences to his late Uncle was about his father.

”Where is he? Huh? Where's my dad? Why isn't he telling me this?

His own voice echoes through his head. Pete smiles faintly at the Doctor's astonished compliment of his reflexes. It was no big feat, really. He doubted that someone without Spider Powers couldn't have done the very same thing. However, Peter may have been a bit more tentative and calculative doing so. He began to wonder if putting it all back in order showed too much prowess with his agility. It had recently been a problem to him of containing his powers while he was Peter Parker. Simple little things could easily give him away. The more he thought about it, it was deranged that no one knew he was Spider-Man by now.

Peter bent a goal post with a single toss of a football. Cops downtown saw his face while trying to arrest him. God forbid that any villain got a hold of Gwen and made her squeal. Jumping atop that subway car and beating up those poor New Yorkers on the subway. Aunt May could someday figure out a way past his automated lock and find webshooters or even his suit in his room.

All of this made Peter feel like he was walking in thin ice. It was a hefty duty concealing an identity. The awkward stares that Connors were giving him made him feel like taking on his other identity at the moment. The good doctor's eyes were narrowing, as if studying Peter like one of his test subjects. A cold sweat made his hands clammy at the intense glare. It was obvious that the gears of his complex mind were ticking, convoking something... but Peter didn't know what. Had his display with the research pile given away too much of his powers? It didn't seem like that much of a problem at the time, but the more he thought about it, the more it began to frighten him.

Perhaps being a genius made it all the more obvious that the feat was no mere display of normal athleticism. Had Dr. Connors caught on to him? After all, it was his facility that gave birth to his advanced powers. Could it be that one security camera remained on despite Peter's disarming so long ago? Could have have known Peter's face but not known who it belonged to until now? The boy's mind began racing faster that a sports car. He ran his hand through his hair quickly, ready for the barrage of questions. Pete knew however, that he'd probably answer like a bumbling idiot and give himself away.

Instead came an odd question that knocked the relief right into Peter. It was like that first breath after being underwater for a long while. It wasn't the extraordinary display of speed that perplexed the Doctor. Instead, the Geneticist was focused on his lineage. Pete couldn't help but smile as he wiped his clammy brow with a sleeve. The release of panic from his stressed heart completely voided him of his usual dark mannerisms surrounding his father. In contrast, he answered politely, almost in a chirp.

”Oh, uh, Richard Parker. Do you.... Know him? I mean, I've seen Oscorp's symbol dabbled across his papers here and there. Did he work there? Did you know him? What's he like? I mean, of course I know what he's like, but what kind of man did you see him as?”

Peter's mouth became a motor, sputtering out each and every question that flew across his mind. He KNEW his dad had worked at Oscorp, but he intentionally played coy so he could hold a few more brief moments with the intriguing scientist. He couldn't believe he was still playing it off as if he was less smart than he really was. Even in front of the illustrious geneticist, Pete was downplaying his knowledge in fear of being teased or judged. It was rather pathetic in his mind. The more interesting proposals made were the ones concerning if Connors knew his father and what was he like. Although Pete had known his father for quite sometime before his disappearance, he was only a child. Many memories of his dad were fuzzy and hard to concentrate on. He tried so desperately to hang on to anything and everything left of his father. Peter felt wronged by his dad for leaving him; wondering why the “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” motto didn't apply to him. Maybe Richard didn't see Peter as a great power in his life, so no responsibility was needed. His mind scanned over the thought over and over. There was no real need for his parent's to bolt of his life, especially at such a young age. Not even Uncle Ben's defenses of his discreteness could calm Peter's frustrations. It just never made sense.

Peter prayed that Dr. Connors knew his father, just so he could prove him wrong about thinking so darkly of him.

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The papers in Connors hands halted in their shuffling. A deafening silence hung in the air.

All he could see was the photo, the logos of Oscorp, the cover-ups. It was like the past anger was resurfacing up to him again, drawing from his memories, drawing pain and confusion, loss, the slightest glimmer of hope. Only to be crushed once again and taken out of his hand. He really had not expected to hear Parker's name ever again, and for a while he found himself at a loss of words.

What could he say to the son of his friend, his colleague?

What could he say to this boy when his father had disappeared without a trace?

Connors could feel the lump in his throat, and it snapped him back into focus. Yes, he saw it in the boy's face now; A young Richard Parker staring back at him, showing the symptoms of genius his father carried years ago. They'd met before, he realized. Last time he had seen the boy was during an invite, not very long after Richard's formula grew in popularity. Curt and Richard were sitting in the kitchen, discussing, when he noticed the child peeking from the counter top. Richard had ruffled the kid's hair, and the boy had hung around for about a minute before he timidly ran back to his Mum, somewhere in the living room. There had been no indication that anything would soon go wrong. It had been so peaceful.

Richard and Mary Parker, before their disappearances, had been a family. Which made their disappearance so much worse. He could remember the name of Richard's son, if he dug into his memories a bit further...

"Peter?" That sounded about right. A ghost of a smile lilted over Curt's mouth - the boy most likely wouldn't recognize him, but he could at least try. "Forgive me, I-I used to work with your father. He assisted me - well - really we collaborated on several projects." A nervous chuckle, "He was a good man. Very passionate about his cause. A genius, not to mention a good friend. If it wasn't for him I don't know what I could've accomplished."

Another quiet pause. Connors shifted his feet behind the table.

"He honestly believed it was possible, cross-species genetics. I owe a lot of my research to his own studies. It-I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't help you much Peter. I don't know why they left or where they were going. But for years your father and I were mocked for our theories, not just in the community at large, but at Oscorp as well. They called us mad scientists. They were probably right, around that time. And then your father bred the spider....and everything changed. The results were beyond encouraging, they were spectacular. We were gonna change the lives of millions. Millions. Then it was over. He...he was gone, took his research with him. And then I knew without him I...I was angry, so I stayed away from you and your family. And for that I'm truly sorry." He sighed, turning his head towards the board.

On the blackboard was the incomplete formula, the algorithm staring out from the middle, a huge blank box in the middle of the board. It nagged at him, and he knew what should be there. Every day, he challenged himself to find the algorithm again, experimenting and digging into Oscorp's files, writing and recording his data logs. Coming closer and closer, but never truly with the same results. Only mere imitations, that soon collapsed in front of him, each and every day. And now, on top of this, Dr.Ratha had called the meeting, had moved the date to later this evening. And from the way Mr.Warren had let him know, even if the teacher hadn't assumed anything of it, Connors could tell by the tone that something was horribly wrong.

And later, he would find out.

The papers rested on the desk and Curt ran a hand through his hair. "Sometimes it helps to be optimistic really. The problem was always the Decay Rate Algorithm. All of my research has aimed towards it, my time, and I can't stall it any longer. Perhaps it would take a miracle to recreate it." He chuffed.

ooc: Used a lot of quoting there haha. But um, hopefully timeline matches up for your adaptation of Spider-Man. Also, if I don't go online too much tomorrow, it's most likely because of the SAT I'm taking tomorrow. Of course I'll post back as soon as possible once I return, but there could be a delay because of that test.

UPDATE: Well, that test was unsurprisingly difficult. Btw, thank you so much for the HoTM and the signature! I've added it to my profile and given credit. Your graphics skills are brilliant I must add. And the HoTM graphic is neat, especially the scale texture over Connor's face. Really hints at what is to come. *cackles*
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Peter sighed as his head drooped. It felt as if someone had placed a thousand pound weight on his chest. His face seemed to dart away from his father's old friend. He leaned up, not bearing to look at a living reminder of his dad without as much as a hint of new information on his disappearance. There had been a secret hope in Pete that Dr. Connors knew something of the whereabouts of his mother and father. He just wanted to see them again... That's all he's every wanted since the day they walked out of his life. There wasn't a day that passed that it didn't cross his mind. It was evident each time he looked in a mirror.

His father was there; hidden in the reflection of his face. He was trapped in the glasses he once wore, now Peter's. Richard Parker was in the cheekbones of Peter's face. He was in Peter's hazel eyes. Richard was even inside his son's mind; the brilliance of the Parker family living brightly within the genius boy. In many ways, the son had become the emulation of the father.

Yet, Peter's dad shared no major role in his life. The only impact his dad ever had on him was the fatal gash he left on Pete's heart. There was no treatment that could cure the pain of having never known your parents. Sure, Uncle Ben was the best father any son could ever ask for. Aunt May was more caring and nurturing than Peter could ever begin to describe. The old couple put a warmth in his young heart that would last until the day he died. He felt that even if his parents had stayed in his life, Uncle Ben and Aunt May would still treat him like an angel from heaven. For that, he would be eternally grateful.

However, despite this fact, Peter had an empty hole inside him. There was a void where matter should be. It felt cold and frigid in the pit of his chest whenever his parents were mentioned. It put a lump of shame in his throat. What hurt the most was the lack of understanding as to why they would do such a thing. It didn't make sense, not even in the slightest. Richard and Mary told no soul where they were going or why they were leaving. The couple never even told anyone outside Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Peter that they were disappearing. They never even said a word about vanishing, only that 'they'd be gone for awhile'.

Twelve years certainly is a long while...

Peter smiled warmly at the good doctor.

”No no no, it's fine Dr. Connors. I completely understand being angry with them. I was too, still am sometimes...,” He trailed off, wandering over to the black chalkboard sprawled out with the flawed Decay Rate Algorithm. He stuffed his slender hands into his pants pockets. A sigh puffed past his lips as he studied the complex equation. His eye level slowly glided with the flow of the numerous numbers and letters involved.

His hands suddenly came up; one tucking under his arm at his side while the other hand came up and clasped his face. Pete's head turned left to the emotionally rocked scientist and enlightened him.

”I don't think its optimism that keeps it alive. I think that just a little tweaking keeps it alive. You're close You're close... I can feel it. Yeah, yeah.. This looks so... familiar... I've seen this before..,” Peter remarked, tapping his index finger against his lower lip. His brain was searching though its huge database for the memory it needed. The algorithm brought a wave of nostalgia crashing down on the bright high school student.

Peter couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he couldn't help but feel wronged by the strange problem. A burning feeling in his gut came over him, the very same kind of burning when someone is blatently wrong and you MUST correct them. i.e. when someone says the sky is blue. Peter would politely correct, ”The sky basically doesn't have a color. It acts more transparently with its refraction and scattering of light and its rays. The color all depends on whatever is influencing the sky. A sun would make the sky a baby blue. But clouds blocking the sun would leave it a washed out gray. Etc.' This same brooding need to correct the problem overflowed through his veins.

There was a fiery itch to influence the problem on the board.

”You mind?”

Peter attacked the board, snatching a piece of chalk in hand. The wild tacking of the chalk on board echoed throughout the silent class room. Like a virus protection program on a computer, Pete fished out all the suspicious, odd looking parts of the equation. Most of the letters were fine, as letters just stand for variables, but some were in the wrong places. Some of the number ratios were a bit underestimated. A multiple here became an addition there. It'd probably be a good idea to add (well, multiply really) Pi to the left side of the equation. Why on earth was there no logarithms in this? There HAD to be one near the end. Subtract one from here... Subtract from one there...How did he know? He didn't. Peter only felt it.

An spark of energy had shocked his veins and brought upon a spasm of enlightenment. He dropped his eraser, not even realizing he had one in hand. It puffed out a cloud of yellow gas as it landed on the ledge. Peter lazily let the chalk collapse to the floor as he looked on in awe of his memory driven work. His eyes were wide as if shocked by his additions to the problem. His lower lip quivered in anticipation as his head turned slowly to his superior.

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Cautious, Peter approached the board, his shoes scuffing the floor while his eyes moved across the formula, a mix of Connors's own work and Richard's salvaged data. This was the most modern theory to date - it constantly changed over time, with the many failures and cross-outs, the things that had worked and those Connors had thrown at the wall. Last night he had recollected the data and had compared it, studied it, mulled over and twisted the contents again. Somedays were better than others, at Oscorp he had more to work with, using the research papers and various DNA/MRNA codes to create more strings and more concepts and ultimately set yet another prototype. This latest one had been at that stage, so close until the Interface detected a defect. Connors had merely shaken his head, walked back into the study, and continued on...

Intrigued, the geneticist's eyes followed Peter, who was pacing in front of the fomula. The student was analyzing the board, furrowed his brow, almost became a replica of his father in the process. They did have a lot in common. It was such a shame that Richard hadn't been there to notice it.

Peter turned, reaching for a stick of chalk. "Go ahead." Connors nodded, amused.

How much of Richard's genius had been inherited by his son?

His speed for one thing. Peter began crossing out pieces of formula, rearranging things, observing the blank space as if it were a puzzle he was building up to at an unprecedented rate. Skirting the chalk across several integral pieces, it didn't take long before Connors's equations were replaced and he began to recognize something, a structure too familiar to miss embedded within the algorithm...Parker flew into the blank space, writing carefully, taking his time here and there while he lay down variable after variable, replaced several key components. Scrawling a completely new theory out of Connors's old one. Finally, he completed the equation, slowly turning his head towards Connors as the geneticist stepped towards the board, eyes wide behind his glasses.

Regarding the new algorithm on the board, stunned was an understatement. There was a pause, an absence of sound that seemed to stiffen the classroom into suspense, only broken when he took a step towards the front. Connors traced the chalk marks, the algorithm staring him in the face;It's completion almost surreal. To think how a single high school student had managed to possibly solve everything he had worked for. In the breadth of a minute no less.

"Extraordinary." Connors breathed, wrenching his eyes away from the solution to look at Parker, "How did you come up with this?"

He took a step back away from the board, staring at the equations in their entirety. Yes, this matched up perfectly. He could see the structure of the code, the stabilizing formula, the Decay-Rate Algorithm shining on its space in the middle. All he needed was to test it now - He wouldn't test it out alone though. Once again, he owed it to a Parker this breakthrough in cross-genetics science.

It was funny how things worked out.

"Peter, how would you feel about coming to see me at the Tower one day after school?" It was the best he could offer. Invite him to assist him in this experiment. If he couldn't help him find his parents, or what had happened to them, he could at least bring him closer in his search.
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Peter chuckled nervously in response to the illustrious man's great astonishment. If the geneticist's eyes got any wider, they'd pop his classes right of his face! This was something Peter was not commonly used to. This... was a look of total and complete approval. Not only approval, but absolute fascination and awe in something HE had done. This was not something common to Peter with the absence of a father figure. Not even Uncle Ben had reacted in such a way to anything that Pete had ever done. Then again, the structure of the situation was much difference.

A eleven year old's painting on the fridge wasn't something Uncle Ben was unable to do. That poorly drawn finger painting, wasn't a work of art that his uncle had been trying his entire life to mimic and/or complete. Ben wasn't watching the greatest achievement of his life being posted on the fridge for him to take, or... board... for Connors's case.

Peter meant no disrespect by doing so. It must have been at least somewhat of a low blow to work your entire life for something just so some teenage punk could come in and finish it within a five minute period. He did not necessarily think of the ramifications of that during the period that he was under the mysterious spell of science. Perhaps he really should have thought it through a bit more before going off and sprawling his brain across the board.

Peter worked with the thought process that Dr. Connors may have never finished his work. Although an immense genius in every right, there are just some things that go blind to us, even when they are right in front of our faces – Even for the great Dr. Connors. It would have been terrible personally to Peter to see once of his father's only friends tear himself to bits in a lab for decades. Pete didn't really consider that a good way to live. He thought himself a savior of the work that Richard Parker had suddenly dropped; a savior of the future (and present) troubles of Doctor Curt Connors.

There was an overwhelming sense of pride that overcame him when he realized who he was emulating. Richard Parker had left not only Peter, but Curtis as well when he mysteriously disappeared. The boy often forgot that it was not only him that his family had left behind. Pete supposed it was just the typical teenage brooding that was so common in the age group. Dr. Connors had too lost Richard Parker, a good friend who was always there for him inside and outside of their work. Although separated by age and experience, the pain that the two gifted minds in the classroom held in their hearts was not so entirely different. Peter knew all too well the ache of 'unfinished business'. It was horrible for him... everyday not having a father. It wasn't something any boy should ever have to deal with. However, it was also horrible to be without your best friend... everyday not having him there to aid you. Peter figured that the least he could do to ease the lost time between his father and Connors was to step into his dad's shoes (or lab coat as the case may be). Pete smiled at the world famous scientist, knowing had restored something he thought he'd never get back. His flabbergasted face told him that much alone.

Peter had the great power of knowledge, he was responsible for that as well.

”How did I come up with this..?” the boy stammered at first, still in his euphoric state of mind. He quickly shook his head, realizing that he needed to get back in sync with the real world. The memory filled sermon resolved as Peter turned brightly to his superior.

What it must of have felt like to be him...

”Oh oh yes of course! Well, uhm.. Well you see, it's uh.. weird.” Peter came off to bad start, yammering like the frightening little lamb he was without his Spider Suit. He then readjusted himself, cupping his chin in his hand like a dignified scientist.

”I've seen this before sir. I cannot exactly recall where, but I've seen this.. Right here," Peter stated, using his other hand to pick up a pencil and tap the equation proudly. ”I think I've seen Dad working on this before... It stuck with me for all these years I suppose.."

Peter trailed off soon after that. He got a lump in his throat as he felt wronged suddenly, as if full credit wasn't due. He smiled back to Connors and decided for once, he was going to take pride in his great work.

”Oh, well I mean, this isn't EXACTLY it.. I've had to add things here and there to fill in my memory blanks.. I assure you they are right sir, I tried my hardest. It was my pet project all last summer really, I just... didn't really wanna announce.. .whole class.. ya know?" He began strong and confident, but slowly faded into the stammering that was so uniquely his. This was accompanied by the also familiar hand gestures of him trying to almost physically push the words from his mouth. Pete always inevitably dropped his hands to his sides, knowing that that was all his courage could push out for that moment.

Pete took a brief moment to use his index finger to push his glasses back up to fit his eyes. That was the moment when a spark lit inside him.

”Oscorp tower? You mean, like, THE Oscorp tower? Not just the tours but actually in an office? In YOUR lab?" Peter's voice trailed to almost an unimaginable octave. His face lit up like a Christmas tree. His wide smile shined like the sun's dawn. He looked left and right, expecting as if to wake up at a certain moment. It seemed so dreamlike. The wonderful reality was that the world around him was very real. Peter was fulfilling his father's legacy, and a personal long time dream.

His face darted respectfully back to Dr. Curtis Connors, glad to see him smiling as well.

This is DEFINITELY what it feels like to be him...

”That sounds just spectacular sir! I'd love that! Most certainly! Absolutely! Fantastic! Amazing!!" He stammered, this time with elated glee.

All Peter could do was smile...

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PostSubject: Re: Ratiocination [TheDusk]   Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:54 pm

It was still extraordinary. Parker had managed not just to memorize his father's work, but understand it. Enough to fill in the blanks and rewrite it. One of the best and brightest of Midtown? Heh, he'd just beaten the top geneticist in Oscorp Tower's years of research. He was more than capable of coming to the Tower, of assisting Connors in his work. Warren had been very much right about Peter, and Connors wouldn't forget it. Nor would he let it slip away from him again.

The student was practically shaking with excitement, a leaf barely held together into the form of a person. Nodding Connors beamed. "Yes, that would be the Tower." As soon as the words left his mouth the teenager was trembling, his voice a pitch or two higher, his face a permanent smile. Not that he blamed him. It wasn't everyday you get offered to be assistant to an Oscorp-funded scientist. Sometimes it was nice to hold such a grandiose title.

Of course, he would never forget the person he could owe it all to.

"Then I will have it arranged; I look forward to working with such an excellent mind." He was barely containing his own astonishment. Shaking the boy's hand, they were both regarding each other with newfound respect. Meanwhile his mind was flicking through thought after thought. Connors would have to bring it up with Emma, Dr.Ratha's understudy. She would be able to clear Parker for entry into the Tower, keep him from being dragged out of the building by security. Preparing the lab would be another ordeal - he should have it cleaned by tonight, for Ratha's visit. Not to mention begin preparation of the Interface for the new theory, new parameters would need to be filled. Even new MRNA structures - these ones he had never tried before - yet everything checked out.

That was the best part. It all checked out!

At that moment the bell rang. Quickly he scooped more papers, sliding them expertly into the folder again. Suddenly reality had gone into effect and with it, the scientist realized his schedule was still in effect. There was a meeting to look forward to now, one with a breakthrough, a substance to give to it.

The miniature Interface was placed neatly into the folder as well, and Connors placed it into his bag. "I suppose I've kept you for too long. Have a good day, Parker. And," He stopped to look back at the boy, his expression softened, "Thank you."

Clock struck 4 and the final bell rang. Connors looked up, bleary eyed from the research papers he held in Warren's office, the teacher having just finished the final period. Instead of being awakened by noise, the sheer quiet had been odd enough to his subconscious to warrent waking him up. How he'd fallen asleep was a mystery in itself, his nerves still on fire, his head full of the possibilities.

For a second he wondered if that meeting with Parker had been a figment of his imagination. But looking downwards confirmed that he was okay. A jumble of papers, one of them copied from the board (which had since been erased to Warren's apologies) sent the synapses in his brain into overdrive.

No it had happened. He was that close now. Everything was piecing together. All for the better as he constantly reminded himself. He slid a couple pages aside, noting the reflective desk surface under his arm. If he held it at the right angle...Almost trembling, the scientist lifted his arm, the reflection mimicking it, duplicating to the other side until it appeared he had both of them in place. He flipped his arm, over and over again, staring at the imaginary right arm, how it moved just in his reach. It drew a thin half-smile from the doctor's face.

Yes, he was very close. Hope was a feeling he hadn't felt in a long time. Now it was more present than ever before. He wanted to hold on to it for as long as he could. For hope was a rare thing indeed.

Taking the documents back into a new olive folder, he stopped, thanked the professor once again for letting him use his office and classroom, and headed outside. Patting the folders under his arm he was able to catch the taxi, asking the man to bring him towards Oscorp. With the future within his grasp, Connors had a meeting to prepare for.


ooc: We should plan out the next meet-up soon. That was a ton of fun and another really successful thread. Your Parker is amazing /shot! I can't wait to see what you bring next. :D
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Ratiocination [TheDusk]
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