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 Landen, Vessel of Poseidon

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PostSubject: Landen, Vessel of Poseidon   Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:48 am

-Character Template-


Name: Poseidon
Secret Identity: Landen Bryce
Race: Human (God.. it will be explained)
Age: 23
Day Job: Underwater welder.
Character alignment: Neutral

-Likes and Dislikes-

Likes: good times, music, girls, friends, adventure
Love: Yoohoo, water, animals, justice
Dislikes: running out of yoohoo
Hate: Evil doers and water polluters.
Fear: A world with no oceans
Passion: The seas and the world in them.


Appearance: Landen: A taller man, six foot even in height, bright blue eyes, stubble on his chin and cheeks, dresses like he still lives in alaska even though he now resides in New York, flannels and dirty ripped jeans, tan workers boots, well built arms and chest, golden blonde hair.

Poseidon: Stands at a huge size of 6'8" His arms are thick around, his skin flawless, his face perfectly made, dark hair, brilliant blue eyes, perfect white teeth and a trimmed brown beard. His chest well sculpted with his abs showing through his light blue suit. Think a handsome lumber jack of the seas.
Height: Landen: 6'0"
Poseidon 6'8"
Weight: Landen: 180lbs
Poseidon: 2,000 lbs (dense)
-Important Info-

Personality: Landen: He's an aloof sea diver from Alaska, he wasn't always such but it will be explained later. He's easy going once you get to know him. Maybe a bit loud every once in a while. But all and all Landon is a good kid who has plans for life, normal plans. He loves women even though he has trouble with them and he has a hard time making friends. In fact he can count all the friends he has on his fingers.

Poseidon: Well he's a god, a bit ticked that he has to share bodies with a human. He's arrogant and often thinks Landon isn't deserving of Poseidon's powers. He loves being loud and causing a racket, loves being noticed since he's a god after all. He often makes life a hassle for Landon and enjoys it. But when it comes down to it he works with Landon to protect the people.

Background: Landen lived in fairbanks all his life, his father was a gold dredger and his father before him. It was in Landen's blood to hunt for gold on the ocean's floor. He did well as a diver, dropped out of highschool knowing he'd always be here on the water, under the ice. His life was great, grand even, until he turned twenty. The day of his birthday his father had decided to dive since they were down a man, he went under and his air line snapped. The ice froze over and he couldn't resurface. No man wanted to risk diving in to break the ice for they all knew the odds of it re-freezing before they could make it back out. Landen didn't hesitate as he dove in feet first cracking the ice. He had none of his gear on and he didn't even think as the water rushed over him, his father making it out but him not surfacing. The cold water seizing up his muscles the second he went under. He sunk like a stone to the ocean floor, it only being 14 feet deep here, the shallow areas being the only ones where they could hunt gold. Landen fell to the rocks below totally aware he was going to die but content in the fact that he had saved his father. He closed his eyes as he felt his lungs begin to give out, through his eye lids he say a blinding white light. He opened his eyes and saw clearly a golden trident before him, something in the back of his mind told him it would save him so he grabbed it in both hands. Above him out in the air a tornado began to brews and move straight downward to where he had been. The boat was forced to abandon the search for him and return to port, leaving him for dead. Only he wasn't dead, he had washed up on shore with the emblem of a golden trident embedded into his flesh. He woke up to a man screaming in his ear and could see no one. Soon it became clear to Landen that he was insane since he thought he had the voice of a god in his mind, or at least he thought he was insane until he saw the emblem o his flesh. Poseidon told him to say the word, "aqua" whenever Landen needed his powers since they would now share the same body. This began the life of the human and the god.

[center]-Powers -


Fragmented Mind: due to the multiple personalities in Landon's head, his own and Poseidon's, he has grown an immunity towards mind control and mind readers. He can speak with a mind reader if he chooses too and if they try to force his mind Poseidon and him can overload the attacker, leaving them stunned.

Affinity for Water: Poseidon utterly controls every aspect of water, be it the water in your tears, water in plants, water in the seas, water in the sewers, all water is his by birth right.

Water Constructs: Poseidon can create constructs from water, exactly the same as a Lantern can create constructs from their rings but these are made of water.

Trident: Skilled in weapon fighting from the mystical trident, also note that the trident is the symbol of poseidon himself and is much a part of his body. attempts to steal or destroy it would prove impossible for you need to destroy Poseidon himself to do so.

Healer: His water abilities allow him to heal himself at a decent speed and his allies a little slower. If he loses a hand or other part he cannot regrow it, he can merely stop the blood flow. He is immortal unless killed in combat. Whatever damage taken by Poseidon is lessened in Landon form, since Landon has no powers and can't take the beating Poseidon takes.

Otherworldly: As a God who resides on another plane his body has gained resistance to attacks that would completely vaporize him, removing him from existence. Many other planely beings have this resistance or they would all have vanished each other long ago.

Fast Swimmer: Poseidon can swim as fast as superman can fly

Slow Flyer: As a god Poseidon can fly but at a max speed of 120 mph due to his true means of travel being by water.

God Strength: Being that Poseidon is one of the main three gods of the Greek myth he tends to be quite powerful, being able to go toe to toe with super man if they left it to just fists.

Magic Doesn't Harm Me: Since Magic comes from the gods they are immune to it, Poseidon can weave advanced level spells and even the most powerful of spell, jinx, hex, curse, hardly harms him due to his nature and his power.

Dense Skin: He can take some of the most powerful hits and all types of bullets, being that he lived at the bottom of the ocean in the deepest trenches and closest to the underwater volcanoes his skin has become quite dense due to the pressure, heat, and cold.

Call of the God: He let's out a loud roar much like a thunder clap and all but the strongest of enemies are laid out on their asses, this is the god calling his mortals to listen and most feel compelled or too afraid to act out after the call.

Earth Splitter: Poseidon can rend the earth and change the battlefield with the stomp of a foot, his power over earthquakes is absolute.

Speed of the Horse: Poseidon can run at a max speed of 160 mph due to his domain over the horses. Him being the god of the swift creatures gives him their speed, added onto his own.

Tempest: Here Poseidon unleashes his full god power, he can call his two sons into battle, the cyclops and the Pegasus to aide him, he can rend the earth with quakes, and he can topple cities with mighty walls of water. His trident glows sheer white and his skin seems to let out a faint light. This power can only be used once due to the immense build up behind it. Once this power is used Landon loses all of the gifts granted by Poseidon and turns back into a normal human. Here Poseidon is free to choose a new host. (one round to start, the second to use until it burns out, lasts five rounds in total)


When not in Poseidon form he only has the super dense power and limited control over water. The dense skin can handle an grenade explosion but not much more in power. He also can be caught of guard.

[right]-Weapons andEquipment’s-

Weapon(s): Trident

Equipment(s): None

-Roleplay Sample-

Roleplay Sample: Made a few already, so omit.
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PostSubject: Re: Landen, Vessel of Poseidon   Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:11 pm

Be Careful with this one, but Approved with Trust.
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PostSubject: Re: Landen, Vessel of Poseidon   Wed May 08, 2013 11:49 am

Approved with 2-8


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PostSubject: Re: Landen, Vessel of Poseidon   Sun May 11, 2014 7:27 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Landen, Vessel of Poseidon   

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Landen, Vessel of Poseidon
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