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 A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"

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PostSubject: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Wed Jun 18, 2014 9:38 pm

"Mayday, mayday! We need assistance!" 

The sirens continued to wail as the police cars moved down the street swiftly, accelerating after the captured armored truck. A straight-forward bullet blasted outward, spiraling and breaking through the air, before busting through a car tire's rubble, sending it off the road and into another one of its red and blue comrades, creating an explosion of flames through the air. 

A streetlight descended, sending the hood off a car torn asunder, as the truck somehow drifted with utmost ease to the side. Everything went smooth. Until, plans were foiled. Right at that moment they knew, that they hated the color green. 

An emerald spark blinded the driver that still tried to push through the already torn concrete from his landing. A right hand broke from the shadows of the cloak, and stopped the truck from moving further on, the palm acting as a strong roadblock. 

Drifter stood, his cloak moving backward along with the hood so he could reveal the face, with seemingly, an infinite grimace painted across it. 

"This is where your journey ends, kid."  

His right arm shoved through the window, pulling the man right out of glass. 

Energy pumped through his form, everything around him seemed to go silent. He looked to the side, and could see a bullet flying right at him. But no. It was standing still, spiraling to the right. His grasp on the man's neck tightened. Other than that, he didn't move a bit. 

There he stood, in the flames that were generated from the exploding vehicles behind. The large overcoat moved down, the leather soaked in splattered blood. The creature's hand moved, tossing away a corpse. A smile, something that didn't reveal happiness, but instead, how sinister it was. It licked the blood from its gloved fingers. 

"Long time no see, son."

The flames engulfed the standing figure, and the bullet that was seen earlier as stopped in time, smacked right into his ribcage. The piece of metal broke, and landed on the ground. His eyes widened. He could hear screams. Slowly his head turned in fear. He could see the man that was in his right hand had its neck snapped. His right hand was dripping with blood. 

"No.. I didn't... I didn't do this!" 

They opened fire. Drifter dropped the corpse, and ascended into the air. What was happening to him? 
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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:37 pm

A shattering bolt of lightning carved the sky with a barrage of violet light. The since conflated shadows of the chapel began to divde and shift. The demure figure allowed its white glowing eyes to illuminate the space before him, making the world aware of his wicked presence. A thumping forbearance had reached his jutting ears from the echoing of a sound he knew all too horribly well. His slumped posture broke it's silence from its brooding abyss and rose to attention, gripping the cross it'd chosen as it's perch. The fugacious light shook the world back into a hallow blanket of darkness, but the being's white eyes remained in a dim glow within the furrowed ink of the night. The ghastly pair narrowed to a mere slit as they surveyed the world around them. The being shuttered a bit, almost feeling the life-force of the man itself pass through him and away to the next world. With the rebounding sound of the shot, the demon imbued with thrashing memories that he'd spent his whole life trying to shun. No amount of headstones or graves could bury the torturing thoughts deep within him. He heard it. His own echo. His own shots. Two of them, placed directly into the heart of the red beauty. 

Bang Bang.

The demon's white eyes winced in the pain of the sudden haunting noises. His clawed hand reached up and clasped his photographic mind, begging it with a tight grip to stop its madness. The wicked being's body became tense as a cold chill racked his veins. No matter the imbrication of the onslaughts not once did they become a lesser power over his wrecked soul. Like a harbinger's dark inverted cousin, it haunted him each moment he walked. However, times like this, the susurrous became untamed roars that aimed to tear apart his very sanity. The eternal struggle became so difficult at times; putting shackles on his strength and subduing his courage. 
Bang bang.

Another flash of lightning illuminated the sky, revealing the black figure drifting through the air. He used his abominable anguish to fuel his power as he soared across the night. His aura corrupted the air, his mind and heart simmering  betwixt suffering and aggression. The dearth of his mercy this night was on a level of concern within his surface of his mind. The energy that drove the demon was  a constant melancholy of aggression and justice. It was occasional difficult to discern why he became this monster every night. He tried to commit himself to the effusive of justice and vengeance. The skies were filled with the vindicator, a unimaginable power to strike into the black hearts of man.  A purveyor of the hearts of those who cannot fight for themselves drifting through the air with precision.  The voice of all who cry out for aid will be answered by the man they call the Protector, The Dusk.

The clouds were heavy over the rusted, broken city of Detroit. The gunshots were wild and his vengeance had become primal. A bolt of light, his narrow glowing eyes grasped his prey in the distance. The greatest predator justice had ever known was out on the prowl. Yet none of the world had an ounce of realization of his wicked presence. He was but a sliver in the blanket of night, scraping the skies with the angry clouds who mirrored his rage. The revered demon spotted his prey soaring into the air, fleeing the execution by the law enforcement below him. Such forces, no matter how experienced, could never be prepared for a world where men became gods. How could a simple firearm measure up to the power of a god? It was nothing, not even the slightest prick on his skin. The endowed stand on a level high above all the rest of the world, almost ethereal to its limits. 

That is why Dusk existed, to put them in their place. He was the balance between good and evil. Life's balance had been interrupted and it was now his duty to correct it. When ones with power use it to take life from others, the Dusk would always be in their shadow; ready to claim them into the darkness. It was his interminable duty. His life's journey. His pain and his punishment. His justice, his vengeance. Forever enslaved willingly to the agenda of balance and fairness. A blatant avenger to all who have seen life pass away far before it's time. A black heart who knew this anguish all too well, and would use it as a vehicle for his mission to put an end to a world that allowed such atrocities. On this night, he would claim another who had forced another family into mourning. He would punish yet another demon who saw it better to destroy a life and the lives of all tied to that person. He would make him suffer just the way he had. Five years of pain, all at once, all for him. 

Out of seemingly no where, after narrowly escaping the beast, the ancient hero was met with a brazen shadow firing at him like a bullet. The form was black and jagged, almost entirely absorbed into the darkness of the night. The only notable feature about this demonic being were its white, ghastly glowing eyes that aimed to tear a hole through his heart. A shivering cold beckoned the hero, as if the world around him had just faded to a winter's dusk.  The shadow's edge's flowed like a tsunami crashing down on a poor unsuspecting city. The dark mass suddenly became much larger, revealing what appeared to be a torn and tattered cape. It buffeted upwards, suddenly stopping his momentum just before the creature reached the hero. His maliced eyes narrowed at the hero as sudden claws jutted from the figure's form and aimed to engulf him in a tight grapple.

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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Thu Jun 19, 2014 8:26 pm

The eyes were painted with green inside, dancing emerald flames just as warm as the setting of Dante's Inferno. Two were placed within his eyes, and one within the right gloved hand. The collar of the Nyx-black cloak covered everything but the eyes that seemed to lighten the night sky, along with the overwhelming strikes of lightning from the wrath of a deity. 

All he could do was suck in air in a slight, small gasp, before gritting his teeth once more. More lightning struck in the background as his elbows slid left and right, The Dark Avenger's hands met The Drifter's. His feet pushed onto the ground, disregarding Dusk's claws. The green aura that danced around his form was upsetting, even to a blind man. 

"How dare you jump into something that has nothing to DO with you?!" 

He almost screeched, the enhanced strength pushed him onward, enough to send Dusk back, at least an inch away from him. Even the sirens annoyed him, he could hear them wailing, the soundwaves pumped through his ears faster than his loud pulse. 

Drifter's posture was hunched over, the head full of hair was wet from the descending liquid expanding from the sky that was filled with naught but devouring darkness, hungry for its next meal of matter. Nonetheless, it was almost calming, the ashen-face of the beautified, though, dark, sky seemed to put him in the confines of a silenced melody. 

Gaea's belly was hit with water, and the smell of the wet nature outside the protecting buildings of the city moved through his nostrils, and green mixed with green. 

The unnatural energy could be felt in the air, something that would probably make Dusk cringe. It was not of this world, nor Hell, nor Heaven, and not even Purgatory. Some would argue not even of this seemingly ended deep and dark universal structure. The avatar of the godly figure was stretched out behind Dusk, and its smile was heart warming, to a sadistic creature of a grotesque imagination build. 

Its hand stretched out and brushed Dusk's shoulder, but no, it turned into mist, and went through the build of darkness that identified itself as an enemy of his own, Drifter. Another hero? 

"Oh. I've only been on this planet Earth for a day or two. Apparently you're a big shot in tights."  

The deep, obviously, somehow, deceptive voice spoke out. One that still made Drifter cringe. 

"Let's play a game. Go by the rules and none get hurt!" 
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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Fri Jun 20, 2014 7:36 pm

The creature couldn't help but scoff at the figure's brash comment.

"This city is mine. There isn't a secret she hides from me. Nor is there an inch of her that I do not know like the back of my own hand. Her people are my people. Her pain is my pain. Her scars are my own. Tonight, you have spilled her blood. And for that, I will make you pay!"

Dusk narrowed his eyes, ready to snap his wrists as twigs beneath his powerful claws. However, the instant he came to extend his grip into an overwhelming clasp; the dark hero was caught off guard. Certainly, judging by the fact that the mysterious man had soared into the air; the Dusk knew he was dealing with a super here. Despite that, the maliced avenger usually had much more strength than nearly any opponent he faced.  The sirens blared below them as the black coated man tossed him free of his malevolent grip. Beneath the mask, canines gritted against his lower teeth. 

For a moment, the demon took a long hard look at his prey. He witnessed the long coated man more like a tragic painting than a real man. Like the Thresher of Van Gogh, there was much rage and conflict behind the guise of his attire and posture. The way his hair mopped his face, the way his coat weighed him down just as unknown burdens did the same deep within.  The aura around him was heavy, weighted; aiming to place the weight of the world on the shoulders of any man who dared entered its ominous presence. His hair was unkempt, showing a lack of care for his own appearance. A blatant, carving scar tore deep into the left side of his face. The lack of medical attention to it lead the Dusk to believe a certain aspect of either pride or sorrow in his battle wound. Either way, it was something he had chosen to carry with him. A reminder perhaps? 

The most disturbing aspect of the man's heavy air was that it seemed to have so much... power behind it. The man's aura was a swirling black hole, not afraid to devour all in its path with its chaotic strength. Dusk felt it within his heart, a chill that tickled his aorta. His thick veins at the tip of his wrist froze. It ran up and down his spine mercilessly, reminding him that this was no rogue mutant. This man knew what he was doing.

Or did he?

There was a certain aloofness to the mystery man that Dusk couldn't place. Just the way he looked through the demon and not actually at him. The way his emerald eyes always seemed to be bolting around the place, unable to focus. He seemed deep within conflict, but not of one Dusk. The struggle with the malevolent hero was taking back seat to a much bigger war this man was facing within himself. It brought a certain level of mercy and sympathy coursing through Dusk's lungs. If it weren't for a poor man laying in the street dead below them, the avenger may have very well tried to console or even guide the super powered man with this strange battle he was fighting tooth and nail.

The strangest aspect of the whole interaction was despite this conflict he felt, the mystery man would always address him politely and respectfully. After the initial scream, the coated man became very well versed. His face lit up when he spoke, betraying his constant inner skirmishes. A wild smile leading into a teeth grin attempted to suck him up into the comforts of the mystery; begging for Dusk to simply listen instead of continue his assault. There was such a sunny disposition that emulated from him from seemingly out of no where. A burning charisma that would fool most who crossed its path. It was intriguing to say the least.

The mysterious man spoke briefly, revealing he had not been on this Earth until a mere couple days ago. What on the Earth did that mean? He was no mere mutant at this point. This mystery man had become something much stronger in the uttering of a single sentence. Was he some sort of extra terrestrial? Or did he come from some other place entirely? His energy felt vaguely familiar... But he couldn't place it. It was a small tingle at the bottom of his gut, tied to a memory that was not his. Was he some sort of deity? Perhaps a minor one? 

Dusk didn't rightfully care. Whatever the hell he was, he had killed a man in cold blood. He had taken a man away from his family, friends, and loved ones. The man would never again see his mother, father, or any children he had to speak of. No siblings, no friends, no lovers; only gravestones. He had broken a family. He had broken friendships. He'd broken any love he had for anyone. He'd broken brotherhood. He'd broken a live and he didn't even seem to even consider the amount of pain he had just induced on this world. The mystery man just gleefully asked to play a game, as if a portion of this world hadn't just been crushed beneath his heel. He didn't spare an ounce of remorse for Dusk's keen ears, only sick temptations at some silly game. It was a game to him. People and their lives were a game to him.

" Men are haunted by the demon of error - error in determining guilt and error in determining who among the guilty deserves to die. You will feel error."

Dusk threw a wild claw out, ready to swat away the hand that was benevolently passing his direction. His other claw shot out in attempt to snatch the right leg of the deranged being before him.

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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Fri Jun 20, 2014 11:02 pm

A howling scowl -- something that belonged to a wild, cornered animal. That probably just what he was, a scared animal trapped by its prey, but no, was it that he was to weak? Or afraid to be to STRONG? Drifter's right hand slowly pushed upon the building behind him, and he leaned back, gritting his teeth. Everything seemed to slow down in his mind, and the right hand of the dark hero reaching for his leg was like a snail moving to him. 

A burst of wild, radioactive energy that sets its way throughout the vicinity of the town. It turned physical, swirling about in a whirlpool around him. The building behind him was torn asunder, and the inhabitants inside were being chucked through the tornado of controlled energy towards Dusk, as if they were play toys. The winds were angered, moving about in the grotesque spray of blood that was coming from Drifter's arms. Was he pushing himself over the limit? 

The unnatural, invisible aura of his essence that was built around him grew wild, something that would give even The Frankenstein the goosebumps, upon that grotesque, toxin-green skin of his, sprayed with bolts and screws that also accompanied his head. Now, even something more troubling was created, that would put The Wolf-Man in a children's nursery rhyme. 

The explosion expanded from his palms, sending itself through the particles of the rocks that lay upon the ground. The force of the winds and the energy were pushing on Dusk, as if it was gravity -- but no, some kind of force almost equal to it in power. A crater appeared around Dusk, and at the same time, Drifter's milky white eyeballs were shown when the green of his eyes rolled to face the darkness about his troubled brain. 

Energy around him began to turn in some kind of raging shield of great power, tendrils rose from the sides of the manifestation of his power, and there he floated inside of it, in between the newly emanated ribcages. It stood high, its head, covered with a helmet, was nearly half of the skyscrapers in the area that were far away. 

A green mist hovered around it. The darkness of its hidden face did not cover its purple eyes. In its right hand it held the growing katana, and the tip of the gigantic object smashed into the ground. 

Drifter was floating, his arms out, hair rising through the currents of the wind. The glowing green eyes stared out, and the hands turned into fists. One who knew him could see it wasn't him. . . instead, some kind of chaotic being of power. 
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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:56 pm

Dusk quickly brought up his forearm and cape to shield himself from the sudden expanding blast forcing itself outward from the mystery man like a blazing conduit. The already torn and tattered cape was tossed and torn in the radioactive explosion of energy. The force pushed on him with the force of twenty men, making Dusk firmly plant his feet and crouch close to the ground to avoid being blown away by the expansive lime green energy. The swirling vortex of emerald thrashed against the demon's suit, causing it to sizzle and smoke a bit. Like pouring water on a hot pan, steam began to roll off his arms and cape up into the night air. He could feel his feet beginning to tear into the foundation of the roof below him, avoiding being blown into the distance by such an awesome force.

From the rim of his collar, Dusk squinted hard at the wild being before him.

”That... That's the same energy that swirled about Meltdown. That means he's radioactive for sure. My suit should be durable enough to handle it. but these people around us certainly won't be able to if he gets close at all to them. Thankfully it seems intrinsic as a specific energy force to him, and not actual radioactive byproduct. He is still a walking death machine if he gets close to anyone. I need to find a way to get him away from all these people.” Dusk spoke to himself, realizing the gravity of the situation with this powerful otherworldly being.

The Dusk quickly pivoted his spiked foot and bellowed backwards into the wind buffeting off the mystery man's energy. He soared through the air until sinking his claw into the roof below him and planting down hard. The dark hero growled heavily, watching the unknown figure become a swirling wave of vile green energy. This was way too much power for a single being to handle, it was oozing out of him like water breaking a dam. He was being let free in a thrashing chaos that aimed to induce pain.

His pointed ears quipped as his keen hearing caught the sound of sirens and footsteps quickly approaching. Dusk cursed under his breath and extended his hand forward into a fist. He quickly shot a line of ectoplasm to the surface of the roof and threw his cape outwards. The jagged cape caught the bellowing winds coming off the radioactive monster and flew Dusk back between the buildings. He quickly collapsed his cape, using the ectoplasm as a rope to guide him down in between the two structures. The red and blue flashing lights of a squad car illuminated the alleyway as it peeled in. It screeched to a halt and two young men in uniform threw their doors open. Their glocks clicked in their hands as they used their doors for cover.

“Move and we shoot!” The blond on the left shouted. Dusk planted like a panther into the middle of the alleyway. The high beams of the vehicle were flashing brightly on the dark hero, illuminating him in plain sight. He could barely see the two men with guns trained on him. However, that did not matter. He needed to get them out of there. Considering that the very touch of the emerald energy on his suit caused it to steam in protest, it would be terrifying to watch someone's skin's reaction to it. It would probably blow them to pieces with simple contact. They were in danger.

That's when another car suddenly peeled up behind Dusk on the other side of the alley, knocking over a trash can recklessly. It was an all black P71 with a small attachable siren light on the top of the driver side hood. The dark vehicle screeched to a half diagonally with the driver's side facing the crouched panther. He threw his head around to see the other vehicle, one he recognized all too well. The door flung open quickly and the familiar face calmed Dusk's soul a bit. His long brown trenchcoat flapped back a bit as he pointed his wrinkled finger angrily at the noobies.

”No, no one's shootin' a damn thing. Dusk! What on God's Green Earth is goin' on around here?!” Wayne's hoarse voice shouted at him.

”There's a super on the roof Marshall. He shot one man in the street then flew into the air.” Dusk smirked beneath his mask, lifting to a proud standing posture looking across at his allied commissioner. Ever since the Army of V's occupation of the One Detroit Tower where Dusk had saved the commissioner’s life from a squad of corrupt SWAT members, Marshall seemed to reluctantly refer to the dark hero as an ally of the Detroit police. With such corruption and a town like this, it was easy to see why he made such a decision. You need all the help you can get when there's a criminal on every street corner. Marshall drew his revolver from his right holster and slowly proceeded up to Dusk, the gun arched upward. He narrowed his old brown eyes at the demon, who stood taller than him by about a half foot. The veteran's eyebrows furrowed as he gazed up towards the top of the building, the only evidence of the mystery man being the glow off his energy.

”Shouldn't you be handlin' him then?” Wayne quipped, knowing that despite his determination, supers were beyond his expertise. He'd much rather leave it up to his new ally who has had much more experience in the area than he did. It hurt the old veteran's heart to step away, but when lives were at stake, it was no time for the sin of pride.

”He's radioactive, just like the maniac I took down in D.C. However, his energy seems almost entirely secluded to the visual wavelengths you can see. We need this block cleared out. If anyone so much as gets touched by that energy other than me, I am 99% positive that it would blow to pieces.” The Dusk spoke clearly and confidently. Marshall's face grimaced heavily. His head fell back to the sight of the demonic looking super before him. It could be heard a small grumble from his throat before quickly stuffing his revolver back in its holster. His coat floated a bit as he stomped over to the other two cops, who until that point had just stood gawking like chickens in the rain. Their wide eyes were trained on their leader who bit his lip in anger.

”The hell ya' boys doin'? You heard the man! Get them out and get 'em quick! There was a gas leak or somethin'. Just go!” Marshall shouted, throwing his hands into wild gestures. The two younger policemen panicked and quickly dashed out of the alley, hopefully going door to door as their boss had just asked them to do. The grouchy commissioner went to turn back around to address the dark hero and brief him, but he only found an empty alleyway before him.

The Dusk had quickly used his line of ectoplasm to propel himself back up onto the roof where the wicked radioactive villain was upon the roof. He landed in the signature panther stance and glared upwards at the the vile swirling vortex of emerald. Dusk narrowed his eyes, staring deeply into the pits of his soul.

”I play your game. But not here, not around these people. We take this far away from where anyone can be hurt by you. Deal?”

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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:28 am

You could hear it. The heart pumping.

Bum Bum. Bum Bum. 

Faster than a speeding bullet.

Energy soaring to and fro through the radius of his opponent swirled on and on, seeming like an endless loop -- a wormhole. The glowing green aura had covered the milky-white around his pupils, also absorbing the emerald color inside, so they could simply burn green. His hair was ascending, wavering, like free tendrils in the win.

It was obvious. It wasn't just him. The only people, confirmed, that have ever seen or got a true taste of his real power would have looked at what he was doing now with surprise. This wasn't him, high over his capabilities -- and the aura wasn't even the same. The katana blade in the giant's right hand had its tip drag through the ground, destroying soil underneath.

An udder. And then a full on voice. It seemed to be in unison. Many voices, smashed into one vocal box.

"You really seem to think I am this green child?"

The green, animate body around The Drifter's form spiraled about, moving to and fro through the vicinity. The air whipped around, and blood was carrying itself through the tornado of emerald green. The skies were being covered with the green energy that expanded itself from a solid form -- turning into a gas which once more solidified in over yonder, seeming to block out the sun.

A great gust of wind. Ground murdering, house shaking. The smog was thin and amiable enough to let the outline of the new green projectiles to be shown. Left and right were the emerald wings, holding themselves up after ascending through the winds, slashing through them and cutting as sharp as a Manslayer's sword. Something was going on. Something that might put Detroit in a pickle.

Detroit would hate the letter green.

Sharp projectiles expanded from the soft wings expanding from his hardened, muscular back. The gust of wind and green mist broke the ground underneath. The escalation of his flying body brought him into the air, where his arms parted and he stared towards down towards The Dark Hero.

"I'm something MUCH worse!" 

He was spiraling, going through the air. And he even took the liberty to ignore his warning. Why would he leave citizens out of this. He wanted to make this dark hero snap. The dangling, screaming child continued to squirm and squeal in his hand, as he darted like a freshly-shot arrow.
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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:50 am

Dusk immediately scowled, glaring angrily at the green demon bearing a small infant; couldn't be any older than two years. His ruffled blond hair was whipping in the wind of the wicked being's vortex of emerald power. The baby cried and squawked for the aid of the Dusk, tears shed in constant begging of his heroism. The white glowing eyes expanded wide. Not only had this mysterious stranger killed a man, he was now endangering the life of such a small youth. Evil was beyond the words that were flooding through the mind of the dark hero. What a vile being to go after women and children to illustrate a point or illicit a response. There was no greater humane crime on the entire planet.

The Dusk had been unleashed by the tears of the child.

A brief squint carved the avenger's face before his cape suddenly exploded with mist. A force of wild wind brought swirling fog bellowing out onto the roof. Its cyan-white flood engulfed the space between the two super powers within moments. The spinning vortex of radioactive energy began to suck in the fog. A tornado of steam hissed as cold mist met hot radioactivity. The steam mixed with the mist, which was already expanding to meet a city block's length; obscuring buildings for miles around. The blend of white steam and blue fog blanketed the world around them, blocking out the world to their struggle. A mushroom cloud of steam and mist rose into the air, following the emerald horror.

The Dusk walked without faltering, standing tall and proud as he carved through the fog with each spiked foot. His gnarled cape whipped in the drifting force of the steam and fog moving about. His eyesight had been reduced to something entirely useless to use in this situation. That was exactly what he was counting. The Dusk's spiked ears twitched, bringing focus from his eyesight to his enhanced hearing granted to him by the suit. He could hear very clearly where the baby was still wailing in the mist and steam. The avenger was thankful he had been endowed with a superior level of hearing due to situations like this where the world around them was blind.

The Dusk shook a bit as the world around him became frighteningly frigid. All of the world faded from color and sunk into a monochromed gray. All of the individual lines on every object began to blur and bleed their lack of color. A whipping wind consumed his ears and all sound came to Dusk as if he were underwater listening to above the surface. The world around him looked identical to the one he had jeft left, just much more decrepit and broken. The despair around him was self evident, all of the world sucked dry of its life. Wisps and spirits could be seen wandering the streets below him, their white essence glowing in the eternal night that was... Purgatory.

He slowly strode towards the radioactive terror and the infant child he grasped. The dark hero's white glowing eyes narrowed, focusing on the area specifically around the nuclear horror. By doing so, her squeezes all of the soundwaves; ripping them from the Living Realm and transferring there with him inside Purgatory. The space around the mystery villain became dead silent, not a single sound could be heard. No voice, no swirling, no crying; just silence. All of those noises had been released loud and clear within the land of Purgatory, where the dead were too focused on their fallen lives to pay much notice to the painful sounds. Noises like these were common in the tortured land of the lost souls. Dusk thrived on the power from this Purgatory and used it greatly to his advantage.

Dusk extended his hands outward, on both sides of his body. His palms revealed themselves to the air. The dark hero clamped his eyes shut as he began to focus once more. Gradually, all of the lamps, lights, and lamp posts in the immediate area began to dim and die. In Purgatory, their dim white glow began to bleed into a wispy essence. Their energy came into the palms of Dusk's hands slowly like bleeding water colors. They entered between his fingers like trails of smoke in reverse to their source. In the living world, lights began to shut off abruptly out of no where. There were no bulbs cracking or shattering; the lights simply died. The light had died as if they were living beings that had just passed away to the next world.

The Dusk's white glowing orbs were once again revealed to the dark world of Purgatory as he lowered his arms. He pivoted his right foot, cocking his head into the air. With a powerful push, he launched himself high into the air. The dark hero soared through the sky, using his hearing to guide his path through the darkness of Purgatory and the obscuring fog. He extended his torn cape, allowing himself to control his path and glide towards the child's cries. Air buffeted around his cape as he picked up speed. No child would be hurt this night. The Dusk would never allow such an atrocity to occur in his home.

Tearing through the fog and steam, The Dusk witnessed the emerald terror still spiraling into the sky. He aimed his focus to the small boy sobbing in the terror's right hand. He narrowed his eyes in concentration as he extended his arms out wide. Gently, but swiftly, the Dusk brought his arms into a hugging fashion around the boy; seamlessly passing through the radioactive monster like thin air. He used all of the focus his mind could muster to use his powers to make the boy tangible to the world of Purgatory. He brought his benevolent arms down around the boy, praying with all his heart that this would work. Dusk had never attempted such a feat before. Quite frankly, he had never needed to before. However, a child's life was in danger and he had no other choice than to push his limits to save him. Every ounce of Terry's being was devoted to preventing tragedies like Amy from ever happening again. It didn't matter if it was a punk with a gun or a super powered monster; he would not allow anyone to strike anguish and suffering through death while he stood over his home. This city; it was his. It was his life, his home. There wasn't a crack or chip that he didn't know like the back of his hand. These weren't people, citizens of Detroit. They were his family, his expanded family. As the Dusk, he owed it to them to keep his family safe. They were his brothers, his sisters; all of them. Even that little boy that this mysterious villain had decided to seize, it was his little baby brother. And it was his time to save his life. He prayed to God that this miracle would work. The dark hero held his breath as he skidded to the gravel of the rooftop.

Two baby blue eyes gazed back up at him, tears seeping from their pores.

The Dusk sighed, cupping the back of the boy's head as he slowly ceased to cry. His white eyes dimmed to a somber glow. He eyed the boy, now safe in his arms. His chubby arms reached out and placed their palms on Dusk's chest, over the eyeball that mirrored a setting sun over the horizon; his insignia. The dark hero's claws rested on the toddler's curly blond hair. The blond little boy kicked his feet, hiking up onto Dusk's neck; grasping him a tight embrace. The hero could do nothing but hold the boy back, hushing him gently beneath his breath. Terry allowed the mask to move away from his mouth, as it was living breathing material. It stretched away from his mouth, revealing Graves's scruffy chin.

”Shhh... You're okay pal. I've got ya.” Terry spoke, using his natural, warm voice instead of Dusk's roaring tone. He reached his hand up, receding the claws from his costume down to his human hands; allowing his soft fingers to ruffle the boy's wild hair.

The boy suddenly kicked off him, his blue overalls bouncing as he hit the gravel of the rooftop.

”You're not a scary man!” He abruptly blurted out.

The statement caught Terry off guard, causing him to let out a vocal grunt of confusion. He raised an eyebrow, staring at the boy quizzically. This only elected a squeaky little grin out of the corner of the toddler's lips.

”You were on the TV! After Barney! You were scary then! Mommy thought you were a bad guy. She said, 'Kerry, you need to stay inside!'” The tike exclaimed, his blue pools lighting up like glistening oceans as he spoke. His small, stubby hands seemed to shoot out everywhere as he spoke; using his hands like instruments to orchestrate his ecstatic mood. His red striped shirt danced up and down his arms as he swung them about. The display elected a smirk from the corner of Terry's lips as he watched the vibrant fiasco.

”Oh, was I now?” Terry softly chuckled.

”Yeaaah... But you're not scary. You're a good guy! You're better than Superman!” He practically yelled the last segment of the statement, jutting his finger into Terry's chest, ”You just got an eyeball instead of an S!”

”It's because I'm always watching over you, Kerry. I'm a protector. Just like Superman...,” Terry smiled warmly, ruffling the boy's hair once again.

From the corner of his gray eyes, he could see the emerald horror still swirling in the air. His work for the night was far from over. His face grimaced as he allowed his suit to entirely form back over him. The Dusk stood up tall, facing towards his opponent with determination. He felt a small hand tug at his claw.

”What's wrong with the bad man?” Kerry asked, hiding himself beneath the long draping cape of Dusk. The dark hero narrowed his eyes, focusing up at the mist that was being pressed into steam by the radioactive heat still. He didn't look down at the boy once, never breaking focus from the task at hand.

”He's hurt. Very badly. This isn't him. I need to find out. It may be my only way of stopping him.” Dusk spoke, calmly but sternly.

”What about me Dusk?”

”There are nice policemen a floor below us. They will keep you safe Kerry. For now, I have to go. I cannot let him hurt anyone else. Not even himself.” Dusk spoke. Without allowing the boy to protest, the dark hero pressed his claw to the boy's forehead, forcing him to sink through the rooftop and into the hallway below. He yelped as he suddenly warped through the rooftop as well as transferring dimensions entirely. Dusk blinked back into the land of the living as his super hearing caught the sound of two men letting out an “Oof!” and “Where did this kid come from???” He kept his eyes trained on the clouded beast in the sky, never breaking focus.

The Dusk hurled himself high into the air once more, spreading his cape and soaring up to meet the nuclear monster. He cut through the blue mist and the white steam like a knife through butter. He buffeted the misty smoke aside, using his velocity to burst through the powerful pull of the tornado and enter the threshold where the radioactive rampaging beast was. He spotted him, amongst the created clouds, glowing a lime green and cackling as his vortex of energy appeared to be consuming even himself.

” I SAW you stop those men! I SAW you break their crime and you did it without hesitation! You were saving lives not ending them! What the hell happened to you!? Prove me wrong! Show me who you really are! Show me the man who stopped those monsters, not the monster you are now!!!” The Dusk blatantly challenged the beast.

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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:03 pm

The eyes widened slowly, and even more when he could feel the new kind of power pulsing through the air. No, not new. Something that always lingered about Dusk, and inside of him. Something that had just been enhanced in strength. He could literally feel the willpower pulsing from his dark form. This dark caped crusader was rising with something in his heart that Drifter had not felt in years. 


Something that annoyed him so much, something that made him scowl. It made his fist tighten, and the raging, radioactive, emerald tornado around him grow and grow, tearing through the blocks that were to the right. A cyclone of energies was chasing after the trucks that continued to drag the inhabitants of the small town away. The man's head turned, and the phoenix around him that was emanated from his raging power died down. 

Drifter's feet touched the ground, and crushed it underneath the enhanced strength and the weight he had on him. As all this happened, all he could do was stare through the shining eyes of his that peered over at dusk, glaring. He had to let Dusk understand, that it wasn't him. But he couldn't. Not now, atleast. The power that rushed over him seemed to bind him, like unseen chains created by a fresh imagination. 

Some would argue, that even after this trance, he would NOT be forgiven. By the whipping of the air he could already tell -- a helicopter. Slowly his eyes drifted from the ground, staring up at the obsidian-black chopper in the air. 

"This is Sky News reporting to you Live from Detroit!" 

Drifter's teeth locked together, and even the real him inside seemed to snarl. 

"It seems we have another showdown between supers, a lot of destruction, and, it seems we may recognize one of them! Dusk, Detroit's Caped Crusader!

Molten-red beams of light struck from the air, and then slowly descended like flying snowflakes coming from the midnight sky of Christmas Eve. The blood was trickling down the phalanges that were tucked into the palm, cut by the force the low fingernails digging into the flesh that was now vulnerable to his strength and Dusk's own, since the shield had died down. Though it was obvious, he would not stop now, even though how bad he wanted. The pounding he put on the walls of his mind hurt even him. 

As Drifter attempted to escape the trance, the right hand unsheathed itself from the tightening digits that were digging through the flesh of the hand, and the palm was drawn backward with the fast-moving elbow. Drifter could feel the power being sucked in from him, a power that controlled him had not been seem in thousands of years, copying the same power that expelled him from his original form for his arrogance and stupidity. Now he realized, that if he did not fight back with all he could, he would once more be exiled by the people he wished to protect. The people that he wished would look up to him like he did Dusk. 

Some would argue, that not even his benevolence in the future would save him from being persecuted by the citizens of America and maybe all around. And even if he did gain forgiveness from those he hurt, and from those who saw how dangerous he was, he would never forgive himself for allowing his mind and soul to be broken down so easily. But, how? How, and why? How could this thing, so powerful, make him feel so weak, when he himself had so much power in his palm? And why him? Why not another superhero? 

The questions exploded through his mind with the newfound awakening headache that annoyed the newcomer in the world that took over Drifter. Dusk could almost hear the yelling that was tearing asunder his vessel's eardrums from the inside, sending blood from the ears so it could trickle down the cheek, along with sweat from the continuous movement he made with enhanced, ungodly speed that would break the ground with a simple step. And so it did. The black, polished and clean heel of the right shoe crunched into the ground. 

The right eye was widened. Tears expanded from his cheek, and the mist that moved through the air began to fade to reveal the eyes that were beginning to let the milky white around the black pupils appear once more. A breakthrough? 


"DUSK." The voice that had just turned back to its normal posture roared out in something so unfamiliar -- something that wasn't Drifter, something that was not of this Earth. The unison of voices cracked out, high pitched, low, and mediocre levels. The winds were beginning to roar and wind up along with the levels of tension through the area. The clouds expanded, covering the ashen-face of the sky, that was still traumatized by the power Drifter had shown for the first time in the point of his existence. 


A large growl. The Caped Crusader could see the glowing cracks in his face, that was spreading down from pressure through his whole body. And once more, the complete green color rolled into his eyes. The fist clenched. 

"You.. will die." 

The ground broke under him as the man descended onto the knees that buckled, the legs going weak. Willpower had let the green aura grow around Drifter's whole form, and a ghastly scream expanded from Drifter's mouth, the cracks on his body grew, sending his skin left and right, cells mostly torn asunder, almost ripped apart by the energy that was appearing. 

A grotesque smell. Blood ripped through the air, as another figure phased from Drifter's back, raising its hands into the air. Tendrils exploded left and right, slamming into the ground, and its many heads rolled in the air. The true form of the god that dared to possess him. 
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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:52 pm

”No... No I won't.” Dusk spoke confidently and sternly. He stood his ground, unmoving from his proud upright position. The wind blistering off the nuclear beast's energy ripped at the dark hero's gnarled cape as he stared intently into the glowing eyes of his opponent. He stood against the wood, one foot planted firmly forward.

”Whether it be by your hands or not, I will not die this night. You know it as well was I do. I do not fear you beast. This is not you, and I know that based entirely on the fact that you were a hero. You saved citizens lives and stopped those men from harming anyone else with their reckless actions. Yet, now you cravat as some demon who is intent on nothing but death and destruction. You cannot even begin to fool me. There's no way you can even begin to sell that idea to me. This... whatever this is that has a hold of you. Isn't you. And if you'd like to start pretending that you are some monster then that is your provocative. I will stop you just as I've stopped many beasts before you. You don't scare me fiend, not in the slightest. You can try to make me fear yo. I can feel the anger boiling in your veins just based on the fact that I even muttered such an arrogance statement...,”

The Dusk's glowing white eyes narrowed.

”You are hardly mistaken if you think that moves me demon. I am the immovable. I am the uncorruptable. I am a force more than you cannot handle. You see it in my eyes. The fire. The passion. You can't stop me. Whether it be tonight or years from now, I will spend each second of my awakened life hunting you and making your life a miserable hell. No matter how many times you win or defeat me, you will NEVER break me. I will always be in your shadow. Around Every Corner. Behind You. Watching You.”

The avenger walked forward, steadfast towards the vortex.

”I don't know what your name is. Or who you are. But you are fake. You are wrong. This is the farthest thing from your character, your being. I need you to reach deep inside you. Remember the man you were when you saw the pain those men were inflicting on the world around them. Feel that burning fire deep within to cast harsh justice and punishment down upon them. Now look at yourself, this wicked evil you've become. Realize that you are far worse than the very men you hunted with a fiery hammer of justice. See that you are groveling in the dirt beneath their filth. Remember the people, the people's lives your preserved by stopping them. Recall their smiles and cheers. Feel their LOVE!!!”

(OOC: Sorry for the short post. trying to throw some dialogue in there).

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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:49 am

"Recall their smiles and cheers. Feel their LOVE!" 

It was as if reality became distorted -- a black and gray reality in the confines of a lucid dream. Everything in his mind began to slow down, and the evil tint to him still raged on. Radioactive beams of light still spouted from his back that was torn and bloody from the attempted release of the raging, possessing thing inside of him. This was it. It was time to take control of HIS body.

In the outside world, great beams of green light began to shine outward, as his cracked skin began to descend slowly, like cherry blossoms, that moved to and fro through the vicinity of the wintry winds of the Fall. The beams of ethereal emerald light wrapped around his form, covering the grotesque smell of flesh and exposed meat. 

His mind seemed to open, as the beams wrapped around his form in a cocoon, a shield of sort. What was happening inside of that? 

Inside of the mind of The Drifter, there one figure, seemingly completely created of the color green, sat. A bald fellow, the legs crossed. Arms relaxed, and green aura pulsing with energy that gave the feeling of calmness, something that The Drifter had not seen in a good while.

He felt something between them, as if they were family. But of course, this guy looked different to The Drifter. This was not the only thing he was confused about, and he was also wondering, where was he? 

"Who are you?" Drifter croaked towards the sitting figure.

"I am you." It replied, solemnly. Its voice sounded calm, and much, much.. like his

"But I am me." Drifter fought back with a confused tongue, brain still racing.

"We are both, me." It said in its calm voice once more, looking up to The Drifter.

"I am your calmness, and I am your source of power. I am You. I am your Inner Power."

"We have been distorted by an outside force. And so he calls himself a god."

And just at that very moment, the intruder decided to, once more, invite himself into the mind of The Drifter. Red and blue flames exploded from the unseen force that stood in the middle. The fire whiplashed to and fro, cutting through waves of grass in the field that had just appeared within the mind of The Drifter. The flames slowly cleared, revealing the large, bulky figure.

His head was dark like charcoal, and the flames around it proved that it probably was. The flames were spouting out from the one-piece armor he adorned.

"How intriguing." The distorted voice spoke, sounding like broken child's action figure.

"I would think that the mind of The Drifter would, indeed, be more.. evil."

Drifter lunged at him with anger, and as soon as his footwork began, flames were already blocking him.

"Do you honestly think earthly flames can hold me, you fool?" Drifter snarled out, about to reach for the flames.

"Ah, but these are flames that are created by the WONDROUS power of me! The one and only."

Drifter's hands were just filled with green flames, and once more he lunged, ignoring the words that the flaming 'god' continued to speak about. The wall of the red flames put up a fight, and, indeed, something was wrong. Gravity seemed to be focusing mainly on him, pushing down on him and causing his green flames to start to dissipate. The red flames that descended began to burn his hands.

Was this the end, for him?

"Recall their smiles and cheers. Feel their LOVE!"

He heard the voice once more.

"Recall their smiles and cheers. Feel their LOVE!" 

It continued to echo in his mind, and then he remembered. He HAD to fight back. And this was his mind, his domain. He would not let some little want-to-be god take it from him, and neither his spot on Earth as a hero!

The sitting man and Drifter both said the powerful words together, their hands rose, pointing up for the Trickster God.

"We banish you from this realm, in the power of Humanity, and in the power of faith, and LOVE !"

Green lights exploded from their palms that was reaching out, and the energy whiplashed, curling tight around the 'god' of flames. They continued to tug with all of their might, until, it stopped. The god was gone, and the only thing that lay inside of the ropes of light was ash. They had done it.

The setting faded into black.

Drifter walked through Memory Lane, literally, it was as if he was watching television. Head snapping left and right, seeing his memories. Where he charged into battle as one of Genghis Khan most valuable warriors. Fighting in the Civil War. Experiencing the fight of David and Goliath. Memories, indeed. A great fight, it was, Drifter remarked.

The Drifter's hand snapped to his pocket, and he grasped his last cigarette.

"I might as well smoke it now, seeing as, when I get back in the real world, there's gonna be trouble."

It was lit in his mouth and he took one large inhale, before removing it from his lip grasp.

He stood at the end of his Memory Lane, his bright green aura began to glow, absorbing him. His train back to the 'real world'.

- - - - - - - -

The cocoon exploded, revealing The Drifter once more in the real world. It seemed to Dusk, and the many News helicopters around, that he was gone for only thirty minutes, when it was far more long than that.

"I suppose I have some explaining to do.. huh?" 

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PostSubject: Re: A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"   

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A Trickster Is In Town. [Dusk/Drifter] "Hero Adrift pt2"
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