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 HeroFirst - A Quick Guide to HeroVerse

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PostSubject: HeroFirst - A Quick Guide to HeroVerse   Wed Mar 25, 2015 2:14 pm

Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of HeroVerse, the universe where all kinds of heroes roam. I am The Dusk, and I am the Founding Administrator on HeroVerse. My great friend Zenaki and I founded the site and have had it running for years. I am the most active member of the site and I will probably be the one you interact most within our Leadership. It has been brought to my attention that it may be a little confusing from time to time navigating when you first start. In response, I am providing you a simple and easy step guide to getting started on the Verse!

Step One) Rules

The first step is to view the Rules section. It is hard to function on our site if you do not know what parameters you are operating within. You may not necessarily need to memorize them, but at least being familiar with them is recommended.



Step Two) Introduction

We are all real people here on the Verse, and it is nice if you get acquainted quickly with these guys and gals you’ll be playing with. Here you can post a quick introduction about yourself so we may get to know you. Leadership and other members of the Verse will usually respond quickly and do their best to make you feel right at home.



Step Three) Application

To be able to play with us here on HeroVerse, you will need a character. We at HeroVerse accept both Original and Cannon characters from comic book lore. However, before you are able to play as either of those, you will need to fill out our application. 



The application contains basic information about your character such as age, personality, powers, etc. Even for Cannon applications, you will need to fill these categories out. If you are planning to play a cannon character it is worth searching if they have already been claimed in our Cannon Claimed Section.



Once you are done filling out your application, you will need to submit it under the Unchecked Application section. After that, a member of Leadership will be around to either approve or deny your character accordingly.


After your character is accepted, it will be assorted into the Accepted Character category under whatever species your character happens to be.


Step Four) Staring a StoryArc

Starting a StoryArc in HeroVerse can be really easy.  First, and most importantly, any and all roleplays occur under “The Realms of Roleplay” section about halfway down the homepage. All roleplayers on the Verse post their StoryArcs within the selected location where their story takes place. For example, if I am making a StoryArc taking place in Detroit; I would select Earth, United States, then Detroit. It would be under this that I would select “New Topic” and produce a new StoryArc. There are several different pathways you can pursue to obtain a post thread on the site. I will cover these below.

XAT and Site Chat – Usually, members of the Verse congregate in the Xat chat. If for some reason, Xat doesn’t work for your browser, we can meet in the standard site chat below that box. It is here where you can discuss possible StoryArc ideas.

Missions – You can check if any members have posted active missions. If this is true, you can just apply to any of these missions and a StoryArc can start off of that.


Start your own Open Post – You can simply write an open ended Story Arc and mark it as [Open] in the title, and await eager roleplayers to join you!


Step Five) Reporting Abuse

The most important aspect of the HeroVerse is that we want you to live out your favorite superheroes or villians. We are here to have fun and it is important that we are respectful and care for other members here on the Verse. However, this doesn’t always happen.

If you are having a trouble with another member abusing you in any manner, please don’t be afraid to contact a HeroVerse Leadership member and let them know. If a member of Leadership is bothering you, submit your complaint to another member. There is a reason I wanted it to have multiple members, so that no two people had all the power.

Either way, cyberbullying is strictly prohibited by us here at HeroVerse.

Any and all problems will be handled by Leadership accordingly, you just have to let us know.

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HeroFirst - A Quick Guide to HeroVerse
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