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 The Honor System! (Members Recommended to Read*)

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PostSubject: The Honor System! (Members Recommended to Read*)   Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:06 pm

This is a friendly reminder to the members of HeroVerse that we do have an Honor System!
This is a system in which members can check other member's profiles and see how highly regarded they are by the community. The more honor ranks given to the character by voters, the more appealing you will look to people wanting a partner to post with. This is sort of the "reality" so to speak. We have Top Posters and Top Posters per month... yadda yadda... But the Honor System shows who has the BEST quality posts (in the eyes of the voters of course).
Giving a member an Honor Rank
Wow! Dr.Connors had some pretty good insight into Gwen and her character, but not only in Gwen, but into Peter as well! She went as far as to put deep thought interaction between the two!
Come to think of it... She's just a good roleplayer in general! I wish I could let her know somehow....
I need to take a closer look!
A plus and a minus sign... This must be the Honor System Dusk was telling me about! That means if I click that Plus, Dr. Connors will get a Honor Rank! What a great way to thank her for her good post!
Just one second and...
THERE! Now Dr. Connors has a great reputation to go along with her great posting! Hurray!
Are we done here? Any questions? Cause I feel weird... Like someone else, much shorter...

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The Honor System! (Members Recommended to Read*)
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